Saturday, October 31, 2009

HG AEU-09 AEU Enact Demonstration Color W.I.S.P Part 1

Ren started on the 'seasoning' part of the Enact alr. XD it's fully hand painted.. i dun mean the whole kit, but those areas that are not accurate to the original model. and to my surprise, there's actually alot of areas tt's not accurate.. and stickers are not provided.. its a good test bed for experimenting with hand painting.. i'll try not to make any mistakes.. ^^.

Most of the parts actually needed to be painted!

Enact's pulse rifle.. piuu piuu~

Enact's back of the head.. this whole piece was moulded 'teal'; had to paint it accurately.

Yups.. this is jus a post to tell you guys i haven forgotten abt you.. hahaha.. jus a brief post to show there's progress.. ^^. wad i like abt hand painting is its easy and very forgiving... no worries if you made any mistakes... all you need is a small pointed wooden stick or your fingernails to scratch off the paint after its dried.. smthing you cant do with spray paint. Take for example.. the head above, there isn't any line to guide the top cap of the head.. i jus painted it all ard.. and used a stick to 'shape' the cap.. jus abit jagged on the line.. =) it works..

SOOO... im going to carry on painting.. hope to finish it soon.. cos this piece is like a choking point for gojira's post. Gojira needs to eat... XD Alrites.. see you guys soon.. have fun this weekend! take care. =)

(^^)"   レンです!  じゃね!

Thursday, October 29, 2009

A present for RX-78-2.. Action base GET!

yups.. me got a present for RX-78-2 ytd! its a new E.F.S.F action base stand! ^^. so.. putting aside the AEG Enact.. i decided to put together the stand last nite for RX so that the white stand can be returned to Mr. Force Impulse.. XD he's grounded for so long.. With this stand.. i think RX-78-2 project is complete for the moment. tho not painted.. i think its nice enuff on its own.. i may test-paint on it after i own an airbrush.. ^^

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Mission Day 4 - ('O')9 version

Beams of sun rays piercing through the sky.

Woke up to Typhoon No. 18.

Totally excited with what’s hiding behind a typhoon, we are close to unveiling it.
(Come on, we have never been exposed to natural disaster, so this adventure seems appealing.)

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

HG AEU-09 AEU Enact Demonstration Color

Konnichiwa~ Ren desu.. Starting on a new kit.. jus a buffer/breather between Big kits.. (MG >) haha. i dun think i'll be doing much on this kit becos the colour is hard to find and i dun own an airbrush.. so, basically.. i'll try to hand brush those parts tt's not anime-accurate and panel line it.. followed by topcoat. it has a rather impt role.. It'll also be part of Tako's Gojira's food.. XD smthing for Gojira to defeat.. RX is too big and precious alr.. (sorry tako!) Are you looking at this Chubbs?? this is FOOD for your Gojira Special. lol.

Also.. hopefully.. HOPEFULLY, i'll get a 1/144 Exia to complete the scene in Episode 1 of Gundam 00 if you've rembed. i have some ideas in mind.. but it will be a diorama.. not like rockleelotus's epic battle.. (which was UBER hilarious. link's at the side, feel free to go and watch! ^^ ) yups.. a fixed diorama scene. quite excited, but dunno where to start. XD so hopefully things will turn out well! =) Can you guess which frame scene i'll be using??

Coverbox Art.


3 runners only. ^^

Yes.. the reason i got this kit was one and one reason only; it was cheap. lol! was together with Tako when we went HAG one day.. and we saw a few non-main character mobile suit on sale.. Tie-Rens.. land and space version.. Al-Shez$^%&@#'s Red Flag.. and this! all of them was only selling at $10 SGD.. so i got a head nod from Tako and i bought it.. hahaa. Its a grab! its gonna be a straight build.. whenever i have time i'll do alittle by little.. As i'm not gonna paint it fully.. i'll need time to clean up the nubs..

well, thanks again for reading.. have you ever bought a kit you nv wanted jus becos its cheap?? share with us! ^^.

(^^)"   レンです!   じゃね!

The Legend Begins.

Something has arrived..

 Stay tune! =)

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Monday, October 26, 2009

Nendoroid Yako Katsuragi GET!

"Women are great spenders, they buy stuff that's not necessary at all."

How many of you agree to this sentence? For myself, totally not living in self-denial, i agree fully to this sentence. But wait till you see what I have bought during my 1 hour lunch..


