Monday, November 9, 2009

Under the Influence

Have any of you experienced studying/working under the influence of medicine?

Eyes will be puffy, weak voice, pale face and will feel as if “am walking on air” (coined after my favourite dunk move by Michael Jordon). For ladies, one additional whoah factor is, make-up may not help. What's more, when poor me have developed an allergic reaction to the medication that i am taking?? I look like a polka-dot-ed TAKO! and it's on my arms, so it's really tentacles-look-alike. yucks.

I have been sick all these while from a bad case of flu to sinusitis. My face, has been free from chemicals as I went almost everywhere without make-up. I have forsaken the use of pencil and brushes to conjure a "make-up", so i do look different, i think.. hopefully not haggard.haha.
(The heap of medicine that i have taken is like a little mountain, i have tablets in white, blue, orange, brown, dark pink, capsules, etc and even chinese medicine.)

Ren is really naggy and makes sure i take all my medicine. And Yako-chan is helping me with it. shhh.. don't tell Ren, that Yako helped me with this one capsule very willingly. 

As I know Ren & Tako’s blog is mainly read by guys.. so why am i destroying the blog with this post? hmm, i may regret and decide to delete this post; let it vanish from the surface of earth.

Hmm, so with make-up or without, i guess it's skin-deep. have to look beyond, it's the person living inside. and also it's a personal preference.

Errr, it's something like painting of models. Compare a Gundam Model not painted, and after painting. BE it painted or not painted, IT'S the MODEL that counts.
(*Inner voice : OH no! am i crapping too much??)

Tako is posting under the influence of medicine now. LOL. Thanks for bearing with me.

Tako (*O*)9

psst : So, should i paint my RX-78-2 Ver.30th? guess it will be hand-painted, as i am poor at spray painting.


  1. *gasp* the secret of your tentacles is revealed! lol ...Yako-chan is even happy to eats medicine? XD well Tako-chwan, i like girls without too much make-up but yep, beauty is in the eye of the beholder! if someone says otherwise then tentacle whip them!! lol oh and this is Ren & Tako's blog so i come here for Ren & TAKO news :P

    when you ask to paint your RX-78-2 Ver.30th are we still talking about the make-up thing? or real Gunpla? LOL ^^;; ...if gunpla then i would say yes, experiment and have fun with it ^^ hope you feel better soon and not have to take all those rainbow pills!

  2. Thank you! rockleelotus. At least, i need not delete this post now! yay!!

    haha, yes beauty lies in the eyes of beholder. like how all the different gunpla models just have their unqiue set of followers. haha.

    and yups, am asking abt real Gunpla, about my very own RX-78-2 Ver.30th. hehe, i shall proceed to "steal" paint and start painting after my allery spots go off from my "tentacles".

    Maybe i post my gunpla pics after i finished painting. keke. woot hoot!

    Tako \('O')/

  3. My girlfriend also don't wear make up ^^. Love her all natural haha :D Looks can only last so long its what is inside that counts ^^. Ren makes quite a good hubby material lol. (Ren I am promoting you way too much lol)

    I had one bad case of allegry and rashes started appearing all over...VERY VERY itchy...couldn't even work on anything...

    Definitely will encourage you to paint your gunpla. Handpainting is a good starting point. Get well soon and looking forward to your first painted kit! (wished my gf is into gunpla too sobzz...)

  4. hope you feel good soon tako !!

  5. @chubbybots: Hahaha, did Ren secretly bribe you with anything?? Yes, he's good hubby material.
    Hey you too! For guys who looks beyond the "face" to love the one inside, it's totally a BIG BONUS.

    I feel for u man, on the case of allergy, super itchy and just feel like pulling skin off.

    As for painting, yes, i have decided on it! Hand-Paint it shall be.

    psst: brainwash ur gf on how wonderful Gunpla is?? maybe start with showing her the anime?? haha. (I started collecting models before i know Ren, and he was shocked when he knew abt it. hahaha.)

    Another reason, i guess, sometimes Gunpla gets so technical that gals may not like it? i dunno. i am a enthusiast but doesn't like it becoming too technical. i guess it's different from all of you. You all are the Professionals. *Salutes*
    I have much to learn!

    \('O')/ Tako

  6. @moemoekyun : Thank you for the well wishes. I will be good, take all medicine and stop scratching myself.. *ties my hands*