Friday, December 10, 2010

HG GN-002 Gundam Dynames Completed! ^^

Bandai 1/144 HG GN-002 Gundam Dynames
Modeled By Ren.

I can't believe that it has been nearly 2 months that i haven been posting anything abt my Gundams! finally, i've settled down and started shooting this kit. i've actually finished this kit before i started my studying regime. and now im happy and excited that i've completed the first 4 Gundams of Gundam 00 series. yay! maybe a family photo shoot soon! =) need to build finish their action base first. XD

Alrites, please enjoy the photos and i'll have a short summary of how i felt for this kit at the end of this post. ^^ as usual, no stickies were used making this kit. =D

[Front View]

[Back View]

[Side View]


Sharpen the V-fins on the chest. The completed kit was matt-coated.

 The entire grey parts on the chest was painted. GN Drive too.

Most parts of the head was painted too. the white parts on the side of the face, red on the antenna, eyes, GN strips and of cos, the Sniper Camera Eye, which i'll show you later.

 Part of the GN Armor.

 GN Drive was painted too.

 GN Condensers

 Sexy legs i like. XD All the GN strips are painted too.

 Smelly feet.

 Details in the GN Armor.

 Main weapon - GN Sniper Rifle.

[Full Armor Mode]



An extra tripod stand and opened palm is included.

Target sighted. Painted the mono-eye cam silver first, then a layer of clear blue.

 i painted the tripod stand too.

This pose is also a hint of wad's to come to our blog soon. ^^


[HG GN-002 Gundam Dyanames]

Okays.. so wad do i think abt this kit? i do like this kit.. BUT, there's a few complains that i would like to address. let me try to summarise it for you..

- Proportions are just about right.
- Various details on armor etc.
- Quite articulated, the knees are designed to kneel. so you get nice kneeling poses. even wrist has an extra joint to bend even more.
- Most of the parts doesn't require much painting.
- Tripod for sniper rifle is available via part-swapping. an open hand for carrying the rifle is included too.

- TWO GN PISTOLS are missing. its supposed to be carried by the side of the legs. Yet, its only included in the GN-Arms Type-D model kit. BANDAIIII. quite disappointing.
- Clear parts for the Beam sabers are not included too.
- It can be quite heavy for the right arm to stay in a nice pose. the right shoulder always sags due to the heavy weight of the GN armor and GN Sniper Rifle combined hanging on the shoulder part. so i tighten the joint a little by wrapping it with masking tapes. which will allow the joint to grip better. but it only lasted throughout the photoshoot.

Overall, i still liked how Dynames turned out, even tho it has 2 pistols missing. maybe one day if there's a sale on GN Arms Type-D, i might grab it for the 2 pistols. heh. i gave it a matte coat finish but left the clear parts untouched.

I've finally finished my first 4 Celestial Being Gundams! now its time for me to make their action base and have a family photo! muahahaha. i hope to finish the next 4 at a greater speed. XD Hope you enjoyed the photos.. feel free to ask me anything. C&C are welcomed! see you ard. =)

(^^)"     レンです!     じゃね!


  1. The last picture is really awesome! he's like ready to fire at any moment!

  2. nice work on the dynames ren&tako! a very neat and tidy finish. "thumbs up!"

  3. Good work as always!
    Everytime I see your "neat" painting, I turn into EMO mode lol.
    Btw what paint did you use on this dynames? is it acrylic or enamel?
    And for the panel line, I'm guessing not using gundam marker?

  4. @h4msterworld: =D yeah.. i liked the last picture the most too! too bad i have little photoshop skills.. if not i'll try to make it as real as possible.. ^^

    @sl619: ha.. thanks! this is usually my kinda build.. cos i dun own an airbrush, and i lack gunpla creativity skills. XD so i'll usually go for a clean and anime accurate kinda build. heh.