Here's Yako Katsuragi!
My very first nendoroid.
I love her hair, kinda reminds me of my sister when she's in primary school.
I love her expressions. It's good to have a variety of expressions making this adorable Yako capable of different poses.
I just love her fork and spoon, all ready to prowl on good food.

To be really really really frank, i do not know the reason for buying, just find her too adorable. But i promise i will not go on a nendoroid-shopping spree, BUT i want my Taiga nendoroid.

Yako says, "douzo yoruishiku onegaishimasu!"

Tako ('O')9

Sunday, October 25, 2009

MG RX-78-2 Ver.OYW Completed Part 2. End.

hallo pple.. Ren is back to post the remaining photos of his beloved RX-78-2.. ^^. yups, this is the final part of MG RX-78-2 Ver. OYW. This time i've used a simple black cloth as the background. Gives a more studio look i guess.. hope you enjoy the photos!

MG RX-78-2 Ver. One Year War.

Oopsy, one impt photo i missed the last time.. is this Big G look-alike shot.
With some photoshop i'm sure it'll bring me back to Odaiba.  ^^ nice.

Ground Stance

Classic look. it never fails to woah me.. XD

Saturday, October 24, 2009

Mission Day 3 - ('O')9 version

Mission Day 3

Today’s mission is the ONE tat I love!

"迷子になろうよ、いっしょに" "Let's lose our way together!"
- Ghibli Museum's motto

Official Website :

It’s a small museum located in a small town called 三鷹市(Mitaka) in Tokyo. It’s a place with no tall buildings and really quiet. I love the pace there. The tickets have to be purchased at Lawsons stores beforehand and am so glad that Ren managed to get it. The purchase system is all in Japanese and Ren could actually manage it, so proud of him!

But before we embark on such an exciting day, we have to settle our brunch. Off we go to Shinjuku and chose a stall selling soba. 

Soba-ten! Everybody's standing! X.X

Tako's lunchy! Cold soba with yasai-ten! \('O')/

Ren's lunchy! Soba with niku-ten! (^^)"

We are in the midst of the lunch crowd, so we have to be really fast in buying our lunch coupon, stand at the counter, pass the coupon to the lady, get our soba in less than one minute, slurp the soba in my maximum speed. I felt that I was in war zone, people who knows me, know that I am quite a slow eater. But the stranger on my left is slurping so fast, that I find myself competing with him and totally ignoring Ren who’s on my right. Ren is so amused at seeing me with my whole mouth filled with soba. But it’s great fun!

With my stomach filled with un-digested soba, we started our little journey to Mitaka. It takes about 45 minutes, but time flies while we are chewing on chewing gum.

But there’s a chewing gum commercial by LOTTE, that caught our eyes and ears:-

There’s a dance competition organized by LOTTE via youtube. Fans with the highest view hits will walk away with a big cash prize. Ren knows the dance very well and he dances from time to time in the subway, I should have recorded it down and post it on youtube. Well, now if you see a guy dancing this in Singapore, high probability that he’s Ren.

I just love the commercial jingle.. niah niah niah~ ~ ~

Ooops. back to Ghibli..

Our bus ride to Ghibili from Mitaka Station! its ghibili-painted! ^^. 200 Yen for an adult.

Side entrance to Ghibili Museum.. gives ren a jurassic park feeling.. *hums jurassic park theme*

Giant Tororo!!! CHOO KAWAIII~!!

The garden ard Ghibili museum is fantastic.. its close to a forest, but too big. haha. This is also where we queued to get into the museum. =) getting excited.. Too bad they dun allow photography in the compound. =( If not ren would like to show you how maze-like is the place.. *ren nods*

This is the ticket to Ghibili. if you notice.. its actually part of a filmroll of one of Hayao Miyazaki's movie!! they cut it out to make it into tickets!! its amazing. Whether is it the actual film, it doesnt matter, but the thot.. this is ren's one.. cant tell from which movie but tako's is a scene frm Howl's moving castle!! COoolll..~

There is a little theatre inside the museum where short films are played. The one that we caught on screen is 水グモもんもん(Water Spider Monmon).
I digressed from my “Ghibli Museum” story. Oh Ghibli museum is a place where one will get to see all the hard work put into making an anime film. It’s a fun place to explore and I love the atmosphere there! I enjoy looking how young children are enjoying themselves in this little cosy land and the museum is designed by Hayao Miyazaki. 

