Thursday, October 29, 2009

A present for RX-78-2.. Action base GET!

yups.. me got a present for RX-78-2 ytd! its a new E.F.S.F action base stand! ^^. so.. putting aside the AEG Enact.. i decided to put together the stand last nite for RX so that the white stand can be returned to Mr. Force Impulse.. XD he's grounded for so long.. With this stand.. i think RX-78-2 project is complete for the moment. tho not painted.. i think its nice enuff on its own.. i may test-paint on it after i own an airbrush.. ^^

The packaging.

Some shots with RX-78-2 in his new home base! He's so happy! XD

With this.. i'll move back to Enact tonite.. and do it SLOWLY at my pace.. dun like to see any nub markings.. hope you understand.. let you guys on a little secret.. i've found my idea for the diorama alr!!! woooo..!!! i wouldnt say its original at all.. but it fits my expectations perfectly.

have you ever bought a base and/or mod it to fit your Gundam kit? i noe i'll try to mod the coming Unicorn head base to fit the MG Unicorn! it would be a waste not to wouldn't it? =D

im really excited. okays! getting back on enact now.. thanks for reading!

(^^)"  レンです!  じゃね!


  1. nice but I prefer the zeon base "all hail Zeon"
    unfortunately this stand can't combine with another stand thought >_<

  2. i like how the bases are made to put together like gunpla lol never modded a base before but seems interesting to try. nice, you found a diorama idea! cant wait to see what it is ^^

  3. @moemoekyun: well.. zeon's base definitely looked more 'fierce'. lol. unfortunately RX-78-2 wasn't on zeon's side.. XD yups. these bases can't join.. but its perfect for my situation.. cos i onli have RX.. heh..^^.

    @rockleelotus: yups.. haha. gunpla is gonna build the world man. XD yups! im sure you can come out with better mods.. wait till the stand comes..

    yeah.. i literally 'found' it.. haha.. its gonna take awhile cos i still haven buy exia yet.. tho im gonna paint Enact soon. pls be patient k! so many post to make!! ahhhhh.... GOJIRA TOO!! haha.

    =) ren.

  4. can't wait for your enact !
    and i'm adding you into my blogroll