Sunday, October 25, 2009

MG RX-78-2 Ver.OYW Completed Part 2. End.

hallo pple.. Ren is back to post the remaining photos of his beloved RX-78-2.. ^^. yups, this is the final part of MG RX-78-2 Ver. OYW. This time i've used a simple black cloth as the background. Gives a more studio look i guess.. hope you enjoy the photos!

MG RX-78-2 Ver. One Year War.

Oopsy, one impt photo i missed the last time.. is this Big G look-alike shot.
With some photoshop i'm sure it'll bring me back to Odaiba.  ^^ nice.

Ground Stance

Classic look. it never fails to woah me.. XD

This is his first official pose.. i tried to get some inspirations from my PSP,
Gundam Vs. Gundam game.. this is it's ending pose after you completed any course. ^^
This pose also included all RX's weapons..

Second pose.. still grounded with his beam saber. XD

Third pose. Trying very hard to recreate RX-78-2 original flexibility shown only in anime and MG RX-78-2 Ver.2.0. The turning back shot? ^^. Tried my best.

Airborne Stance

Stole the stand from Force Impulse Gundam.. he's limping now. XD You can see that these two photos looked quite different. but in fact, its the same pose.. the position of my camera, with its wide angle shot makes it looked like it stretched his arms wider. Something i've learnt today. Camera with wide angled lens tends to make angles sharper/flatter.
I.E: RX-78-2 has to tilt his head up alot to achieve the same result you see with your eyes..

RX-78-2 with its Big Red Shield & Beam Rifle.


 Hyper Bazooka! I like how my camera makes RX-78-2 looks so big from the low angle! Oops. my cloth isn't too big to cover everything. =X


Bad-ass hammer.. it actually has some weight to it..
'You wanna piece of me, boy?'

抜刀! (ba-ttou) means drawing a sword.

After looking at these few photos.. i realized; i need to get a much bigger piece of cloth. XD
I seemed to be posing all the poses that Gundam O would make.. haha. Not RX-78-2 by nature. RX seems more down to earth and retro i guess. ^^

This is the last pose i've made RX-78-2 did. Its a dashing into battle feeling. Hope you like it. i noe i did. =))


My favorite shot.

Honestly, before the celebration of Gundam's 30th anniversary, i din realli pay much attention to RX-78-2. To me, it was just an old Gundam with not much abilities and retro weapons. I started knowing abt Gundam thru Gundam Wing. So naturally, newer Gundams got more of my attention. Now, after so many years and much researching, i've learnt alot more abt RX-78-2 and its history. The Big G at Odaiba really hit it home for me. i'm sure it did the same to some of you out there too. ^^. This Gundam has grown on me.

Alrites! that's all i have for RX-78-2.. Thank you everybody who has seen my work.. and especially those who have given me tons of advices.. really appreciate all of you wonderful guys/gals out there! =) i hope to improve my painting skills.. using spray cans.. or better, airbrush! the next kit will be something small to give me a breather.. haha. i'll post it up soon!! Feel free to make any comments, good or bad! at least i noe you are out there.. haha. thanks again!  see you soon. =)

(^^)"  レンです!  じゃね!


  1. like the new pics, the last pose is awesome! way cool, my fav shot: for those low angle shots try rotating the model instead so you still have the backdrop in frame(hope that made sense) ^^

    for some reason every time i look at this build i seem to think its a PG lol many its the details or the paint gives it a bulk look but very cool nonetheless.

    also i was the exact same way! didnt pay attention to RX-78-2 and started with Gundam Wing. Odaiba Gundam made me want to learn more and i have been considering getting a RX-78-2 kit when i get more funds lol

  2. Awesome photos mate^^ You did the big G proud :D crisp and clean. I prefer this version that the 2.0, lots more details and panel lines ^^

    I do have an RX78-2, its the HG 30th anniversary version haha. Small and easy to pose with too! Looking forward to your next build!

  3. @rockleelotus: glad you like the photos.. ^^ haha.. yups.. dun worry, i noe you mean abt rotating the model instead.

    haha.. woah. im flattered. thank you thank you.. =D tt's wad i like abt this version of RX-78-2. the details are bursting out for such a plain and simple gundam. i definitely need to improve on my painting skills to make my kits look even more realistic.

    deshou! haha.. seems like we're abit late on Gundam.. but nonetheless! haha. sure! get yourself a nice RX-78-2 when you have the funds.. im sure you'll try your skills on it to make it battle-worn.. smthing to look forward to in the future.. ^^ heh.

    ps don't mind i add you to my blogroll ya? =)

    @chubbybot: thank you too! its also your advices that it turned out well.. XD yups!.. me too.. i like this scary version compared to 2.0 due to the reasons you mentioned. WHYYY cant they upgrade this to 2.0?? haha. but i dun mind getting 2.0 jus for its engineering sake. its quite impressive looking at Z's review.. as good as MG Sun Goku.. haha!

    yaa.. haha.. Tako has it too!! she got it during the Gundam Fiesta, maybe you've seen the photos. she has alr finished it and wanted to paint it using my leftover paint... XD but she was turned off by the amt of effort needed to clean up. so she decided to leave it be. lol.

    thanks!! i've actually alr started alittle on my next kit.. jus tt its a small HG 1/144 kit. cos feel tt MG kits takes longer to build and still wanna revamp my room before i start another big kit. big kit = MG & above. ^^. so this HG will satisfy my craving for building things for awhile.. and i'll will post it up soon! =)



  4. if there was a way to add shading using hand painting that would really add a realistic touch! i really hope to get tons more kits soon, just the budget dont agree at the moment XD lol

    i dont mind at all, thx for adding me! i added you also ^^ look forward to following more of your works!

  5. Oh wow, I love that last pose. Something about the colors you used for this really give them a nice vibrant pop, but then again I tend to stick to dark colors. Regardles, the effort you put in to this model is obvious, most excellent!

  6. thanks lupes! =D glad you loved it.. me too! actually other den the pure white, the blue and red is according to the Exia's painting guide.. im glad its wad i've imagined. the yellow took me some time to find.. =) dun worry.. your dark side always gives pple a woah feeling.. smthing pple liked but couldnt think of..

    thanks for your encouragement again! realli appreciate it! i jus did wad i could think of.. ^^


  7. great job and photos were beautiful taken. Other than the last photo, I also like the "dashing into battle" pose, there is a sense of movement in it.

    Hope to see more great works from you in future. :)

  8. @jacques: hey thanks! ya.. now tt you have mention it.. the term is a sense of movement.. cool~ ^^. thanks! hope to see great works too!


  9. Beautiful model... beautiful photos. If I have to nitpick... it's that your backdrop is not big enough but you already knew that xD. THat's somem eticulous work on the thrusters and backpack there. Not to mention your color scheme and black lines gives a total anime feel to it. Great job!

  10. nice one. Looking at your photos makes me want this gunpla ^^

  11. @Z: hey thanks for dropping by! thank you.. haha, yes i do need to get a bigger piece of cloth.. XD well, i did get alot of valuable inspirations from you and your site!! =) ya.. being my first painted kit.. i decided to stick closer to the original color scheme.. the panel lining was the BIGGEST hurdle.. a mess to clean up but looks like it was worth it.. ^^ thanks again! hope to see you ard.. =)

    @heathorn: hey! thanks for visiting! heh.. thanks for your compliment. im sure you can mod the hell out of it! =P been to your site and im very impress with your works! alot to learn frm you abt modding.. =D see you ard!


  12. i love thiss!!!!! i'm in love with RX-78-2 now! hahahaha