A huge life-size statue of one of Miyazaki-sensei's lead in one of his animations.. Ren took this photo becos it's outside & raining. not much pple ard so you dun get weird stares for breaking the rule. heh.

There's a cafe in the museum.. its realli a very nice atmosphere to be in..

三鷹市is next to 吉祥寺. It’s a small neighbourhood. There's a lovely cafe. Stopped by at the cafe for a high tea. It's called Café du lièvre. 

Garden-like Cafe.. Café du lièvre.

Directions to the cafe if anyone's interested to drop by! =)

The bacon and egg wheat crepe, with steamed caramel milk tea. It's superb. sweet.

Then on, there's a bloodshed of Ren's wallet at a little shop called RedBros. This is where ren bought 5 out of 10 tees and vest. I love the shop too. I bought a pair of wacky sunglass over there.

Moving on..
We shifted our target location to Akiba. The paradise. 

View of the main road from Electric town exit. ^^

Both sides of the road is filled with IT, anime, manga, games and figures shops... *drools*

Trust me, your heart will cry tears of blood when you see racks of Gunpla models with the unbelievable price tag on.
Ren.. he almost went crazy. I will let him CONFESS how many sets of Gunpla models did he buy behind my back. 

(Ren: hahaha.. i alr did here. sorrie tako.. you guys will understand one rite.. especially after looking at the price.. XD) 

Wel, we slurped on instant noodles as we watch TV programs, enjoying every moment of simplicity.

Not forgetting the wacky adverts dosage that we get everyday and frequent reminders of the impending Typhoon No. 18.

Thats all for today's mission!!!! thanks for reading thru! more to come.. =)

('O')9  タコです!  じゃね!

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Mission Day 2 - ('O')9 version

Day 2 is a rainy day. Autumn Rain.

Woke up for brunch and it was time to head out to Shinjuku, the bustling crowd of Tokyo. Grabbed a bite from the food basement of Odakyu Tokyo (Shinjuku). Warning - There are no seats for you to eat ur lunch, you just have to hide in one small corner of the basement and eat and get stared by at the passing-by crowd. (In Japan, they do not eat on the streets as they walk, as it is considered rude. It's as good as picking your nose in public.)

So after a good 15 mins of stares from Japanese, we had finished our lunch and ready to head out. 

Takashimaya - Shopping place. A place where i get my Fauchon Apple Tea. This is the best bottled apple tea which i have tasted in my life-time. It's really good. But it's not available in Singapore. The straight black tea is sold in Mediya in Singapore. I was almost crying as i bought the tea. i will only get to taste such great tea once a year?? NOOOOO!!.

Of course i gave up major shopping indulgence for a nice afternoon sipping on 100% Kiwi Juice and slurping on ice-cream. And wondering about my Apple Tea.

Next Destination : Shibuya

Hachiko Statue.

Another bustling area with the famous cross-road. With huge LED TVs lighting up the night, my ears are filled with the noisy humming from the crowd.

The only thing that came to my mind, i need to start shopping. I need to get some stuff from Tokyo. With this sole thought, we strolled the streets of Shibuya.

We popped by at a shop called "Bingo", which is part of "Book-Off". It's a second hand shop selling "pass-me-down" books, cds, dvds, games and etc. So "Bingo" is a place where i get to see "pass-me-down" clothes. I ransacked through the tons of clothes and found a nice Polo Ralph shirt (men's wear), fell in love with it. and Bought it. Sweet.

Tokyu Hands, a place where they sell everything, anything from bicycles, to umbrellas, to Gundam to ANYTHING?!
Gunpla models, they are totally crazy. Cheap. a fraction of the price we pay for in Singapore. Gunpla tools, can blow Ren's mind off.

Dinner @ Macs (Shibuya).

Ketchup & BBQ sauce onli!

Chicken Tstsuta Burgerrrr... its sorta a teriyaki chicken with alittle ginger.. much like chinese ginger stew chickeenn..

Very tiring walk for the whole day. Estimated time spent on feet is 7 hours. We have been standing walking for 7 hours. Desperately in need for seats, we decided to just sit at Macs and grab a bite. French fries looked and tasted healthier. But they do not serve Chilli Sauce. Ask for chilli sauce, and everyone in the vicinity will know that you are not a local. HAH.

Whilst having dinner, we saw a lot of girls eating McFlurry. It looks weird. Brown and White, we read out the Katakana and we were totally clueless about it.

