Saturday, November 21, 2009

Black Rock Shooter cosplayer.. >.>

Haha.. No I'm not saying that she's bad. XD it's becos.. Ren is
resting happily at a corner after taking alot of photos for YOU GUYS..
^^ THEN she pops up.. And everybody jus swarms ard and starts taking
photos. Of cos, being surrounded, I mite jus well join them and took
her photo.
Legs are getting tired alr.. Oh. And the cosplay competition is
starting soon..hafta stand.. T.T but I caught a glimpse of Kaname, the
famous jap cosplayer, who protrays Cloud of FF7 the best. Jus ask
google sensei! =)


  1. I see it... The Bandai booth!

  2. lol XD thank you both toughing it out for us! so much stuff going on, wish i could be there also even with tired legs :P

  3. Nice BRS!! but i prefer the one i one i pic in last anime convention BRS w/ gatling gun.

  4. she need longer sword !!

  5. @bd77: LOLX! yes.. i shld have liveblogged abt bandai... =P

    @rockleelotus: dun mention it.. =D im still recovering. XD im reminded of tokyo where i was walking and standing the WHOLE day cos there isn't any seats ard in public. i've trained up since then.. heh.

    @kyourin: hey welcome! =) thanks for visiting! yeah.. she's put in effort as BRS.. =D

    @jowy: hahaha.. ya.. er well, i took her pic becos of the reason as mentioned above.. XD yups.. there's another one with gatling gun. i'll cover it on my cosplay post. =)

    @moemoekyun: doesn't she? i guess too.. =)