Monday, December 6, 2010

Anime Festival Asia 2010 AFAX Part 5: Cosplayers around AFAX

Alrights, now that my JLPT is over, im back to finish my AFAX post! today's post will be on the cosplayers tt i've spotted on SUNDAY. Fortunately for me, i heard that saturday's cosplayers had very little space to pose as there was an event held at the usual empty floor. So im glad tt i only went on sunday!

This post will be more of a photo dump, cos there's simply too many photos for me to comment on... but i'll tell you smthing, the cosplayers are getting better and better each year! ^^ enjoy the custumes!


Power Rangers are here too! wah.. they're the first power rangers i know of.. DRAGONZORD!

Miku Cultural school ver.?


Hoi-hoi san!! kawaii~ this is definitely better than the plamo counter-part. ^^

Vampire Night?

According to my colleague, he says the one on the left is a Pokemon Leefe cosplay.. hmmmm. XD

Nice pirate suit. orz <-- REN'S MISTAKE
This is cosplayer Cleyra as Seth Nightlord from Trinity Blood; Manga Ver.


he's the coolest. lolx.

Snow Miku in action too! too bad i'm too far away. hafta take this photo from the 2nd floor.

Huge weapons spotted ard the events now and then..

nice armors..

cuter kids. XD

An-Pan MAN!!! i'll bite it if it comes any closer. ^^

And we have a Pikachu with a miko-sama singing karaoke... XD cute.

Cast of Nanoha

Epic cosplay, a whole group of Sailormoons!!!! too bad im on the second floor again..

And they're back to touching up when i went down... T.T

Fairy Tails~

This year there's alot of BRS cosplayers too.. but i've only managed to catch one in or rather, out of action. ha.

They're from Hitman Reborn i presume...

For BD77, a rushing Yoko spotted! im really playing hide and seek with the cosplayers...

Saber Lily exchanging some battle techniques with the rest of the Touhou Gals?

i like swords.

Hatsune Miku~

The girl looks like she's cosplaying one of the PVC figures.. or has she fainted? XD im evil...


That saves alot on cosmetics... ^^

Trinity Blood

Nice Reborns' cosplay! and no, there's NOT tako. LOLX. she'll kill me.

Alrights! with this i can finally conclude the AFAX coverage of 2010! So, wad do you think of this year's cosplayers? are they better? My final thoughts on AFAX - well, i find that the general communities of anime and jap culture have reallly gotten better! but unfortunately i feel that there's greedy businessmen lurking ard... lets hope and pray that it wouldn't get any worse next AFA! Hope you enjoyed the coverage of AFAX and thanks for reading..

Those who have noticed, i've created a Facebook Page for our Renntako blog! Pls 'like' it if you enjoyed our blog! i'll update the pages there too! Tako's coming back tml! yay.. cant wait! see ya guys ard! =)

(^^)"     レンです!     じゃね!


  1. those two rangers just bring back so much memories!! XD
    "Tyrannosaurus!" "Dragonzord!"
    Oh yea, gonna review my vintage megazord and dragonzord soon~~ ^_^v

  2. big applause for Sakuya cosplayer. that mask really saves a lot on the make up ^_^

    btw, interesting blog. would you mind having a link exchange with me?

    my blog is

  3. @sl619: yeah.. i miss them alot too.. i still have my Megazord toy with me.. XD cool! looking forward to it! =D

    @Multiseven: hey welcome! =) thanks for dropping by! haha.. yesh.. he appears almost every year without fail. i've seen last year too.

    sure! thanks.. i'll add you to my blogroll too! =)

    ren. ^^

  4. really nice cosplays, thx for the pics paparazzi ren!

    awesome to see that sailormoon group and should have chased down/stalk that Yoko Lol

  5. @rockleelotus: you're very welcomed rocklee! XD hahaha.. i suspects its the same yoko from last year.. if you still remb.. XD

    ren ^^

  6. nice photos up there and thx for sharing ^^ there were so many people at the venue that i had difficulty walking around, let alone taking nice photo

  7. @Blacksun88: hey..! long time no see.. XD sure, no prob! glad you liked it. yeah. its really felt too crowded for me too. =)

    ren ^^

  8. btw, I wasn't in a pirate suit. I was cosplaying Seth Nightlord from Trinity Blood, manga version. ^^; Thanks for taking pics of me in costume.

  9. @cleyra: O.O 申し訳ございません!!! orz Sorry! pls forgive my limited knowledge of animes and characters!!! so sorry! i see.. okays, i'll go make the proper corrections.. sure no prob, its very nicely done with fine details!

    ren. ToT

  10. No worries :3 Thanks for the compliment ^^
    I can see why you mistook it as a pirate suit though lol