Supper @ Macs (Shibuya) again.
After all the shopping, of another 2 hours, we decided that we should find seats again. So back at Macs, we decided to try that "weird' looking Mcflurry and Bacon Potato Pie.
The pie is totally yummy. Crispy on the outside, and nicely salted with Bacon and potato soft.

As for the Mcflurry, it's actually a cake Mcflurry. It's not too sweet.

Roasted Coffee at 9pm at nite, it really send weird signals throughout my brain. It's time to sleep.

TV Programs
We have been hearing reports on Typhoon No. 18 hitting Central Tokyo. We have been listening to news and taking note of the weather. And there's is this next commercial that's really ENTERTAINING! I LOVE IT! The idea behind it is wicked. HAH.

psst : Anyone of you wanna get this facial wash??? 

('O')9   タコです!  じゃね!

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

MG RX-78-2 Ver.OYW Completed Part 1.

Here are the photos i took after finishing RX-78-2~! As i've mention before.. din realli make much posing due to its fragility after being painted.. but i still went trigger happy with the camera.. haha. Hope you like the photos! there's ALOT OF PHOTOS.

Some minor details.. dry brushed the internal frame..

RX-78-2 Ver. One Year War.

Full Body.

Painted the eyes clear yellow and used gundam marker gold as the reflective side. Not realli obvious here.. x.x Painted the Head-guncannons too! very pleased with the results. =)

Front view.

Back view. Some minor testing i did with the paint on the backpack..

Side view. i like this view too..


 Head and Body. ^^

Painted the Cockpit too! ^^

Weapons & Shield. thankfully the decal transfer was okay! =)

Some simple poses..

RX-78-2 with its baddass hammer! Dry painted the hammer gunmetal too.. ^^

The amount of extension as you can see from the legs.. its quite wide for an old 1.5 frame. it turned out better den i've expected. =) but this is oso when i scrapped some of the paint off.. T.T

Was trying to recreate the box cover.. hahah.. but epic fail!
the waist joint tho very smooth, but doesn't bend that much..

THE Famous pose of RX-78-2. There!!! the eyes!! Sorry i din dare to remove the hands and head.. =P

Hyper Bazooka!! the hand wasnt in a good position to grip but with a little positionin, its not that bad.

Loved this shot. Somehow all Gundams look nice when they just do absolutely nothing. Don't you agree? ^^

I managed to apply ALLLL the decals but one. can you spot it?? #^%$@$#^! Tho its very very small.. it's significant becos it comes in a pair. argghhhh.. i think you understand how it must have felt. its not 100% anymore-kinda-feeling. but i got over it.. and topcoated it mattt....

RX-78-2 is my first painted kit and doing it on the Gundam's 30th Anniversary with the aid of Kawaguchi Sensei definitely made it a memorable experience for me. Of course.. i do noe that this is not a perfect painted piece.. but it does meant alot for me.. its like a next level that other pple describes.. the stepping out of jus snapping kits together, the patience you need to have when you make stupid mistakes. i noe i did. *nods* haha.

Using spray cans definitely made me wanna try airbrush.. hahahha.. becos i find that i cannot control the amt of paint that comes out.. and this caused the paint to build up too quickly.. other den drowning out the panel lines making panel lining a headache, some movements will cause the paint to chip and crack.. O heart breaking moments. So my next painted kit would likely to be airbrushed.. im not too sure whether i wanna paint my PG strike or not.. wad do you think?? paint? dun paint? not to mention.. MG Exia.. MG WZC.. Decisions decisions decisions...

I think i took too much photos for RX-78 alr.. haha. so i'll have to split the completed post into two.. This is by no means a review cos i dun think i have enough brain juice and experience in reviewing gunpla kits.. But i'll put up little notes i've remb abt the kit as i type..
Of cos.. you guys can ask me anything abt the kit.. and i'll try my best to answer to my knowledge.. You can also find a complete review of an unpainted kit of MG RX-78-2 Ver. OYW at ガンプラ命- Z's "Real" Gundam Model Review. this is where i get my review of most MG gunplas.. helps me decide wad kits to buy.. =) thanks Z!

SO.. this is all for part 1 of the completed post.. hope you like the photos and din find it too much... this is my first time painting.. so pls go easy on me... heh. In the next upcoming post abt completed RX-78-2, i'll use a simple black backdrop for photo taking.. keep checking this space out! i'll see you guys ard!.. cheers.. ^^.

(^^)"   レンです!  じぇね!