Monday, November 23, 2009

Anime Festival Asia 2009 Day One Part 1: Danny Choo & Tokyo Figure Show Singapore =)

Hey pple.. ren's back to post his report on AFA 2009 held in Singapore! ^^ well.. there's so many things in my mind i wanna say before i start.. firstly, i din expect pple to pay attention to my live blogs! Initially, i tot of it as jus a normal post.. jus touch and go, saying i've been to AFA.. blah blah blah.. but den when i checked my inbox, it starts to fill with comments, and there's requests to be fulfilled too!! XD quite surprise to see so many comments after i posted. so.. not wanting to let my dear readers down.. i decided to cover this event as much as possible. =) secondly.. i would like to thank those pple that's been following my live blogs.. without you.. i have no motivation to take those photos. lolx. =D

Alrites.. i'll split my coverage into different days & parts.

Day One:
Part 1 - Danny Choo & Tokyo Figure Show Singapore
Part 2 - Bandai: Dreams & Creations
Part 3 - AFA Regional Cosplay Championship '09
Part 4 - Cosplayers in AFA

Day Two:
Part 1 - Danny Choo X Mirai
Part 2 - 00 Raiser Gundam
Part 3 - Stores in AFA

Most of it is in chronological order, how i whisked in and out of crowds. you'll see the reports as i go part by part.. and some interesting misc stuffs in between as the day passed. =) okays! let's cut to the chase.. letting the photos do the talking. ^^

Me arrived at Suntec City at 8am hoping that the queue isn't too long.. came this early to queue for my loot cos its limited. XD

well, no less than 100 people here.. some groups gathered ard the entrance alr. ^^

A number of them din buy the 2 days-pass like me.. so they had to queue up at the tix booth for Day 1's tickets.. i wondered wad time they started queuing.

Ard 8.30am.. some of the competitors for the Regional Cosplay Championship starts arriving. i managed to queue right at the front being the first few. XD a few of us in front had our tix collected even before the event started. so we could rush in! lolx. leaving those behind... i mite appear in some local newspaper.. omg.

More and more pple.. managed to talk to a few of the pple ard me.. made frens too =) one even started queuing at 6.45am!! kudos.

Exactly at 9am, everybody started standing up ALTOGETHER. its like an orchestrated  subconscious act.. everybody! i had to stand too as not tripped over. = =. Oh.. and danny choo arrived too.. in his storm trooper suit. can you spot him?

There he is..!

9.45am.. im going in sooooonnn...!!

Danny Choo

Muahaha. i'm in alr.. bought my loots (more on that in another post) and started stalking danny.. i apologize for the lack of photo for the starting of AFA.. cos i din noe i was going cover this event until i saw my inbox. =P DC's helmet! he's actually beside me as i snapped up photos.. =)

Danny is the White Ranger. XD i like how he had fun with the crowd..

Some posing for the camera~

DC being interviewed by Animax

Tokyo Figure Show Singapore!!

Otacool.. i bought one of these too!

Alrites.. i'll start with some Nendoroid love... ^^

Nendoroid Collections

These nendoroids are too cute....

I dun think you'll ever get enough of them...

Saber Lion!! lurves. lolx.. i really wan one... man.. i see so many of them alr out of stock.

hey Yako!

Nendoroid Vocaloids!

Some petite nendoroid collections.. =) so many to name!!!

the Death Note collections.. Tako likes ryuku.. ^^

Figma Collections...

Figma Vocaloid!

More figmas!!

=D i told tako that if i were to ever buy her, its purely out of poisoning by you readers. XD

Haruhi cast!! (thanks to rockleelotus for the correction ^^)

Lelouch!! abit blur tho.. =( din know he's made into a figma too..


Shana!! あのパンツは…ちょっと... XD

  She reminds me of Cardcaptor Sakura.. but i cannot remb wad anime are they starred in.. hmmm.. >.>

haaha. i see the diaperman!! ^^

Real Figures... O.O they really lookedd stunning.. every piece is an art.

Vocaloids Figure!! =DD very nice.

