Saturday, October 31, 2009

HG AEU-09 AEU Enact Demonstration Color W.I.S.P Part 1

Ren started on the 'seasoning' part of the Enact alr. XD it's fully hand painted.. i dun mean the whole kit, but those areas that are not accurate to the original model. and to my surprise, there's actually alot of areas tt's not accurate.. and stickers are not provided.. its a good test bed for experimenting with hand painting.. i'll try not to make any mistakes.. ^^.

Most of the parts actually needed to be painted!

Enact's pulse rifle.. piuu piuu~

Enact's back of the head.. this whole piece was moulded 'teal'; had to paint it accurately.

Yups.. this is jus a post to tell you guys i haven forgotten abt you.. hahaha.. jus a brief post to show there's progress.. ^^. wad i like abt hand painting is its easy and very forgiving... no worries if you made any mistakes... all you need is a small pointed wooden stick or your fingernails to scratch off the paint after its dried.. smthing you cant do with spray paint. Take for example.. the head above, there isn't any line to guide the top cap of the head.. i jus painted it all ard.. and used a stick to 'shape' the cap.. jus abit jagged on the line.. =) it works..

SOOO... im going to carry on painting.. hope to finish it soon.. cos this piece is like a choking point for gojira's post. Gojira needs to eat... XD Alrites.. see you guys soon.. have fun this weekend! take care. =)

(^^)"   レンです!  じゃね!


  1. haha yes take your time in preparing a good dish for gojira! the seasoning looks good so far! lol
    so HG kits have less parts but require more touch ups, its a more hands on project if not an OOB... sounds like fun ^^

  2. I too have the blue Enact. I bought it for 18 bucks last time... If only i have waited until now... Oh well... Mind if i add your link to my blog?

  3. yum the extra varnishining..shiny mechs are good for the stomach yum yum


  4. I hope exia will not destroy your hard work LOL ^_^

  5. @rockleelotus: haha.. yes. taking my time leisurely. =D some salt and pepper.. yups. HG kits definitely has less parts and more touch ups.. ideal for practicing paint jobs.. try it! ^^.

    @marzz: ohh.. well, i jus happened to be lucky to see it at HAG.. tt's why. i think 18 bucks is alr considered on sale in normal occasion ya..

    sure! feel free to add me! =) i can add you too! ^^

    @chubbybots: haha.. were you posing as Gojira?? lol!! yups.. im thinking of going with a glossy finish... ideal for this mech.. coincidentally, he's my first ONE-EYED mech!! wooo. ur fave. XD

    @moemoekyun: haha.. thanks for worrying abt Enact.. he feels you too.. =P dun worry! i dun think i'll let exia destroy my hard work.. the scene in mind is minimal damage. the most you guys see is a ball joint. XD


  6. Looking awesome so far, way to go the extra mile to make sure things are accurate. Build up your handpainting skills and go take on Sinanju! ;)

  7. @lupes: hey thanks! yups... by now i think you can tell tt im a conservative kinda person.. XD if i cant change or mod the kit, i'll try to make it as accurate to the original as possible. well.. this is my first time taking a 1/144 kit seriously. all these are advancing steps towards the fabled Sinanju.. im scared jus saying his name. lolx!