Sunday, December 26, 2010


halo everyone! today's short post will be on our boxing day! muahahaha.. its our gift exchange and wad i got for xmas tt's more related to our blog.. keke.


This is what I have received from Ren! Chi's Sweet Home desktop calender!
Chi's Sweet Home is one of my favourite manga, all about this little kitten called Chii!
The other very familiar looking turqoise blue box contains a necklace.. HAHAHA.

A peek inside the calender package - the calender itself, a stand, and schedule stickers to mark down important days! TOTALLY ADORABLE! LOVE CHII!!!!!!!!


 MUAHAGAHAGAHAHAGHAGHA.. i received THESE Gundams from Tako and my sis! Tako got me the set of Musha Gundams.. POISONOUS!!! i really loved the mix of samurai feel and gundams... it'll definitely add up in my backlogs... ^^

And of cos! i extorted the Ex-S Gundam from my sister.. MUAHAHHAHA. xD cos she's jus back from London and i haven seen her for 6 months.. =DDD its the second time i've received gundams for any occasions... first time being 2 years back when tako bought me the MG Freedom Gundam you see as our banner.. HAPPPPYYYYY!

Tako says: "I havent been buying gundam for Ren because he stocked up so much from JAPAN! remember the post that he made about this Tokyo loots. HOW TO BUY HIM GUNDAM?? HAHahahahhaa.."

(^^)" ('O')9     レンタコです!     じゃね!


  1. Horryy shiiiiiet... MGs, three of them~!


  2. OMg...What a nice set of christmas gifts!!

    Merry Xmas!!!

  3. @bd77: HAHA.. horryy ALICE!! =DD my favourite XMAS ALL TIME. FLAT. XD

    @chubbybots: thanks to tako and my sis! muhaha.. Merry Xmas CHUBBS!

    a very very happy ren ^^

  4. That's alot..... of MGs!
    No worries man, I too have been slacking off gunplas lol... Wonder when can I finish them....

  5. i love ur calender. XD
    and happy building those gundams in 2011~~
    nowadays, i've totally no time to fix mine. @@ so much backlog..

  6. Whoa Ex-S Gundam... Now that is sheer awesomeness... *blown away*

  7. wow merry Christmas and Happy new years,awesome stuff you guys got :D

  8. WAH so many new LOOTS bte merry christmas!

  9. giffttsss! the chi calendar is super cute XD is that a gundam hammer necklace for tako chan? lol j/k

    awesome gunpla... how thoughtful of ren to add those to the backlog XD Lol looks like you two had a fun gift exhange ^^

  10. @Marzz: heh.. its... the tip of an iceberg. =X its gonna be my new year's resolution to finish my backlog by next year! xD

    @sl619: thanks! yesh.. its veryvery cute.. lolx. i have tons of backlog to catch up.. its jus not reported on my blog. =P yesh.. so many models so little timeeeee...

    @playevolution: keke.. its a must have for all gunpla-ers!!! im glad i got mine as a prezzie.. heh. cant wait to open the boxx.. ^^

    @Aya: Merry Xmas and Happy New Year to you too! thankss.. very awesome.. BEST XMAS E-V-A. =D

    @gunpla: muahahah.. yesh.. many many loots.. merry christmas to you too!

    @rockleelotus: HAHAHA.. maybe i'll try tt when i'm broke i'll spray paint a gundam hammer silver and give it to tako. its the tots tt counts right?? xD (*out of the blue, a tentacle whips ren...*) hahaha.. indeed its very thoughtful.. ^^ im so dead, backlog is stacking to the SKYYY.... maybe i shld confess one day on my blog how many models are unbuilt. *ponders*

    ren. ^^

  11. Three awesome MG’s are a perfect x-mas gift! Pretty much enough to keep you busy for the next three months LoL.

  12. Walan, that is really nice for a Xmas gift... Merry Christmas (belated) and Happy New Year 2011