Wednesday, November 4, 2009

HG AEU-09 AEU Enact Demonstration Color Completed

*mmmmm....* -Gojira san

yes.. ren's back with the full photos of his jus finished HG AEU Enact. This kit serves as a breather for me after MG RX-78-2's build. Spray painting and cleaning up took a chunk out of me. XD So i've chosen something simpler to build. ^^. This is my first 1/144 model kit that i handpainted the details.. taken seriously to ensure that its as accurate as possible to the anime, Gundam 00. Got this kit becos it was on sale and it's pilot, Patrick. =P and by now, ideas of recreating scenes with a diorama is in planning. stay tuned. ^^

i've handpainted the details on it.. din use any of the stickies provided, so it mite look abit rough.. but still okay overall.. to me at least.. XD and to those who have been waiting patiently.. thank you!! =D hope you like the photos.. *bling bling*

HG AEU-09 AEU Enact Demonstration Color  AEUイナクト (デモカラー)

This kit really grown on me, din think of it much at first.. but its starting to look badass. ^^
Front view.

Sexy back view. XD

i actually painted its mono eye.. blood red but its too small to see.. >.<

Side view.

I am AEU's Patrick Colasour!

貴様ァ 俺が誰だかわかってんのか?

Some of the parts which required painting..

MS mode  モビルスーツモード

Enact with its Linear Rifle & Defence Rod. Reminds you of the first few scenes? ^^

  The wings are retractable. but i still like it spread out..

Very glad at how this kit turned out.. ^^ i like these photos.

 The kit oso included an extra hand grip.. i like the vicious looking fingers.. XD

The other use of the hand grip.. to hold the rifle! no joke. XD

Copied this pose off the box.. XD

Enact with it's Plasma Sword. The anime shown the sonic blade instead. i tot of cutting it to make the sonic blade.. but found the blue hue quite nice. Light saber?
 Can i say this model kit is very photogenic?? ^^

Side view.

 Vicious grip is back! A real badass.

  The dash towards Exia..
「てめぇ! わかってねぇだろう!? 俺は、スペシャルで、2000回で、模擬戦なんだよぉ!」

Flight Position  フライトポジション

Looks good in flight position too.. =)

The suit's joints are very secured.. not too stiff not too loose.

Frontal view.

Side view.

Back view.

Underside view.

My favourite shot.

Overall, from this post.. you can see that Enact is very very very posable. i love the sleek design and lengthy arms and legs which i din realli like at first. I shld say this mobile suit is very nicely designed, appearance and model kit wise; as of other Over-flags & Enacts too. A good out of the norm.. compared to Zakus.

If you would like to see how a non-painted kit looked like.. you can find it here. i think the modeler onli assembled and put on the stickers. =)

The only thing that i would nitpick (if i ever have to..) is the waist where the legs are connected to.. dun get me wrong.. this kit is good! Its jus that legs are connected thru a ball joint.. and the legs cant spread wide apart enough. many a time, arranging the legs, the white armor at the thighs would scrape against armor above.. sometimes popping it out.

So, this is all i have for Enact.. not including the scene with Gojira-san. XD i'll be preparing for the scene after this.. and the diorama with Exia thereafter. its gonna be busy for me man.. Hope you like the photos. i sure did enjoy doing up this kit and the marvalous photos it posed for me.. =)

Any questions or comment? Free free to share with me and the rest of us reading!
Thanks for reading!! See you soon. ^^

(^^)"   レンです!  じゃね!


  1. Good to see your gunpla and photography skills getting better with each post! Love the last shot ^^.

    Some of the pictures are a bit bright so I can't really make out the details.Especially those in the flight positions. Just my 2 cents or my monitor is really screwed!

  2. he looks a lot cooler with the added paint, very nice job! your good at doing poses too but maybe its a mistake to dash towards Exia... lol

    ehhh?! on the box it shows him with the small sonic blade but the kit doesnt include one?

  3. @chubbybots: thank you thank you! =)

    yaaaaa... my bad.. i knew it. cos i couldnt move my over head fluorescent light.. its fixed and even adjusting enact ard couldnt solve the over exposure problem.. he's too shiny. XD dun worry there's nth wrong with your monitor.. haha. thanks for your 2 cents.. its worth alot! =D

    @rockleelotus: hey thanks too! =) haha.. yes. indeed a grave mistake. *chops* XD

    YES. the cover box showed a small sonic blade in the illustration.. but the kit came with a long plasma sword.. >.< i could use another kit to make a sonic blade.. lolx.


  4. maybe you can try to put a sheet of tracing paper in front of the light to soften it... i wish people would give me their 2 cents too, overtime i would be rich! *in knowledge* XD

  5. somehow I laugh If see enact or flag in flight mode !!

  6. Ren's got some skills! Very nice photos, the quality of the enact makes me curious about the overflag, I'd love to try some kitbashing with that and my BGE 00...

  7. Oh heres another 2 cents lol! (I am so making you rich lol)

    What I do if I find my pictures overexposed or too bright i'll use a photo editor to darken the pictures ^^. Before posting.

  8. Nice! Quite detailed! Give five cents, not 2 cents, chubbs! Lol!

  9. @rockleelotus: haha... ya. did tot of that.. but its a long tube light.. so i think i'll get long piece of cloth instead.. hope it helps.. thanks alot! ^^ well.. i wish i can give you 2 cents too.. haha. but im not as experienced. maybe next time! i owe you! XD

    @moemoekyun: haha.. im sorry to hear tt.. i'll change it back to MS mode den.. lolx.

    @lupes: hey lupes back! haha.. thank you thank you.. jus a simple build, nth much. =) ya.. i think the 1/100 Overflag WILL definitely suit your dark color tones.. i think its a perfect kit for you.. hell, i've even imagine your dark black metallic color scheme for it. lolx. yay. do do some kitbashing and show us!! =) i would like to see how it turns out. unfortunately i dun have enuff kits to bash. XD

    @chubbybots: haha 4 cents alr! yaa.... i did try to use window's live picture gallery to adjust it.. but couldn't fix the problem. its realli too bright! XD my bad.. thanks chubbs for your helpful advices! i need a coin pouch..

    @Marzz: hey thanks! thanks for dropping by too! haha.. i wish. rockleelotus looks like he's in need too.. hahaha. ^^

    You guys are really a wonderful bunch!! Very glad to have you all here. thanks pple! =)