Wednesday, December 15, 2010

SD Gundam RX-78 GP03D Work in Progress! ^^

Heeding to rockleelotus's suggestion, as long as i'm free, i've decided to include some WIPs post for my model kits' progess! so my readers can see the however TINY changes that the kit has gone thru. XD hallo people, ren's back. =)

Today's post will be a short one abt my soft-built SD RX-78 GP03D. He was last seen here unpainted with my giant Mega size RX-78. Here's a recap!

No, Giant beam sabers are not included.

So back to now, i've actually finished most parts of the painting the last few days, and it was before i decided doing some WIP posts again, so there wasn't any pictures. But today, i'm gonna do something tt i've never done before.. WEATHERING! SHADOWING! wad's better than to start weathering shadowing on a SD kit? ha.. experimental time..

Weathering Shadowing made easy with THIS! This photo was take AFTER i weathered shadowed the whole model alr. but i do some have photos of the kit half-weatheredshadowed.

the effects are no so obvious, but if you're wondering, the left is not weathered shadowed.

peek-a-boo.. i see you.

After going thru the kit a few times with the weathering kit.. you'll get something like this...

THERE! my first weathered shadowed kit! woo. it's kinda exciting and interesting to do.. think of it as real make up for Gundams, a spongehead and a brush is included in the kit. Panel lining highlights the different parts of a kit and weathering shadowing to me feels like im accentuating the edges of the kit. Cool experience. if you have the chance, give it a try!

The next post will be the final product.. the completed SD Gundam RX-78 GP03 Dendrobium. Stay tuned! thanks for reading!

Edit: noticed that all the 'weather' words are crossed out? yeah, i find that shadowing is more of an appropriate term to use as the kit doesn't really looks weathered, jus that it stands out more with the defined edge etc... yups. =)

(^^)"     レンです!     じゃね!


  1. I have only done weathering twice and they were done via drybrushing. Maybe I should give this a try sometime! ^^

  2. Wow I love the effect! Tamiya's weathering kit is super easy to use and your method makes the Dendrobium look like it was shaded with an airbrush!

  3. its just like applying human make up. LOL
    is that hanging arbalest the revoltech ver?? Mine have loose pegs at the side skirts. =(

  4. man that weathering kit is so effective! i see what you mean by shadowing, it looks almost like you did some airbrush work there ren. ive been doing it the hard way all this time, need to pick up one of those weathering kits XD

    my neue ziel is jealous of his good looking frienemy haha

  5. @Marzz: oh i see.. i tried tt before, but it wasn't really successful for me. heh. yes! this kit is highly recommended! ^^

    @playevolution: yeah.. i love the effect too! haa.. very satisfied! =D so i dun hafta fork out a lump sum for airbrushing. XD

    @sl619: hahaha.. yesh, tako says i can do make up for her alr. XD

    yups.. its the revoltech. nice spotting! lolx. oh i see.. yeah i think mine have the same prob too.. maybe not as bad.

    @rockleelotus: hahaha.. yesh.. this cosmetic for gundam is highly recommended! i might start shadowing all my kits.. XD

    haha. yeah!! they shld have a face off smday! kekeke. dun worry, GP03D is alr afraid of his high exp, battle worn frienemy.. ^^

    ren. =)

  6. Looks quite big as well this SD version of Dendrobium.... sigh...

  7. you know what, a friend of mine is actualy using his wife's cosmetics to do a weathering for his tank LoL
    The shadow looks very nice :D it is in the right proportion :D

  8. I wanted this but it is kind of rare

  9. Cool :D ah wish have this one

  10. Sweet, I wish I could do the painting and shadowing too. Can't wait too see your final product mate. ^_^

  11. @David John Shewsbury: haha.. why? you're looking for a smaller version? i dun think there's anything small with GP03D.. XD

    @h4msterworld: HAAHAH.. REALLY?! quite an idea since the beige tone can be used as dust... WATERPROOF too!! LOL XD haha.. thanks thanks.. im still in the midst of learning curve.. ^^

    @gunpla: haha.. you can easily get it at HAG or M workshop.. =)

    @Aya: yeah.. its really useful for pple like me without airbrush, i think you can include it in your shopping cart next time you shop with HLJ or hobbysearch. XD

    @canopy: hey welcomes! ^^ haha.. i've seen your SD GP03 too! heh. planning to paint it? yeah.. the final product is coming up soon! =D

    ren ^^

  12. I always wanted to try the Tamiya Weathering Kit but had no confidence. After seeing the results of your experiment, I'm convinced to buy this at my next trip to the hobby store. Less hassle to swap colors in the AB and saves time and clean too!

    The shadowing is hard to differentiate from the shading done by an airbrush.

  13. @Jacques: kekeke.. yes. go ahead and try! i highly recommend it.. its not as hard as i tot it would be.. it takes a good few times of applying before you can see the shadowing.. which is good, cos it allows me to create a gradient of shadow.

    its easy to use on a normal MG or smaller kit.. any bigger, i think airbrush would be more viable. =)