Thursday, November 26, 2009

EVA Test Type-01 terrorizing china square!!

XDDD we jus opened EVA 01.. And it's unleashed on the public.. 5 mins
before the batteries run out!! Lolx. Very surprised how sturdy
revoltech joint is! Okays.. Short post.. having some fun with EVA 01..
will post more next time.. ^^


  1. you got 5 minutes to go home ^^;
    you need bigger building so it's looks real
    I though someone cosplaying eva ^_^

  2. hahah.. its jus a random photo we took with my photo.. the daylight makes every other thing too dark.. so i couldn't make the buildings looked too big.. heh. sorry abt that! =D im rushing home after unleashing it!! lolx...


  3. Lol beast mode on! Amazing pic dude. I thought it was a cosplayer too....

    do you plan to get the other units too? They will make an awesome collection ^^

  4. you tricked me also.. i thought was cosplayer too XD

    idea! Eva vs Gojira!!!!!!!!! :P

  5. lolx.. sorry pple that my title misled you.. wasn't my intention this time unlike PG EXIA.. XD i promise!!

    @chubbybots: yeah! love awakened EVAs.. pure pawnage!! its super cool. i cant even start describing the scenes... ya.. i do feel like getting EVA-02 but dunno where to find... T.T do you noe where to get it?

    @rockleelotus: haha.. sorry dude. WAHH epic battle.. i have a feeling gojira's gonna win.. lolx.. gojira has a tremendous backing. (tako) HYAAHAHHA. XD


  6. I remember seeing Toys N Toys selling Eva 2...maybe I mistook lol. ^^

  7. you're right.. they used tooo... but its all sold outttttttt!!! T.T

    ren =(

  8. muahahahha.. yes.. i tot you bought urs alr?


  9. oooooh, i love this pic. i was actually trembling from all my laughing. no, i am not cosplayer inside. (>.<") am sort of the support base for Eva.

    indeed we did mention abt the building not being big enuff. maybe EVA-01 shld head down to Raffles Place instead when time allows.

    @ Marzz : highly recommended! goooooooo for it!

    tako ('O')9