Thursday, October 22, 2009

Mission Day 2 - ('O')9 version

Day 2 is a rainy day. Autumn Rain.

Woke up for brunch and it was time to head out to Shinjuku, the bustling crowd of Tokyo. Grabbed a bite from the food basement of Odakyu Tokyo (Shinjuku). Warning - There are no seats for you to eat ur lunch, you just have to hide in one small corner of the basement and eat and get stared by at the passing-by crowd. (In Japan, they do not eat on the streets as they walk, as it is considered rude. It's as good as picking your nose in public.)

So after a good 15 mins of stares from Japanese, we had finished our lunch and ready to head out. 

Takashimaya - Shopping place. A place where i get my Fauchon Apple Tea. This is the best bottled apple tea which i have tasted in my life-time. It's really good. But it's not available in Singapore. The straight black tea is sold in Mediya in Singapore. I was almost crying as i bought the tea. i will only get to taste such great tea once a year?? NOOOOO!!.

Of course i gave up major shopping indulgence for a nice afternoon sipping on 100% Kiwi Juice and slurping on ice-cream. And wondering about my Apple Tea.

Next Destination : Shibuya

Hachiko Statue.

Another bustling area with the famous cross-road. With huge LED TVs lighting up the night, my ears are filled with the noisy humming from the crowd.

The only thing that came to my mind, i need to start shopping. I need to get some stuff from Tokyo. With this sole thought, we strolled the streets of Shibuya.

We popped by at a shop called "Bingo", which is part of "Book-Off". It's a second hand shop selling "pass-me-down" books, cds, dvds, games and etc. So "Bingo" is a place where i get to see "pass-me-down" clothes. I ransacked through the tons of clothes and found a nice Polo Ralph shirt (men's wear), fell in love with it. and Bought it. Sweet.

Tokyu Hands, a place where they sell everything, anything from bicycles, to umbrellas, to Gundam to ANYTHING?!
Gunpla models, they are totally crazy. Cheap. a fraction of the price we pay for in Singapore. Gunpla tools, can blow Ren's mind off.

Dinner @ Macs (Shibuya).

Ketchup & BBQ sauce onli!

Chicken Tstsuta Burgerrrr... its sorta a teriyaki chicken with alittle ginger.. much like chinese ginger stew chickeenn..

Very tiring walk for the whole day. Estimated time spent on feet is 7 hours. We have been standing walking for 7 hours. Desperately in need for seats, we decided to just sit at Macs and grab a bite. French fries looked and tasted healthier. But they do not serve Chilli Sauce. Ask for chilli sauce, and everyone in the vicinity will know that you are not a local. HAH.

Whilst having dinner, we saw a lot of girls eating McFlurry. It looks weird. Brown and White, we read out the Katakana and we were totally clueless about it.

Supper @ Macs (Shibuya) again.
After all the shopping, of another 2 hours, we decided that we should find seats again. So back at Macs, we decided to try that "weird' looking Mcflurry and Bacon Potato Pie.
The pie is totally yummy. Crispy on the outside, and nicely salted with Bacon and potato soft.

As for the Mcflurry, it's actually a cake Mcflurry. It's not too sweet.

Roasted Coffee at 9pm at nite, it really send weird signals throughout my brain. It's time to sleep.

TV Programs
We have been hearing reports on Typhoon No. 18 hitting Central Tokyo. We have been listening to news and taking note of the weather. And there's is this next commercial that's really ENTERTAINING! I LOVE IT! The idea behind it is wicked. HAH.

psst : Anyone of you wanna get this facial wash??? 

('O')9   タコです!  じゃね!


  1. OMG... Can't stand and eat -my habit. I love enjoying fries while shopping. Must drop this habit before i go to Japan...

  2. Hello! i love to munch as i walk too. so it's a little headache when i am in Tokyo. But had tried to be as rule-abidding as possible (hiding in little corners to eat). But after a few days, my ugly (nose-picking equivalent) munching as i walk surfaced. So both Ren and I are the only beings in Tokyo eating as we walk; and proud of it. We are free-spirited! hahahahahaha.

    But press on if you can, will be cheering for you! Say No to "stand and eat". >.<

    Tako ('O')9