Thursday, October 15, 2009

ただいま! レンは帰った! I'm home! Ren has returned!

hey pple.. IM BACKSS.... frm my trip to my Homeland, Tokyo.. XD   Kinda really felt at home there.. i cant even start describing how much i missed that place.. like im going back home for holiday and coming to singapore for working, studies only.. etc..

Man.. had a blast there! Tako gave me a surprise. hehheh. i think i'll let her tell you.. Do give me some time to arrange my thoughts.. and photos.. maybe i'll post occasionally abt Tokyo with my photos instead of making a entire post abt it.. there's jus so so much things to blog abt.. and i have a feeling of jus telling you guys to jus GOOOOOOO Tokyo and experience it urself.. You will NOT regret it, i promise. Rather den me here blogging how nice it is and blah blah.. i can post a guide abt how i planned my trip to tokyo for those interested.. =)

Well.. its getting late... my brain's ceased functioning.. onli enough to tell my dear readers tt im back.. haha.. and roughly the kind of posts tt's coming in a few days..

So.. pls be abit patient.. im still depressed abt coming back.. haha. Catch you guys ard! ^^

(^^)"   レンです!   じゃね!