Thursday, November 26, 2009

昼休みの分捕り品… 最初リボルテックヤマグチ!! =D エヴァンゲリヲン初号機 GET!! Lunchtime Loot!! First Revoltech GET !!! =D

muahahahhahaha.. yesterday, ren and tako went to watch Evangelion 2.0 You Can [Not] Advance. the movie was sensational. Tho its very dark at times, its a mus watch for all Evangelion fans!! =D the graphics are all new.. unlike Evangelion 1.0 where they cut scenes from the anime and combine them together. 2.0 has more 3D effects and whole new designs of EVAs and Angels.. its superb. the storyline is much compressed but not discounted, very suitable for a movie's length. and new forms of EVAs are all introduced.. the fight scenes are BREATHTAKING. accompanied by very nice soundtrack. ^^

not to mention.. we were both 'bitten' by EVA and got heavily poisoned. lolx. the first thing we said to each other after the show was.. Revoltech. XD True enough.. during our lunchtime today.. we rushed to get our first Revoltech EVA Test Type-01 New Movie Edition!! woooo!!
=DD im very excited becos at Revoltech's website.. its stated at this figure has stopped production alr. so its kinda limited now.. glad to be able to own one.. =D

Revoltech Yamaguchi No. 067 EVA Test Type-01 New Movie Edition

Box Front

Box Back

Box Banner

heh.. this little darling is not opened yet.. i jus took a few photos of it first.. to introduce him to you pple. ^^ will let Tako open it cos she bought it and im jus a caretaker... XD maybe more photos will be up soon after its opened.. =) muhahahaha.. man. are we gonna start on Revoltech poisoning too??? maybe not.. me and tako is low on doughh... lolx!!!

(^^)"     レンです!   じゃね!


  1. nice! cant wait for tako to open it ^_^ im tempted to get some eva units too. i had a lot years ago(i had eva-00,01,02,03, and a sachiel and eva-mass produc ver model kit)but lost them along with all my old gunpla the last time i moved T_T i only have an old glow-in-the-dark version of eva-01 lol

  2. nice ^_^
    only own 3 eva
    2 mini-revoltech and one old bandai"crappy" eva-00
    do you got the revoborg campaign ???

  3. time to build revo-rama
    (the second one)

  4. @rockleelotus: heh.. its opened alr!! ^^ poison poison... hahaha. woah.. you have alot.. i would like to have 00 01 02 too.. the original EVAs.. so sad that you lost them.. =( now, GO GET SOME!! ha. and you can have another team for your short skit series.. =D

    @moemoekyun: ahhh i see.. i've seen the mini revoltechs too.. cool.. i definitely like to get a model kit of the new EVA-01.. yups.. we got the revoborg.. but the joints kinda sucked. cant stand at all! =( ohh.. haha. yes.. i've seen those revo-rama long before alr.. =P some ideas coming... =D


  5. Revoltechs, they are good for fun and 4koma purposes :D

    BTW, they're going launch a FULLY transformable Macross VF-1 (yes, all three modes) next year.

  6. @ Bd77 FULLY transformable Macross VF-1 now that is poison indeed.

    @ Ren I am still deeply poisoned my Nendo fever hehe...but as for revoltechs I'll just prefer sticking to gunpla!!! Can't afford to collect too many different types of toys... I have my ugly dolls, gundam and nendos...

  7. @bd77: yups.. they're very suitable for your 4komas. lolx. ooo macross.. would i be killed if i say i've nv seen an episode of macross? XD but thanks for the info anyway! ^^

    @chubbybots: lolx... yes i can see.. you have the SAME amt of nendoroids as me jus A DAY AGO. now you have THREEEE?????????????????? THREEE?!?!?!??! lolx.. yes.. dun fall into a darker side.. XDDDD you fell into a dark nendoroid side alr.. fall no further.. lolx!


  8. @chubbybots: looks like I'll be poisoning from the Revoltech side while Rocklee from the Nendos.

    @ren: don't I won't kill you, but maybe Mr. Fokker (Skull Leader) there will.

    must... resist... nendos... *cast Will & Iron Wall*

  9. Stopped production???!!! Damn! I better get mine asap! Where did you get it from?

  10. @bd77: lolx.. nooooo.

    @Marzz: yups. you can see it at their website. i tot you got urs alr? you asked me the last time rite? i got it at china square. =)