Sunday, October 18, 2009

Ren's loot from Tokyo... XD

Today, i'll jus share with you guys wad i've fought for in Tokyo.. my blood and sweat.. lol.

Porter Bag x 1
Clothes x 10
Food x 4
Small Souvenirs x 6
Umbrella x 1
Aqua Timez's CD x 1
Warring States Samurai Armor Series x 1 (i bought 徳川家康 Tokugawa Ieyasu's Armor)
Tools x 3 
Gunpla kits x 4!!!!

wooo!! i think i'll focus more on the gunpla kits more on this post.. very very happy tt i got so much kits frm Japan.. was still worried abt how to get it on board the flight.. but with a HECK IT attitude.. i bought the kits and brought it up the plane. Never did i regret. haha.

As you can see frm the photo.. i bought a PG GAT-X105 Strike Gundam, a PG FX-550 Sky Grasper + Aile Striker, a MG Wing Zero Custom Gundam and a HG O Gundam. =DDD Coincidentally, jus an amusing fact i found out after reaching home, i bought gunpla kits of ALL grades and scales.. Perfect Grade, Master Grade & High Grade and 1/60, 1/100 & 1/144. XD Cant wait to lay my hands on them.. but i think i'll start on my MG 1/1 room renovation after finishing on RX-78-2. So tt i'll have a nice workplace to work on my models.. and a display case for them..

Looks like i spent alot on kits rite.. NOT AT ALLL.. its onli after i seen the prices at Akiba that i told myself.. i can onli buy kits when im in Japan, smthing like a one year supply to work with until the next time i go japan again.. Or work hard to live in Japan. Latter is abit harder till i get my minimum JLPT 2. *nods*

The prices of my kits..

If you can read Japanese.. you can see that PG Strike Gundam and Sky Grasper cost me a total of 13,980 Yen! That translates to abt $214 Singapore Dollar.. up to 40% off singapore's price!!! how can i resist this temptation?!?! and i oso saw PG WZC at the same price of PG Strike at 9,800 Yen.. abt $150 SGD!! HALF PRICE of singapore's... the reason i chose Strike was becos of Aile Striker's stand.. and WZC in all of its might & glory needs a stand to show. dont you agree with me? or did i make a wrong choice?

Here are the MG WZC and HG O Gundam prices.. MG WZC Gundam is ard $51 SGD and HG O Gundam is $13 SGD..  i think you're starting to get my point abt how cheap japan's kits are.. i cried when i saw the shops selling so cheap. T.T or maybe you guys alr noe and im jus starting to get enlighten... haha.

So there you have it.. feel free to ask me anything... i think i'll have a short post abt the Samurai Armor i bought lata on.. quite interesting to me. Jus some deco for my new room.

wad do you think.. a PG Strike + Aile Striker is better?? or a PG Wing Zero Custom is better?? Do post your comments to let me noe.. would realli appreciate any comments good or bad! =)

More next time...

(^^)"   レンです!  じゃね!


  1. ha MG IJ around how much in japan? MG force impulse leh? i got 1 relatives in japan tokyo. i asked him to help me to buy gundam >< but i dun noe where i can find toy stores there leh.. can help me? in tokyo de .. MG IJ MG force impulse

  2. Man thats an awesome haul at an uber price....half price compared to singapore!! PG strike + Aile Striker is better compared with Wing Zero Custom ^^ Just love the looks on the PG Strike :D Interestingly where is your loots for Tako chan haha.

  3. @KJ: hmmm.. i dun remb seeing MG IJ or FI when i was in japan.. but using MG WZC as a gauge.. i would say it would cost ard 3500-4000yen MAX. As you noe WZC is an old kit, so give and take tt price. Where to buy... cheapest kits are at akiba definitely.

    At electric town exit, towards e main road, stay on the side of the station and walk all the way northwards. if your relative can read jap, im sure he'll have no problem. there's a few shops there.

    Or alternatively, the other cheap place i found was HALC building connected to Odakyu at Shinjuku, where it houses Bic Camera. At the toy section (5th/6th floor?) i found kits with prices comparable to akiba. You can ask him to check it out.. it was on 20% discount.

    Here a link:


  4. @chubbybots: haha.. YESSSSS UBBERRRRR PRICEEEE.. X.X its disgustingly cheap la!! Thanks for affirming me man.. ha. i like the robust look on Strike too. wait till they come up with a stand for PG grade kits, then i'll buy PG WZC. if not it'll look abit sad like the one at HAG.. Twist! V(^.^) haha. i wanna see it spread its wings..

    hehheh.. loots for tako you say?? XD its actually with her alr.. i'll let her blog abt it when she's free. she actually had a few drafts up alr.. jus going thru some editing and adding photos.. so.. haha.. pls be abit patient. =D im quite pleasantly surprised that you asked abt tako's loots! hahaha.. no doubt we're both attached. haha. =P

    Ren. ^^

  5. Ren! where's the loot meant for me?

    @chubbybots: Thank you for helping to stand up for me.

    Tako ('O')9

  6. Hihi! First time posting comment here. Is the offer on gundam models everywhere? Or only a particular place?

    PS: I prefer the PG Strike over WZC :)

  7. Hi Marzz! いらっしゃい! welcome! =DD

    oh.. i assume your everywhere means 'everywhere in Tokyo' rite? cos i've onli been to Tokyo. heh. i would say.. generally, the prices at akihabara is cheap. Cheap means its ard 70-80% of the official listed price by Bandai. Sometimes there's stock clearing in those stores and the prices drops even further.. that's when i saw a $45 SGD Launcher/Sword Striker Strike Gundam and a $60 SGD Ni-Nu Gundam etc..

    As for other places in Tokyo.. i.e department stores or toy stores; are usually selling it at the listed price (to my limited knowledge). And we noe that the listed price is alr considered cheap when we're living outside japan. *nods*
    Not to mention departmental stores will oso have sale from time to time.. so their prices will be comparable to akihabara when so.

    SO basically.. if you buy model kits in japan.. you're alr having a 20% discount.. haha. And more if you bought it during sale and/or at akihabara.

    hope its clear enuff to understand.. =)

    PS: haha.. THANKS!! PG Strike > PG WZC.. ;) maybe i'll get WZC next time..


  8. @ ren akiba dun hav MG IJ OR FI ?? T.T i wan IJ SO Much ~~~~~ i dun noe leh~ should be ba..i really wish there will be MG IJ leh~~~~~~~~~ can any1 tell me when akiba have 1 ?

  9. @KJ hmmm dun remb seeing it at akiba.. but departmental stores have a wider and newer range.. jus slightly more ex den akiba.. your relative can try there.. hope it helps..


  10. @ ren T T department store exp a bit onli? i hope it is cheap still.. hmm i will asked him to help me try his luck there =) most department store in japan sells gundam rite?ha

  11. @KJ: yups.. departmental store is onli a little bit ex.. still much cheaper to get there den singapore. and.. MOSTT department store with a TOY section sells i think.. you can ask him to try Tokyu Hands at shibuya.. i saw ALOT ALOT ALOT of diff kits there.. shld have your IJ.. =)


  12. Ren.
    my relative bought me MG IJ le.. haha 3580 yen! yes !thx

  13. @Kj: cool!! woah so cheap! haha.. hope you enjoy your build! ^^. no probs! glad i could help.