Saturday, October 24, 2009

Mission Day 3 - ('O')9 version

Mission Day 3

Today’s mission is the ONE tat I love!

"迷子になろうよ、いっしょに" "Let's lose our way together!"
- Ghibli Museum's motto

Official Website :

It’s a small museum located in a small town called 三鷹市(Mitaka) in Tokyo. It’s a place with no tall buildings and really quiet. I love the pace there. The tickets have to be purchased at Lawsons stores beforehand and am so glad that Ren managed to get it. The purchase system is all in Japanese and Ren could actually manage it, so proud of him!

But before we embark on such an exciting day, we have to settle our brunch. Off we go to Shinjuku and chose a stall selling soba. 

Soba-ten! Everybody's standing! X.X

Tako's lunchy! Cold soba with yasai-ten! \('O')/

Ren's lunchy! Soba with niku-ten! (^^)"

We are in the midst of the lunch crowd, so we have to be really fast in buying our lunch coupon, stand at the counter, pass the coupon to the lady, get our soba in less than one minute, slurp the soba in my maximum speed. I felt that I was in war zone, people who knows me, know that I am quite a slow eater. But the stranger on my left is slurping so fast, that I find myself competing with him and totally ignoring Ren who’s on my right. Ren is so amused at seeing me with my whole mouth filled with soba. But it’s great fun!

With my stomach filled with un-digested soba, we started our little journey to Mitaka. It takes about 45 minutes, but time flies while we are chewing on chewing gum.

But there’s a chewing gum commercial by LOTTE, that caught our eyes and ears:-

There’s a dance competition organized by LOTTE via youtube. Fans with the highest view hits will walk away with a big cash prize. Ren knows the dance very well and he dances from time to time in the subway, I should have recorded it down and post it on youtube. Well, now if you see a guy dancing this in Singapore, high probability that he’s Ren.

I just love the commercial jingle.. niah niah niah~ ~ ~

Ooops. back to Ghibli..

Our bus ride to Ghibili from Mitaka Station! its ghibili-painted! ^^. 200 Yen for an adult.

Side entrance to Ghibili Museum.. gives ren a jurassic park feeling.. *hums jurassic park theme*

Giant Tororo!!! CHOO KAWAIII~!!

The garden ard Ghibili museum is fantastic.. its close to a forest, but too big. haha. This is also where we queued to get into the museum. =) getting excited.. Too bad they dun allow photography in the compound. =( If not ren would like to show you how maze-like is the place.. *ren nods*

This is the ticket to Ghibili. if you notice.. its actually part of a filmroll of one of Hayao Miyazaki's movie!! they cut it out to make it into tickets!! its amazing. Whether is it the actual film, it doesnt matter, but the thot.. this is ren's one.. cant tell from which movie but tako's is a scene frm Howl's moving castle!! COoolll..~

There is a little theatre inside the museum where short films are played. The one that we caught on screen is 水グモもんもん(Water Spider Monmon).
I digressed from my “Ghibli Museum” story. Oh Ghibli museum is a place where one will get to see all the hard work put into making an anime film. It’s a fun place to explore and I love the atmosphere there! I enjoy looking how young children are enjoying themselves in this little cosy land and the museum is designed by Hayao Miyazaki. 

A huge life-size statue of one of Miyazaki-sensei's lead in one of his animations.. Ren took this photo becos it's outside & raining. not much pple ard so you dun get weird stares for breaking the rule. heh.

There's a cafe in the museum.. its realli a very nice atmosphere to be in..

三鷹市is next to 吉祥寺. It’s a small neighbourhood. There's a lovely cafe. Stopped by at the cafe for a high tea. It's called Café du lièvre. 

Garden-like Cafe.. Café du lièvre.

Directions to the cafe if anyone's interested to drop by! =)

The bacon and egg wheat crepe, with steamed caramel milk tea. It's superb. sweet.

Then on, there's a bloodshed of Ren's wallet at a little shop called RedBros. This is where ren bought 5 out of 10 tees and vest. I love the shop too. I bought a pair of wacky sunglass over there.

Moving on..
We shifted our target location to Akiba. The paradise. 

View of the main road from Electric town exit. ^^

Both sides of the road is filled with IT, anime, manga, games and figures shops... *drools*

Trust me, your heart will cry tears of blood when you see racks of Gunpla models with the unbelievable price tag on.
Ren.. he almost went crazy. I will let him CONFESS how many sets of Gunpla models did he buy behind my back. 

(Ren: hahaha.. i alr did here. sorrie tako.. you guys will understand one rite.. especially after looking at the price.. XD) 

Wel, we slurped on instant noodles as we watch TV programs, enjoying every moment of simplicity.

Not forgetting the wacky adverts dosage that we get everyday and frequent reminders of the impending Typhoon No. 18.

Thats all for today's mission!!!! thanks for reading thru! more to come.. =)

('O')9  タコです!  じゃね!


  1. Omg...anime heaven!! One day must head down to ghibili museum for those statues. Awesome pictures^^. And your food pictures will make for a very nice food blog :D Dank...better go and eat, seeing your post makes me hungry!

    Btw will you be posting any pictures of that godzilla loot hehe (my favorite kaiju besides gamera!)

  2. My uncle worked in Japan before, whatever you do there, including buying food and walking, you have to be fast... O_O Stressful life... But i love Japan stuff, anime, gunpla,...

  3. @chubbybots: yups! you mus go ghibili to see man. and it doesnt take up alot of time too.. cos we wun realli understand wad they're saying.. but jus admire in our own time.. haha. thanks for your compliments! =D jus some basic camera tips & tricks.. haha. the food there definitely looks appetizing..

    haha.. yes chubbybots.. there will be pictures of the Godzilla loot! a special dedicated post just for you! dun place your hope too high k! its not a very big one.. i would say its ard the size of a small 1/100 gundam? im waiting for tako to pass it to me.. cos its at her office.. guarding her frm smelly workload. haha. she wans her Godzilla to trample on my RX-78-2! im scare.. haha.

    @EXkurogane: i see.. ya.. its true. especially when i look at those salaryman. eat so fast! i couldn't find my Gundam Nissin cup noddles anymore! so sad. i was too late.. ya. i too enjoy their dose of wacky and innovative stuffs.. =)


  4. Now that Ren mentioned the size of my Godzilla, i really regret not looting the really huge Godzilla home. Godzilla will be able to help me to guard my house. Next trip. the Next trip, i will bring HUGE GODZILLA home!