Sunday, November 22, 2009

AFA 第二日!!〜 AFA second day!!~

Well well.. Ren's back at AFA 2009.. Looking out for anything special.
^^. I guess the only thing I found interesting till now is seeing
Mirai-chan and Danny choo together!! wooo.. I think its a
'commissioned' cosplay cos she has all the official stuffs, logo etc..
They're now signing autographs for fans.. Haha. I jus took a few
photos. Hope to see more things interesting.. =)
Ren ^^


  1. ohhh thats Alodia, she looks great as Mirai :3

  2. @rockleelotus: ohhhh!! i see.. man, i couldn't recognise her at all. i've seen her many times throughout AFA without knowing she's the same person! lolx! she changed so many costumes! and for the mirai-cosplay.. it wasn't commissioned, and i think she has made it. as in making it big!! danny seemed very interested and i think we'll be seeing more of her on DC...

    @kyourin: yeps.. the real deal. she's really good. =D

    @moemoekyun: danny says hi! XD

  3. oh Ren forgot to sign off in his comment above! yes! i am not the only one. YES YES YES! *bows in apology for my randomness*

    Back to comment proper.

    Yes, i like tis cosplayer she looks good. so pretty. and it was at this time tat i almost got blinded by one of flashes going off beside me. *ouch* lolx. it's really frantic sea of flashes.

    tako ('O')9 *meows*

  4. I remember reading on figure fm about Alodia...I could barely look at her collection in her room...she is gorgeous.. (I sense a ear pulling if my GF sees this!!!)