Sunday, November 1, 2009

レンのドラマ! ren's dorama! ^^

i've always been watching japanese dramas whenever its showing on my TV. Japanese dramas (aka ドラマ dorama) have always caught my attention ever since... ひとつ屋根の下 Under One Roof this series. have you watched it before? ^^. So from then on, i started watching any dorama and my fondness of japan grew and grew.

Recently, my TV started re-broadcasting 薔薇のない花屋 (Bara no nai Hanaya, Flower shop without Roses) i've actually watched this series on its debut telecast before i started this blog. I loved this dorama alot. So, this 2nd telecast continued to suck me to my tv.. XD and i jus wanna share some dorama with you guys and gals~ i greatly recommend this series to anyone who loves plot-twisting, sad, romantic and of cos in almost every dorama, some humour in your shows.

Japanese dorama usually takes a year to be released in DVDs.. i love this dorama so much that i did in fact bought its DVD.

The main cast in the series.. i think i've watched  enuff doramas to judge a series whether good or bad thru its casting.. XD It always those famous faces that you'll see.. Shingo, Yuko and Shouta are jus some..

Something i liked abt doramas, they ALWAYS have character maps (as above) to explain each character's relation to one another.. and some juicy bits to get you hooked. XD

The story begins with a young Eiji, (portraited by Shingo) rushing to the hospital as the girlfriend was giving birth.. Upon arriving to her ward, he found out that she has passed away after giving birth to a little gal, Shizuku. Grief-stricken Eiji, den young.. had nothing, but single-handedly brought the little gal up through various part-time jobs. Together, they built an unbreakable father-daughter relationship.. and finally, he managed to save up and open a flower shop becos the girlfriend loved flowers..

The plot starts when a blind lady (portraited by Yuko), took shelter by the shop and met Eiji.. She's actually sent by the girlfriend's dad to take revenge on Eiji, for causing his daughter's early death. if you find this STARTING interesting, i'll leave the rest to you guys to watch.. heh..

Why do i like dorama so much?

Simply becos,
-It's short; Average 11 episodes per title. it's good when you dun have time to watch dramas.
-Every episode is very interesting, story moves fast. Too fast to predict wad's gonna happen which makes it very anticipating - according to Tako.
-Wonderfully directed, scenes selection and the way its presented.. with full soundtrack to it!! most of the time, its composed by famous japanese composers.
-The amount of effort put in by the japanese during the making of doramas never fails to impress me.
-and finally of cos, it's in japanese. XD

yups.. so this is the ren's dorama post.. i'll post more when i have the time.. there's so many doramas to cover! ^^. Do you get your dosage of dorama too? why do you like/dislike them? which are the ones you've watched? feel free to share with us!! =D

thanks for reading this boring post.. (z.z) getting late alr..

おやすみ。 =)
(^^)"   レンです!  じゃね!


  1. long time not watching Japanese drama I prefer korean ^__^ would try this one !

  2. i havent watch any in a looonnng time! i like japanese dramas, one of my fav is "Summer Snow" love Ryoko Hirosue :3

    good post! i want to want some again, would be easier if i can understand Japanese lol

  3. Under one roof? Not the Singapore one?

  4. Hmm my fave japanese drama has got to be GTO! Great teacher Onizuka! Awesome cast and I can't just enough of the song poison!

  5. JAPANESE DRAMA FAN HERE! tako \('O')/

    @ moemoekyun: yay, do try watching this. i love the little girl, Shizuku. Sensible and adorable.

    @ rockleelotus: Summer snow, oooh it's good eh. okie. next on target list.

    @ Marzz: Under one Roof - not the singapore one. it's a japanese drama series. talking about a family with the eldest brother taking on the head of family role. talks abt the bond between the siblings. Starring famous people like Eguchi Yosuke, Fukuyama Masaharu, and Sakai Noriko.

    @ Chubbybots: i like GTO too. how i wish i have a teacher like him!

    my very first jdrama is Heaven's Coin. Got me crying almost every episode. (psst, i dun really cry whilst watching drama. for a plot to touch me, it takes a lot! but godzilla makes me cry. lol)

    from then on, have been a follower of japanese drama. Of course, bara no nai hanaya, is my favourite. but Ren loves it LOTS more than me. I like Arifureta Kiseki. Now, Money Crazy starring Ken'ichi Matsuyama!

    Okie, long comment post. APOLOGIES! it just got me too excited. hah.