Thursday, November 19, 2009

最小ガンプラを色取った!!! Painted my smallest gunpla!!! ^^

yupsyups.. this is the next update to chibikero's tiny gunpla!! previously, i din had the time to finish it.. cos i was rushing it out for tako to play.. lolx. so.. finally got the time to sit down and paint.. while its thunderstorms outside.. cosy nite to slp paint the kit. =) so i guess.. finally the keropla kit is completed! yay..

i managed to finished the tiny Zaku-II and the RX-78-2 runner after buying some paint from the local hobby shop.. din have green paint back den.. heh. okays.. for RX-78-2 i used the leftover spray cans from my MG RX-78-2 build. NO, its impossible to use spray can on it. XD i de-canned the paint on my metal paint trays. its surprisely very well controlled. no stray paint going ard... here's the results...

Zaku-II is quite easy to paint with jus 3 main color and but the dark green is hard to reproduce... >.>

Back view

This is the tiny kit im gonna paint.. unfortunately it doesn't come with weapons. XD

 After some paints.....

i painted it!! awww.. the paint looks bad here.. well i tried my best.. =)
im happy with the result..

Back view.. din really clean it up properly eh.. hmmmm.

This is my last finger with some paint on it. X) jus compare it with my finger! its sooooo small!! i would say its 1/600 scale. that means.. you quarter your 1/144 scale model kit and its still slightly smaller. roarr...

Alrites! this is a short post on chibikero's gunpla.. i hope all gunpla comes like this.. fully painted in the runner. XD this is the closest i can get to doing a gunpla kit that's not gunpla related.. lolx. don't know whether that makes sense or not. 8) anyway.. thanks for reading again! going back to prepare my room for reno.. see ya ard!

(^^)"   レンです!  じゃね!


  1. Wow! You actually painted them! You really have patience to be able to paint such small figures dun you? Lol

  2. Amazing, the chibiZaku turned out great!! And the colours on the chibi runner are awesome - pwn Bandai's already. xDDD They'll just give you stickers to cover up the parts that should be painted rofl and ask you to paint the rest yourself.

    This makes me think of modelers who paint their pilot figurines. Ever think about painting them too? XD

  3. I wonder if you can really assemble that little RX-78. ^^

  4. so small... it is amazing that u can paint it!! such patience and skill. salute!!

  5. I forgot to paint mine >_<
    make me want to buy this for more
    just buy this

  6. ups wrong link

  7. @Marzz: yeps.. i had tots of it alr.. its simply a crime not to.. lolx. no pressure out there pple.. jus that i like to color my stuffs.. =) heh.. all it takes is jus abit of patience!

    @Evangelisque: hah thank you thank you! =D ya lor.. bandai solves everything with stickies! bandai->baddai. XD

    abt the pilots.. i did think of painting them.. jus that their colors are too 'uncommon', some mixings are required but i'm looking forward to try painting them when i have enough paints.. heh. i find it harder den this.. ^^ kudos to them..

    @chris: YES!!! the amazing part is YOU CAN ASSEMBLE THEM!!!! that's why say its a 1/600 scale kit! the manuals are included tooo!!! you can read the previous chibikero post.. =)


  8. @Blacksun88: there! thanks for dropping by.. thanks! nah.. doesn't require much skills.. im sure you can do it too.. jus some patience. =D

    @moemoekyun: haha.. dig them up again to paint! yes.. i've seen them before.. but they're not as small as this.. this is 1/600 to my estimation..! lolx.. although its not as detailed as the 1/288 kits.. i still like my RX-78-2!! haha. =)


  9. wow its so tiny! i cant believe you painted it so good, it looks much better now lol

    okay now you gotta to mod to add articulation on the zaku! :D

  10. Lol amazing work for such a small kit! Hats off to you dude :D Steady hands and a sharp eye for details I must say! Love the Zaku ^^

    @ rockleelotus Articulation mods on such a small kit lol. That would be so awesome! but wonder what can fit into them small!

  11. Small kit is small. Good job on the paint, I even had trouble trying to paint my 1/144...

  12. omg! i actually forgot to replay you guys on these!! m(_ _)m sumimasen..

    @rockleelotus: thanks!! yups.. my eyes were crossed for the next few hours.. XD haha.. mod the zaku?! i'll consider.. HAHAH..

    @chubbybots: arigatou!!! mada mada desu! =D heh.. i still find that i din get the exact color for zaku.. >.< and this makes we wanna get MG Zaku 2.0.. haha.

    @bd77: lolx. small kit is small. (?.?) haha. thank you! i think jus abit more patience will get the job done! =) ganbatte ne!

    thank you guys so much for your encouragements! means alot to me.. ^^