Saturday, November 28, 2009

Anime Festival Asia 2009 Day Two Part 1 - Danny Choo X Mirai ^^

We're now in Day Two of AFA!! finally.. XD still have so many photos to post.. omg. today's focus will be on Danny Choo and Mirai's cosplay by Alodia. The rest of the stuffs are more or less the same. so.. im not going thru it again. haha.. some of the photos are blurred.. becos there's too many pple crowding ard.. so i could only point, shoot and go.. blurring some of the photos in the process... gomennasai! okays.. On to the photos now! =)

Danny Choo x Mirai

Mirai first arrived at Danny's booth..

Taking some photos while waiting for danny i guess.. XD

Finally got my chance to shoot her. bang.

wider short. ^^

Whilst Danny's not ard.. we decided not to stay any longer and run ard the event looking interesting stuffs.. haha. sure enough. we caught a giant cosplayer. lolx! how i wish there was a wind tunnel.

he looked like a kite.. XD nice cosplay tho.

After this.. we met Aniki, Ichiro Mizuki... he's the legend! other than being anime theme song singer, some of his songs includes Mazinger Z and Kamen Rider, he also represent japan as anime song ambassador. well, he was moving ard.. and taking photos with his fans... he's very friendly and very animated for his age.. great personality! =DD

no im not one of them.. stop guessing. XD

Okays! Danny came.. and crowds started gathering again... its our que to take photos! Danny and Mirai is having an autograph session for those interested.. well, i had my Otacool book signed the day before by danny.. so i wasn't keen to get mirai sign it as well.. ^^

Some had their books signed.. others had their t-shirts signed..

Mirai and her sister! yes.. they're also real sisters in reality. Alodia & Ashley. =)

danny.. i see you tooo... lolx. ^^

lolx. this gives a clue on who i am if danny's photos ever publishes. XD

Danny giving a debriefing after the session.. it seems like the sisters are going to get their tix to JAPAN soon. definitely more collaboration between these two.. man.. life is unfair.

Last photo.. Danny's Family!!! =)

Yups.. there you have it.. Danny's family in 3D and his daughters from 2D.. XD after speaking to his wife.. i mus say Danny really has an amazing wife.. =) a wife that follows him ard.. and takes photos quietly at a corner, giving him water while he's busy etc.. Tako is very touched by her.. ^^ and i also appreciate her role in danny's life.. if you understood wad i mean. given danny's popularity. yups. Salute!

Alrites.. tt's all for today's post.. dun mind the photos.. tml will be 00 Raiser Gundam Cosplay!! many many photos... i hope i can manage. thanks for reading again! see ya guys ard.. =)

(^^)"     レンです!   じゃね!


  1. Man those where awesome pics ^^ No doubt Alodia looks good as Mirai. Its good to have a wife that supports your passion like Danny. I think he is really fortunate!

  2. still don't know danny's wife ??? >_<

  3. is she the one in last picture ?? ^_^ didn't mention before sorry ^^;

  4. yeah danny's wife is the one who take danny picture on his room and camera in the street when start (sorry for multiple comment)

  5. you shot Mirai a lot, so Danny shot you back lolol nice too see his family XD actually this is the firs time i seeing Danny's wife, i think she is amazing being so supportive... they will prolly have a lot more 2D daughters together in the future :P

  6. @chubbybots: thanks!! ^^ haha.. so far she's the best.. i cant wait for a japanese to cosplay her!! =) yups.. that's wad i tot too.. a supportive wife.. danny is very very fortunate!! =D

    @moemoekyun: *points at the last photo* she's in there.. lolx! you hafta guess which one.. XD yups.. she seldom appears in danny's photos.. which is wad i admired the most... back to point one. ^^

    @rockleelotus: haha.. im hit! man down man down! lolx. ya.. hopefully i dun appear too much on his photos. yups. AFA was the first time i ever saw his wife too! amazing woman.. like wad you've said. lolx.. 2D family! XD


  7. danny's wife is wonderful. Not easy to be the woman behind a popular man.

    mirai/alodia is pretty.

    sums all up! hahaha.

    tako ('O')9