Thursday, October 1, 2009

東京の準備しているよ!  Tokyo's preparation...

Amidst the sudden tough times that we're going thru now.. becos i've alr booked the air tickets in advance.. Ren is going to in Tokyo this friday.. yups. its kinda a mixed feeling.. Happy to go.. but as you all noe.. bad things happened and its not exactly the kind where you feel you will realli enjoy the trip kinda feeling.. yes you noe the feeling.

SOOOOO... Preparation is almost done.. jus finished booking my last few days in a hotel... i'll be staying in a 旅館 (Ryokan - Japanese Inn) and a Capsule hotel.. Making this a extreme budget trip.. And did i tell you guys? it's my first time going Japan! Yups.. and i'm going alone.. (tako's still pondering due to some problems..) with jus a few guides, a bit of japanese language and a BIG backpack & heart. Running ard in the Tokyo Metro line.. and walking ard.. im sure i can do it. ^^

here's some guides tt i've purchase.. The travelpack Tokyo comes with a very detailed map of Central Tokyo, which will realli help me cos i love to look at maps.. heh.. To those that think that they can win the amazing race using maps.. this is the map to get man. haha. its even better den the standalone map of Tokyo; from wad i've gathered at my country's book stores..

Changed my Japanese Yen alr.. getting more and more expensive.. and some notes to take..

Have you been to a country alone before without much planning? jus heck and go? feel free to share!! =) My mind is still a blank on where to go and wad to do in Tokyo.. haha. Totally clueless on where to start..

(^^)"  レンです!  じゃね!


  1. Let me tell you where to go:-

    1. 吉祥寺 (Kichijōji)
    2. Ghibli Museum (Mitaka)
    3. Akiba (Akihabara)
    4. Harajuku (Serenity vs Loud)
    5. Shinjuku (Strawberry Short Cake & Shopping)
    6. Shibuya
    7. Ueno
    8. Odaiba (To see if there's any nut and bolt left behind from my Gundam)
    9. Asakusa (This is where you are staying)
    10. Tsukiji Market (Pls don't overeat)
    11. Tokyo Tower (Backdrop of Kamen Rider Kabuto)
    12. Supermarket (Nissin Cup Noodle)
    13. Ikkebukuro
    14. Ometesando Hills
    15. Ginza

    Do you need my shopping list???

    Tako ('O')9

  2. Good luck and have fun on your trip ^^.

  3. haha.. thanks man! we're like jus blogging to you alone man. hahahah.. oh, abt the comment above.. its Tako, being a tako, forgetting to post her name.. haha. it looked like im talking to myself!

    Ren. ^^