Friday, October 2, 2009

Mission Starto!

Waiting for the gates to open.. Feeling slpy tho. Couldn't slp at all
last nite. Check-list kept going thru my mind. So maybe I'll slp
onboard and do some itinery planning when I wake up.. Z.z

Was walking ard in the waiting lounge and there's so many F&B tempting
me. I guess it's jus a diff feeling when spending in the lounge. Haha.
BUT I reminded myself tt this is a BUDGET trip. So I will try to enjoy
e most and spend e least! Maybe I'll do a tabulation on how much I
spent on this trip after I get back. ^^

Having not much idea abt the free wireless provided in Tokyo, I'll jus
keep my fingers crossed. And if it's availble, I'll definitly try to
blog abt it!

Alrite.. The gates are opened now.. I'll see where I can explore
before boarding. Heh. Wun wanna miss the flight rite.

Ps Tako: Take care k.. Drink lotsa water and rest early. Hope to see
you soon! =)

(^^)" レンです! じゃね!
iphone で。

1 comment:

  1. hello Ren, you are flying on air now! whoot hoot!Operation: Tokyo Mission must be a success!

    Tako ('O')9