Thursday, April 15, 2010

Introducing こどものじかん (Kodomo No Jikan )!!

It seemed a million years since Tako has made some noise on the blog.. so I have not been up to something. I have been leading my boring life of home -> work -> home. Nothing much! It had really shocked me of how boring i have got!

But there are some interludes here and there but just did not get down to posting it up.
SOO this morning, on my way to work, i have decided that i shall DO SOMETHING! writing about my こどものじかん (kodomo no jikan)!

Well, is any one of you planning to collect or have completed collecting a set of nendo from the same series? Like the famous vocaloid series, or superbly popular K-ON series? Well, Tako has proudly completed one series. こどものじかん!!

(look at the numbers, 60, 85, 98.. it almost took a million years to complete the set.
Introducing from left to right : Usa Mimi, Rin Kokonoe, Kuro Kagami)

It's a controversial story. It's not for the weak-hearted. Those who think that primary school kids are still building sand-castles on the beach and playing skipping ropes during breaks, better not watch this anime. HAHA. it's really controversial. Even Ren is skeptical at how i am following the series. Setting aside the occassional, okie fine, regular not-so-healthy-&-simple conversations / topics that these third grade school girls engage in.

A brief plot, girl likes boy. Girl has 2 close friends. The difference was, girl is grade three school kid, boy is newly graduated male teacher for grade-three. 2 friends, one who dressed lolitha-style to sch everyday & likes girl, hates boy; and another who was bullied by former male teacher. (From the plot, can you guess the characters???)

DISCLAIMER over here!! I watched it with a pure and simple mindset. hahahahaa.


So what lead me to striking an interest in こどものじかん? All because of Rin Kokonoe, THE nendo. When i first saw the photos last year in the month of October, i was so frantically hunting for this nendo, okie, i admit, it was Ren who started the hunt. Look at her hair and expressions, too adorable for me to resist!

(Rin : Hey, Ren and Tako, you are snapping my photos... ehhhhh.)
(Mimi and Kuro : Rin~~, aren't we supposed to face the wall???)

Whenever i am unhappy recently, Ren will just put Rin in front of me, and i will just smile. (^O^)


After much setbacks and Ren using his perseverance, he found a seller in Japan and he got it imported over! Rin landed in Paya Lebar post office, and we went to pick her up together. It feels like picking up a child after school..

So with Rin, how can i not have her 2 adorable friends, Kuro Kagami and Usa Mimi! So now, i have the complete series and they can do the ending theme moves! DO sneak peak and take a look at the ending theme of こどものじかん. I like the dance!

(Tako : Oh my goodness, they are so cute. oh my goodness, cannot stand it!!! AHHHH!! so CUTE!!)

I am speechless. hahahahaa.. Tako \\('x')//


  1. They are cute... xD Controversial anime? I'm getting curious and interested!! Some of the most controversial and ecchi animes that fall under the comedy category are the most enjoyable ones for me -very hilarious.

  2. @Exkurogane because this anime is loli pure loli all the charcater really undergae another anime put character that looks "loli" but they are adult(18+) this anime a real loli inside LOL but they are cute~~~~ >_>;;

  3. Cuteness overload!!! I did consider getting USA Mimi haha but I saw another one that caught my wallet :D

  4. @EXkurogane & moemoekyun: yah, this series is lolicon-overload. but i just like the characters because they look so super adorable. Look at that grinning Rin.

    @chubbybots: oooh, another little nendo caught ur eye, i wonder who is it???

    tako ('O')9

  5. Yes...finally~

    Never watched Kodomo no Jikan nor do I have much interest in it. Nendo Rin had always caught my eyes though, very cute. ^ ^

    (The way you listed the names were very inconsistent. It should be Usa Mimi, Kokonoe Rin, Kagami Kuro.)

  6. @flawlessexa : is it??? oh! i realised, it's my little bad habit of calling her Rin! then i will add her surname Kokonoe. hence Tako calls her by Rin Kokonoe. Apologies! But really thanks for pointing that out!!! it's kinda bad habit especially when naming out Japanese names.

    I am someone who watches almost all types of anime, though some are out of my league. hurhur.

    Tako ('O')9

  7. Many people has that habit.^ ^;

    I think that people should recognize the cultural difference and remember that the surname goes first. Of course you can still call her Rin. ^ ^

    Almost all? So what don't you watch?