    @bardiche: hey there! thanks for dropping by! ^^ ha.. lol. i think its the same when i see a weathered build. i'll turn emo too. XD i usually use acrylic, and some lacquer if i cant find the colors i wan. as for the panel lining, yups! you're right, im not using gundam markers.. im using Copic's 0.02 panel lining markers. gundam markers are too thick IMO. esp for 1/144 scale.. =) hope this helps!

    ren ^^

  5. Looks like every detail is painted. ^ ^
    I know since I have the 1/100 and I painted everything too. I am glad that the 1/100 came with his Pistols. ^ ^;

  6. @ren
    Oh so u use acrylic?I tho u were using enamel since it's mainly for detailing and such.
    I nvr tried the acrylic type but I heard it's more "fragile" compared to enamel :(

  7. @rentako: i too also go for that! AB is just too expensive and time consuming

  8. another nice build ren! 4 down, 4 more to go lol great sniping shots, his armor makes him look like he could be a flasher haha

    hmm wonder if you can add some before and after shots in your next reviews. i always like seeing those and would be cool to see all the paint touch ups you do ^^ i usually forget to take good pics in my snap fit process to do the same ^^;

  9. Very nice build.... Very clean looking. ^^
    I have been slacking off gunpla too, due to lack of time haha...
    Btw, if you are still interested, the Christmas Fantasy at Takashimaya B2 has the GN-ARMS Type D+ Dynames on sale for SGD 70! I just saw it today!

  10. Actually you can get the GN pistols from astraea type F as well but rumor has it that bandai "might" release (red) astraea avalanche --" which I doubt it.

  11. @flawlessexa: =D yeah.. haha. i see! did you make a post of it? in remb seeing it tho. sux when only 1/100 has the pistols.. XD

    @V: hey V! ha.. thanks for dropping by.. =) thanks thanks!

    @Barchiche: yupyups, i use acrylic.. tho they're the weakest, they are the easiest to control when hand-painting. Lacquer>Enamel>Acrylic beside, i do spray a coat of lacquer based topcoat over to cover the whole kit. so i do have a 'strong' outer layer to protect. i know its not a proper technique, but so far so good!! XD

    regarding the pistols, IS IT??? Type F has it?? woah.. i'll go check it out if they gave a pair! Thanks for you info!! =D

    @sl619: yeah! XD ^5

    @rockleelotus: haha.. thanks! i still have tons of HG kits to go.. but i think i'll go for a MG next. hehheh. HAHAH.. FLASHER! very good idea for 4koma.. XD man.. i have so many ideas now.

    oh.. before and after shots.. heh. okayss.. since you requested, i'll start taking them. i tot nobody sees them since it jus painting etc.. cos i hardly do mods. ToT alrite! i'll try to do some WIP for you! another reason why i din take WIP shots becos smtimes i'll do my kit in my army camp.. and no cameras are allow. yups.. more WIP coming up! thanks for your suggestion rocklee!

    @Marzz: thank you thank you! ha.. exams ma, wad to doo.. WAHHHHH i soooo tempted!! its either the type f astray or gn arms man... wooo.. thanks alot for your info!! great to have eyes ard! XD

    ren. ^^

  12. Dynames... done with it long ago... I have some issues with it but still keep it now in memory of the late Lockon Stratos...

  13. @ren
    Np, sharing means caring ha3.
    Yeah same with me, I spray top coat for extra protection :D
    The fact that ppl said acrylic more fragile than enamel is hindering me from using it. Damn, grow some balls will I!!!
    Btw are u sure u use top coat lacquer base? isn't that will "damage" acrylic paint underneath?
    Is the top coat Mr.hobby ~ Mr.super clear?

  14. @ren
    btw I just checked the GN pistol on astraea type F and the gun hoslter are not compatible with dynames leg --". Some modding are needed else just let dynames weild the pistol normally.

  15. ah this kit Bring back old memories :D

  16. @Aya: I think so too.

    Old kits can always be great if we build it with love. Nice work Ren!

  17. @gunpla: is wad dust? i think there's a bit of dust when i took those photos...

    @David John Shewsbury: haha.. looks like im a little in catching up, everybody's done with it! XD haha.. yeah me too.. its done with the late Lockon Stratos in mind.. (u.u)

    @bardiche: haha.. its okay. yes, im spraying LACQUER based - Mr. Super Clear over the acrylic paints.. so far i dun see how the lacquer is damaging the paint, since its transparent, maybe time will tell?

    haha. yeah i've checked it out too.. the joints are slightly diff.. (T.T) i'll rather buy the GN-arms den. since i get some extra armaments too. but unfortunately, taka is sold out alr. waiting for sale!! XD

    @Aya: haha.. yes i have alot of catching up to do.. XD

    @B-Mecha: heh. thanks alot!

    ren. ^^

  18. @Ren,

    I think gunpla is refering to the white spots on the surfaces, especially prominent on green and black. Are those spots caused by frosting from top-coating?

  19. @Jacques: ohhh.. yes... T.T i think its some slight frosting which reflected very well under the lights... noooooooooo.....

    ren. T.T