Saturday, October 17, 2009

RX-78-2 Ver.OYW W.I.S.P Part 5

Had some problems with blogspot's post editor for the past few days.. so i couldn't post anything.. sorry abt tt.. Had some time after i came back frm Tokyo to complete my RX-78-2.. and i finished cleaning him up and applied the whole dosage of dry decals.. =) im very pleased with result.. or so i would say.. becos he's my first painted Gundam. Very momentous for me...

Some sneaks before i have a post with its various post.. hehheh.. these photos are before a final topcoat layer..

Looks like the Big G at Odaiba rite?? ^^

Details at the feet..

Coming soon...

Jus a heads up.. becos this fella is painted.. There would NOT be too many poses. I'm very careful with his poses cos i noticed some paint alr cracking when i put on his weapons and the shield... my heart cracks too. And some extreme poses where different parts rubs against each other.. a BIG NO-NO... hope you guys liked how it turned out..

maybe i'll typed down a list of things i noticed and impt things to note when anyone paints his/her model in my next and final RX-78-2 post.. =) cheers.

(^^)"  レンです! じゃね!


  1. when I scrolled downn I honestly thought it was the big G lol

  2. Its the big G! Really looks the 1/1 scale odabida gundam from that angle! Sorry to hear that the paint crack after all that hard work in you did.

  3. haha! yaaa!! thats wad i tot when i suited him up to the waist. Too bad i couldnt find a similar backdrop of Odaiba to put it behind.. lol.

    yups.. i saw it cracked.. but its in the primer layer.. dunno how it is possible but it did.. haha. somehow the paint managed to hang on tgt. but some other places the paint came off after extreme poses tt i tried.. so did some touch up with a bit of paint... hope its not too obvious. More to come! =)