Saturday, October 17, 2009

東京ミッション! 第1ノート! Tokyo Mission! First note! ^^

I arrived at Narita Airport at abt 2pm local time.. still remembering how surprised the Japanese immigration officer was when he found out its my first time in Japan and i'll be at Tokyo for 10days alone with no friends or family. He sounded more excited den me. haha. i was late to collect my luggage becos..... the first thing i did after reaching Tokyo was..

to use their toilet.

haha. sorrie to let you guys noe. The airport officials cleared the luggage frm the belts so fast.. i tot i lost my my backpack! onli to find it at my airline counter.. phew. XD

yups.. after a little drama.. i learnt to my buy my first 電車切符 train ticket from the nice pple at the information counter.. yay. The 京成 Keisei line to 東京、上野  Tokyo, Ueno. And transfer to JR 山の手 JR Yamanote Line to 新宿 Shinjuku.. where my first hotel is. Capsule Hotel!

On the way to tokyo now.. as you can see.. many others are tourists too. XD. am oso telling myself to fully immerse in the Japanese culture.. and admire the view outside the train, thru the rural side of Narita..


Transferred to JR Yamanote Line..

Reached Shinjuku! Finally after close to 2 hours ride frm Narita.

The view frm Shinjuku Station, Kabuki-cho East exit. See how long the name of the exit is?? They have 98745623874 exits at every station in Tokyo.

More to come! See wad other interesting photos i've taken.. Stay tune.. and do let me noe if there's any places or things tt interests you.. i can share if i happen to experience it.. =)

(^^)"  レンです!  じゃね!

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