Saturday, November 21, 2009

朝9:45午前、AFAで 9.45am at AFA!!

Yups.. Ren is at AFA.. Anime Festival Asia 2009 held in Singapore!
Queuing up for his loots.. XD this is my first time waking up so early
for anime related stuffs.. Will report more lata I hope. Was talking
to some of the pple in front.. Some came as early as 6.30am!! When it
opens at 10am.. Heh.


  1. I am waiting for your review ^__^ good luck

  2. Please help me take some PG 00 pics!! XDDD And have fun!! :V Already so crowded, gosh!

  3. Oh God... So many choices... So little $$$$ to spend (after currency conversion + tax)... Too bad I'm working on Saturdays. T_T

    Have fun and as always... WE WANT PHOTOS~! Gunplas, Revoltechs, Figmas, Nendroids and the lot (if they show Figutto, even better).
    That's the next best thing for us lots who couldn't be there. T____T

  4. I want a phot of May'n & Uchiro mizuki pls!!! thanks ^|||^

  5. charge ren charge!! haha its so crowded. remember to take anything and everything you see, ummm take pictures i mean :P have fun hope you get some nice loots ^^

  6. @moemoekyun: yeah.. i know. haha very stressed!! thanks!

    @Evangelisque: sure! i will.. actually i oso took photos of it when i was in Tokyo's Plamo.. but yet to post it.. heh. im lagging very badly on tokyo's post.. XP maybe i'll post it up to let you see too! =) thanks!

    @bd77: lolx.. ya.. there's so many things to buyy!!! temptation city. xD yes bd77.. you will get more photos.. haha. awww. everything... to help you guys feel a little better.. =D

    @jowy: hey there..! sure.. i'll do wad i can. i hope i can see her.. lolx. cos i din buy the concert tix.. and she's gonna be too far for my lousy cam. XD

    @rockleelotus: lolx! CHARGEEEE~ its super crowded man. honestly, if i was myself. i would not stay at such a place for long. cos i dun really like crowds. esp rowdy crowds.. yups. but AFA is reaching my limit. heh. HAHAHA. i wish i could take everything too. in reality, they are alll BIG money in the industries! goodness. thanks too! =) will show my loots soon. =D

    i wanna thanks everyone here for catching my liveblogs.. =) thank you pple! you pple rawks.