Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Mission Day 1 - ('O')9 version *updated with more pictures!*

Totally clueless, in a blink of my eye and waving of my tentacles, i am in Tokyo Narita Airport.
I felt totally drained out of energy.
As i was looking for a public phone, i felt an aura beside me and wel it's Ren. He's there to pick me up. (He saw my email that I had sent and knew that i am heading to Tokyo.)
I was so happy to be able to see him. (AN indescribe-able feeling)


To get to Asakusa from Narita Airport is relavtively easy.
I bought Keisei Line Tickets (JPY 1,000) which stops at Ueno Keisei Station. Then at Ueno Keisei Station, walk to Ueno Metro Ginza Line station and you just take one train all the way to Asakusa (3 stops away).

Have checked myself into a cosy place in Asakusa and totally recommend this hotel (Hotel Kaminarimon) to people who wants to experience Tokyo in a laid-back (non-tourist) manner. Welcomed with warm Japanese greetings from a old granny in kimono. When she said "Okaeri", it gives me a "I'm finally back home" feeling out and makes me wanted to shout "Tadaima". But well, i didn't, but Ren shouted "Tadaima" happily.

It's a cosy Japanese Styled room (tatami style), with warm lights flooding the room. My room comes with a full bathroom, if not, a shared bathroom at the first floor is a totally fun experience too according to Ren.

Here are some of the photos of the room:-

The amazing part about this "home" is that, it is next to the popular tourist attraction and Senso-ji (shrine) in Tokyo, 雷門(Kaminarimon) which is translated into "Thunder Gate".

(this is a picture that i got on wiki, and look at your left hand-side, the building with red bricks is Hotel Kaminarimon)

After checking in and marvelling at the cosy-ness of the whole place, quickly got myself out of the room and start EXPLORE TOKYO MISSION ('O')9 Version.

Having not eaten lunch, am totally hungry till i cannot think anymore.
So we stopped by at a place that sells very good tempura at Asakusa, which is 5mins walk away from Hotel Kaminarimon. 

Yoko-chan happily introducing.. Daikuro-ya!

It's a good old traditional tempura shop where the waitresses are all aunties in yutaka. They greet you with enthusiasm and warmly asks you to take the tatami room seats.

If any of you have tried kneeling to have a meal, please give it a shot. It's totally a-wakening. I do not have a choice as i was in skirt and being a lady, so i have to look elegant no matter wat right. But Ren is sitting happily cross-legged. (x.x)

Tempura is totally yummy. BIG FAT JUICY prawns covered with GOLDEN BROWN flour. slurps!

After our lunch/dinner at 5pm, we popped by at Ueno. There's a Toy shop that's 6 storeys filled with different type of toys, novelty toys, pokemon, masked rider, godzilla, ultraman, gundam, hello kitty and many others. And i got my GODZILLA at a good price. \('O')/
Gunpla Models are really a good buy, a great buy and makes me regret all my purchases in Singapore. It's totally cheaper in Japan. The variety -- flawless.

With a dripping wet umbrella, we strolled down alleys and ventured into my favourite hangout - Muji. 

TV programs
Since it's my first day in Tokyo, i am quite drained from the flight and headed back quite early to the hotel.
But i was so absorbed and amused by the Japanese TV programs and commercials. So i ended up sleeping late.

All the channels seem to be showing news all at the time. Unlike Singapore, it's reported by one "stone-faced/mildly smiling-faced" news-caster. But in Japan, they have a team, and they not only report news, they analyse EVERY SINGLE news event after reporting it. The ladies will have a variety of expressions depending on the nature of news. For example, it's about Typhoon No. 18 hitting Tokyo, the sweet-looking lady news-caster will give a very worried look on her face. So if you are not able to understand Japanese at all, you can just read the nature of the news reported from the lady news-caster's facial expression.

Now, this is one of Ren's favourite commercial. Gives us The Beatles-feeling. We have been hunting high and low for the "white" colour one. But it's like sold out in lots of shops. Makes me feel like getting one too.

('O')9    タコです!   じゃね!


  1. OMG you got a godzilla! Man my favourite Jap monster besides Gamera ^^. Will there be pictures of that :D

  2. oooh, u apprecaite Godzilla too. cool.
    now that you have requested it.
    will get Godzilla to pose some shots!!
    stayed tuned.

    Tako ('O')9