Tuesday, October 27, 2009

HG AEU-09 AEU Enact Demonstration Color

Konnichiwa~ Ren desu.. Starting on a new kit.. jus a buffer/breather between Big kits.. (MG >) haha. i dun think i'll be doing much on this kit becos the colour is hard to find and i dun own an airbrush.. so, basically.. i'll try to hand brush those parts tt's not anime-accurate and panel line it.. followed by topcoat. it has a rather impt role.. It'll also be part of Tako's Gojira's food.. XD smthing for Gojira to defeat.. RX is too big and precious alr.. (sorry tako!) Are you looking at this Chubbs?? this is FOOD for your Gojira Special. lol.

Also.. hopefully.. HOPEFULLY, i'll get a 1/144 Exia to complete the scene in Episode 1 of Gundam 00 if you've rembed. i have some ideas in mind.. but it will be a diorama.. not like rockleelotus's epic battle.. (which was UBER hilarious. link's at the side, feel free to go and watch! ^^ ) yups.. a fixed diorama scene. quite excited, but dunno where to start. XD so hopefully things will turn out well! =) Can you guess which frame scene i'll be using??

Coverbox Art.


3 runners only. ^^

Yes.. the reason i got this kit was one and one reason only; it was cheap. lol! was together with Tako when we went HAG one day.. and we saw a few non-main character mobile suit on sale.. Tie-Rens.. land and space version.. Al-Shez$^%&@#'s Red Flag.. and this! all of them was only selling at $10 SGD.. so i got a head nod from Tako and i bought it.. hahaa. Its a grab! its gonna be a straight build.. whenever i have time i'll do alittle by little.. As i'm not gonna paint it fully.. i'll need time to clean up the nubs..

well, thanks again for reading.. have you ever bought a kit you nv wanted jus becos its cheap?? share with us! ^^.

(^^)"   レンです!   じゃね!


  1. To recreate the ep1 scene you gotta damage this kit, break it, and then weathering... LOL XD

  2. light green kits are tasty...yum! haha. Can't wait to see your diorama and the godzilla fight ^^! Cheap kits hmm... the 2 kits I got were the 1/100 zakus from seed destiny cos they were like selling for $30 and I figured I could use some of their parts for modding haha!

  3. lol Gojria food! an OOB would be bland and make Gojira angry. hand brush, panel line, and top coat sounds like good "seasoning" ^_^b

    only 3 runner?! really want to get HG kit now, less complicated than MG. i see some non-main charac mobile suit on sale online too, been tempted to get cuz its cheap.

  4. @EXkurogane: well.. its episode 1 so.. i suppose both suits are new.. and im glad how cleanly Exia cuts.. XD so not much damaging and weathering if i have to. heh.

    @chubbybots: yes! tako's gojira is a veggy eater.. XD yum yum green food.. 'me eat green!' i could use the diorama for both gundam and gojira.. ^^ jus that in gundam its 3-4 storeys and in gojira its 10-20 storeys.. wow. you buy cheap kits for their parts to modify! tt's the difference between a moddlers' and ren's mindset. XD

    @rockleelotus: haha ya! no OOB! gojira mad! i like the way you interpret it as 'seasoning'. lol!

    ya.. there's only 3 runners.. tt's why i tot too.. a break frm a complicating MG. yups.. now there's a few online places on promotion.. heh. *get them.. get them..* jus joking.. get it when you have the funds ya! you cant eat gunplas for lunch like gojira.. XP

    (^^)" ren.

  5. I bought a 1/100 Chaos for 30 bucks. I did not think of getting one but it was on offer, so well... I also bought a HGUC Blue Destiny Unit 2 for only 9 bucks for OG sales! This was also another kit i did not plan on getting, haha!

  6. Lessee, the cheapest kit that managed to bag is the HGUC 1/144 Sazabi at RM90 (now selling at RM 120++) and the HG 1/144 Gundam 00 at RM26 (now selling at RM40++, not mistaken).
    Great posablility and cheap. Good for 4koma purposes. ^^

  7. @marzz: woah! tt's cheap! cool.. OG is oso a place with hidden jewels.. do you noe when they have their sales?? heh. ^^

    @BD77: another bargain! good steal.. haha. in singapore we can hardly find such cheap deals.. XD


  8. I love first episode of gundam 00 nice choice patrick is funny ^_^

  9. @moemoekyun: hey! welcome to my blog! i believe this is your first comment rite! haha.. thanks.. i find patrick funny too. he's the kinda guy you'll find no challenge defeating. lolx!

    Enjoy your stay! =)


  10. yes it's my first time I am adding you to my blogroll too ^__^