Sunday, March 7, 2010

what actually happened last week... ^^

hey pple.. haha, jus wanna blog abt wad really happened the last week when we were basically absence from our blog.. according to tako.. we were too excited and suffering from shock every other day.. (actually its jus tako.. XD okay, i admitted was excited myself, too.) cos i sorta surprised her.. with our new loots!!! (^_^)" i guess i'll let her fill you up on the details in the comment section.. heh.

Some time last week...

Yako: Oh! new email.. looks like my packages is coming..!!! *ding dong*
 woahh!!! 3 packages in total!! haha.. looks like the nendo gang is getting excited too~! XD
yes.. they arrived one after another.. i think its my first time receiving packages.. its like gifts from santa! ^^

Yako is still in shock.. somewhat like tako.. heh. she's still recovering.. honest, no joke.

Saber: where is the opening! >.<

Luka: Never seen so many packages my whole nendoroid life! @.@ i wanna hug oneee...

Luka: awwwwwww... such a big box...

 Miyuki: everybody's so excited!
Miyuki has the same expression that i have when i first collected them.. ^^'

 takotako: miiuuuu miiuuuu...

Yako: Lily! are there munchies in the boxes? i wan fooooooddd.... @.@
Lily: let's seee... alrite! i'll open one of the boxes.
(Luka's still hugging the box.............)
Lily: Excalibur!!!

Yako: FOOOOOOOOOOOOOODDDDDDDD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! @.@
Lily: . . . . . . = ="
Yako: ehhhh... there's no food inside.....

Luka: wahahhahhhahha.. another box!!!
All: = ="

muahahahhaha.. tt's right! can pple with sharp eyes can guess wad's our first loot is? if you have alr found out, maybe you can understand our excitement!! waahahhaha.. it'll appear soon in our post.. (i hope!) =DDD for today's post.. i'll only open one of the boxes.. as for the other two.. they'll appear subsequently soon! EXCITEMENT!!!! ^^

Alrites! some behind the scenes.. heh. ^^

Lily looks so good here... like a true warrior. her serious look. *poison poison*

Miyuki and Yako.. always so cute... we have really grown to like them alot. especially for me after the 'C' case.. lolx!

Luka tripped on the box lid..... = ="

Yako: LUNCH!!! XD
takotako: miuuuu miuuuuuu !!!!! (T.T)...

Luka: thanks for reading!!
takotako: miuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu........ @.@....

 (^^)"   レンです!   じゃね!


  1. zomg you werent kidding about having lots of loot! i am shocku like Yako, and want to hug the boxes like Luka wahahaha she is acting too cute :P

    ...O_O BRS!! was not expecting that! looking forward to the photoshoot and seeing what else you gots ^^ busy busy!

  2. Yako chasing after Tako Luka is super cute!

  3. Fwah....this is crazy man!!! Big loots!!! Lol I love yako chasing mini tako for lunch :D

    Can't wait for you to debut your grabs man :D

  4. @ moemoekyun: Yes, a pretty BRS. cannon version. LOVELY.

    @ rockleelotus: muwahahahaha, it's a handful of loot. really! the big boxes can cause serious adrenaline rush! I am hugging the boxes tightly and will just flash the biggest smile automatically. Cant stop grinning.

    ohhh, we really do have quite a handful. We have not included those which we bought locally. *Points to the boxes* these are just loots from japan, local loots, another round.

    BRS is just lovely.

    @ playevolution: that image is stuck to my mind till now, it's supa amusing.

    @ chubbybots: Yah, crazy. Ren is the mastermind. I was almost fainting from the adrenaline rush.
    my little tako-tako is chased around by Yako, how can this happen?? LOLx.

    Debutting the grabs!!! Yosh!!!

    Tako ('O')9

  5. People, detailed description of what happened. It's a simple week.

    But, Tako had been talking about how great BRS-cannon version looks and how much Tako likes XXX & XXXXXXXXX (which are the other 2 boxes of loots).

    Then Tako didn't realise that the reason that Ren has been sitting in front of his comp, was to hunt down those loots using all his networks.

    and WHOLA, HE really FOUND THEM ALL! and SO HE ORDERED and ARRANGED in a timeline that these boxes will arrive one after another. SO THE BOXES ARRIVED AT THE DOORSTEP, ONE AFTER ANOTHER.

    *Tako faints.*

    Tako \ \(^O^)/ /

  6. Ohoo.. so.. a Black Rock Shooter..

  7. Ooo.... I'm waiting for the newer BRS anime version... I don't ven care it it's like 9000+ 0r 10000+ yen. So far i haven't see any preorders open for it. Wonders when is the release date... That BRS pic is now in my blog's header...

  8. Awesome, I remember having the same excitement when I received my first packages. ^ ^

    Can't wait to see the other loots. Gonna photoshoot BRS?

  9. @MaftyNavue: heh.. thanks! was very lucky to get it. ^^

    @EXkurogane: haha.. yups.. the preorders are not up YET. but be sure to be the first few or else.. haha. it'll be snapped up by fans and know how they charge us for licensing.. stocks could be limited.. heh.. nice header!! =D added you to my bloglist!

    @Marzz: yeah man.. haha. more loots ahead! =X

    @flawlessexa: hey there! welcome to our blog.. =D haha.. yes. i'm still very excited to hear a knock on my door when the postman arrives. lolx. yups! gonna do a proper photo shoot after i get a few cabinet for my figures.. right now im still arranging my room after a reno.. heh. so its gonna take awhile. doesn't help alot when you're working.. =X thanks for dropping by anyway! added you to my bloglist! =)

    ren. ^^