Tuesday, March 23, 2010

After 2 hours... 遅いだろうな?(T.T) RX-0 Unicorn Gundam W.I.S.P (Part 1)

This is wad i've completed after 2 hours tonight.. LISTENING to the tv as i was doing.. trying to keep this model as nub-clean as possible. Without knowing which parts are gonna be expose on the outside, i can only rely on the manual for reference. not gonna pre-build it cos i'm afraid that i can't take them apart again.. so.. its gonna be in pieces until i've finished the decals and panel lining.. jus thinking abt these two tasks makes my head aches. =(

after 2 hours of working on the kit. I'm super slow right..? feel free to tell me how to improve my speed....
Despite the speed, i'm excited to paint this pilot! it'll be cool.. ^^.

maybe i shld bring them to camp to build when i have free time... muahahahhaha. XD

(^^)"    レンです!    じゃね!


  1. watching tv while assembling gunpla where you actually just listen to the tv as your eye focus on the gunpla process.. that is what i always do too.. haha

  2. 2 hours and the torso is not even 50% done haha... Maybe due to the way i build gunpla -100% on it (maybe with only music) once i start building it, no TV, internet browsing etc. simultenously. I don't have the skill to paint the pilot figure and i usually leave it the way it is, or maybe I'm just unwilling to take the risk... T.T

    Unicorn isn't tough to build as many say, only the legs... =.= They are not difficult, but it was my carelessness that make me disassemble the legs twice -missing out some stuff inside and not realising it until i finish the whole leg... If i watch TV and build this, dunno what more will go wrong... xD

  3. woah... multitasking...

    a newtype!!!

  4. i always breaks pegs trying to do pre build Lol XD so like destroy mode, assembling Unicorn also drain mental energy? ^^;;

    keep at it ren, nub cleaning is no easy task. and look forward to the miniature being painted lol

  5. 2 hours O_O I done my unicorn in 3.5 hours(snap fited whole the kit)

  6. @seven6398: hahah.. looks like we're similar.. jus tt i'm very sloww... T.T heh. anyway, saw your Unicorn gundam.. nice job dude! the amt of seals on it is scary. lolx.

    @EXkurogane: haha. sorry.. looks like im really s-l-o-w. =( many of you guys seems very 'focused' lolx. i agree tt they're not hard to build. its the process of applying decals tt's abit deterring for some.. =) heh. well, you seemed like you're doing well without TVs.. jus stick to it.. '.^ keke.

    @MaftyNavue: lolx.. not really.. jus wan some noise.. and it happened to be the night news. lolx. jus looking for a Newtype pilot reference.. >.<

    @rockleelotus: hahah.. tt's wad i'm afraid of if i ever prebuild. had the same incident too. T.T thanks dude!! ahaha.. i'll try..! ^^

    @moemoekyun: another ninja builder.. lolx! woah.. you're fast man.. ^^


  7. What do you mean bring to camp?