Monday, October 26, 2009

Nendoroid Yako Katsuragi GET!

"Women are great spenders, they buy stuff that's not necessary at all."

How many of you agree to this sentence? For myself, totally not living in self-denial, i agree fully to this sentence. But wait till you see what I have bought during my 1 hour lunch..


Here's Yako Katsuragi!
My very first nendoroid.
I love her hair, kinda reminds me of my sister when she's in primary school.
I love her expressions. It's good to have a variety of expressions making this adorable Yako capable of different poses.
I just love her fork and spoon, all ready to prowl on good food.

To be really really really frank, i do not know the reason for buying, just find her too adorable. But i promise i will not go on a nendoroid-shopping spree, BUT i want my Taiga nendoroid.

Yako says, "douzo yoruishiku onegaishimasu!"

Tako ('O')9


  1. congrats on your first nendo! a very nice get, Yako's crazy eyed expression is just fantastic! lol nendos will get you with their adorable factor... beware! i would also want a Taiga nendo, or figma at that ^_^

  2. hello! I believe it's the first time i am exchanging comments with you..

    Thanks for your well-wishes. it will encourage me to get more nendo.

    I am looking for Rin Kokonoe nendo too, love her hair!

    Taiga nendo, it's so hard to find one!!

  3. Ah lunch breaks, it doesn't help that my work place is very near Hobby Art Gallery....

    The thing I know about Nendo's, once you start getting you you'll end up getting more and more! (They are so cute...very hard to resist...will make a nice mix with my keroro gunso san and friends ^^)That is why I tell myself don't succumb to the first one!

    But anyway congrats on your first Nendo ^^. Look forward to your photos!

  4. I'm male, but right there with ya, haha. I thought about grabbing some of the Touhou nendos but wound up holding off since the Sengoku Basara revoltechs are coming out soon!

  5. @chubbybots: haha.. poor chubbs.. i noe the feeling. its there but you cant do anything!! haha. yes.. its the same with your ugly dolls! they're quite cute.. when in PAIRS and TRIPLETS.. haha.. sure! Yako will probably appear most in food photos.. like you saw in our japan trip. ^^

    @lupes: yaa... im starting to vie towards some revoltechs alr... i'd like some evanglion figures.. especially the old ones.. ooo. cant start on one man.. it'll grow on you.... XD


  6. @chubbybots: Thanks! It's really a cycle that will never end. though i told myself not to look at nendo, but cant help it! Ah, Keroro Gunso, totally adorable too. yups, they will make good frens. Am kinda forcing godzilla to be friendly to Yako, since i dun have Keroro gunso for Yako to make friends with.

    @lupes: So i guess, the myth tat ladies are great spenders can be broken with guys spending on gunpla, models, revoltechs, etc.. haha.
    (no offence to other female or male counterparts.)
    Let's spend!

    Tako ('O')/