I only know Saber Lily and Morrigan here.. ^^

Really really like this piece out of the PVC lot.. a perfect combination of woman and warrior. and the sheath is actually being 'thrown' in mid air as she unshealths. ^^

  More figures! they know me, but i dun know them.. XD

Figma Mirai

Mirai-chan かわいいね~

Mirai with her bike! its scratch built by a reader of DC!! ^^

The Centerpieces.

This stunning piece of art is Hatsune Miku.

Black Rock Shooter.

Close up. the lighting is a little bit bright. i tried decreasing the exposure tho..

Side view. She looks even better at the show.. man. Very nice.
wish i could bring her home man. lolx. XD

Alrites.. after going thru Tokyo Figure Show.. i start loitering ard to catch anything interesting.. i found DC.. and lolx. sure enough.. he's toking to the cosplayer of 00 Raiser while he's preparing for the competition! i took a few shots... ^^

The guy in black is THE cosplayer Clive!! thanks to Evangelisque for the info! =D
Look at the parts!!! OMG.

Sorry its a little blurred. but you can see that the Raiser parts has LEDs at the GN drives! uber cool.

Raiser and 00's head!!

Alrites.. i'll end this part 1 with a close up of 00 Gundam's head!! jus look at the details!!

Yups.. had a blast.. as you can see from my photos.. ^^. this is jus part 1 of day one.. haha. man i have so many photos waiting to be processed.. big inertia ahead. especially when my comp jus got cured of its viruses. ask google sensei for 'security tools -rogue virus-'. As i sort out my remaining photos.. i hope you pple enjoyed this post.. and wanna apologise if you dun see your fav figma/nendoroids/figures etc.. there's really too many things to be taken.. and i can't shoot them each individually.. hope you understand.. ごめんなさい! *bows*

i hope to post a new part once a day.. maybe 2 times a day if im free.. which i doubted. >.> judging from the amt of photos. pls wait patiently k! XD お楽しみに!  

okays.. getting late now.. i need to slp.. and prepare my homework for JLPT too.. hectic hectic... but its all for my ultimate dream of living in Japan. =DD PLAY HARDD WORK HARDDDD.. Thank you guys for reading again! see ya ard! =)

(^^)"    レンです!  じゃね!


  1. wow great photos of the cosplayer...look at the parts of his gundam 00!! So accurately created! I had to work so too bad I could only come down close to 3pm...would have been cool to be able to head there earlier!

    Keep the photos coming dude :D Looking forward to them ^^

  2. By the way I took so much photos I had to split into 3 different post! And thats only base on just day 1 lol! So much editing...its intenese ^^
    So what hoots did you get for your limited loot hehe.

  3. Aiiieeyaaiieeyaaiiieee~! Nendroids~! There's sooo many of them~! Saber Lion looks so... Awww... (don't you just want to bring her home?)

    Thanks for the amazing job (that includes chubbybots, also). It gives us who could be there to drool and drool and drool over the pictures. XD

  4. @ chubbybots: You reached there at 3pm?? me too! so i missed the cosplay too, but have high expectations for Gundam and yups, He won!!
    woot hoot.

    will be looking forward to your photos! editing is tough work, jiayou!

    @ bd77: Yes, i wanted to break the glass, snatch and go. hahha.i was really there scratching the glass. but had to go as there are so many pple are trying to capture shots of the totally adorable nendos.

  5. wanna broke the glass and steal those awesome figures >_<

  6. look at all that people! i never did enjoy waiting in lines lol hmmm did they sell nendos and figmas there? for the pic with "K-On cast" its actually Haruhi cast! :P

    now this gundam cosplay is amazing... unlike the one in chubbybots post LOL really enjoy seeing your coverage and experience, looking forward to the next ^_^

  7. @moemoekyun: break those glasses!!!

    @rockleelotus: me too, i dun squishy crowds too, but for the sake of AFA09, all the way man.
    yups, nendos and figmas are on sale over there. some are a little more price-y.

    as for the gundam cosplay, it's amazing. have been following this gentleman's cosplay since 2008. i saw TAT gundam cosplay in chubbybot's post, he was standing behind me whilst i was charging ard, i salute to his courage! LOL
    gundam cubecraft cosplay

    tako ('O')9

  8. Lol this should be DA cosplay that we are looking for that one in my post lol....just for a nice quick laugh :D