Monday, December 6, 2010

Finally ren's exam is over.. It's time to clean up! =D 大掃除を始めよう!

Hallo everyone.. ren here! a short update! finally, my exams are over.. and its time to focus on smthing else now! my hands have been itching for some gunpla.. which apparently is missing from our blog for quite some time now... BUT before that, while Tako is away, i'll clean up my room first, to rid myself of any traces of japanese homework.. and all the dust on my figures.. XD thus, i've tasked Kyouka to get some cleaning done! poor danbos.. lolx.

Boxed slavery! ^^

i've taken the whole night to arrange my stuffs.. and clean up, vacuum and mop the floor.. its definitely cleaner than before. dusted the figures too! tiring. while in the midst of typing this post, im still clearing up some gunpla boxes.. gonna cut them up into cardboards and keep the illustrations in some folders while the rest of the runners and boxes are thrown away.. is that how you free up your room space from gunpla boxes too?

i still have a mountain to go thru.. hmmm. T.T

Big dan is working hard tooooo....

well, this is the first post i make after my exams.. i'll try to post a few more post before i start on my gunpla.. there's still the AFAX part 5 to compose... , a toy fair and 1 gundam related post too.. looks like im gonna be busy for the next few days! look forward to my posts! XD i'll see you guys ard.. while i go back cleaning my room.. thanks for reading!

(^^)"     レンです!     じゃね!


  1. all work and no play make ren go something something... lol how do you think you did?

    good idea to clean up all that stuff so you can focus 100% on relaxing with gunpla. clear that back log! ^^

  2. @rockleelotus: haha. yes, i've actually tot out alot more ideas abt gunpla when i was studying! XD anyway, the exam was easier than i tot.. so im grateful. ^^ cant wait to see the results! =D

    hahaa.. yeah.. clean up room.. publish some posts.. den my gunpla!!! hahaha. the boxes you saw WASN'T my backlog.. my backlog is at least 5 TIMES of tt amount. im gonna die gunpla-ing. XD

    ren. ^^

  3. great to hear that ur exam was easy ren! So now u dun need to worry bout ur results and relax. hehe
    Poor danbo.... AGAIN!! LOLX

  4. Argh! I am running out of space.... Maybe I should do the same as you.... Cut out the illustrations...

  5. wow ur exam is finsh congratz!

  6. @sl619: =D thanks! hahaha... yeah. now i only have to worry abt my our blog posting.. XD haha yesh, danbos make good servants!! i love 'em!!

    @Marzz: haha.. yeah i understand the frustration.. cut cut cut! now i'll need to find a file or folder for these illustrations.. ^^

    @gunpla: haha. thanks! you're having your hols now right? enjoy! looking forward to your sinanju! =)

    ren. ^^

  7. Funny my comment didn't show up... Anyway great to hear that you've blazed through your JLPT!

  8. Wow, the idea of cutting the boxes never cross my mind before...that is a very nice idea :D

  9. @playevolution: haha.. thanks alot! =D im glad tt i did too. but its only gonna get harder from now on.. T.T ha. =)

    @h4msterworld: yeah! its does saves alot of space.. you shld give it a try too! =D

    ren ^^