Sunday, November 22, 2009

AFA 2009: Year of 00 Raiser!!!

That's right. This cosplayer (forgot his name) is preparing to cosplay
00 Raiser right now.. He jus won the regional cosplay competiton in
AFA 2009 ytd. The Grand Champion!! Some history of him is that he will
turn up at every anime/cosplay related event cosplay a gundam. It's
different every year!! I'm very impressed. =D I'll stay awhile more
to take photos of him. ^^


  1. his name is Setsuna F. Seiei! lol actually i forgot his name also ^^;;

  2. Ah, it's Clive! So happy to hear that he and his teammate won the cosplay competition. XDD His 00 Raiser cosplay is amazing <3333

  3. He's really going wear that?! O_O

    One word: Dedication.

  4. He deserves the win! He put in so much effort to make the costume. If he does a trans am version next time it will be so cool! :)

  5. WOW! A 00 cosplay! I saw a mecha cosplay at last year as well, but not gundam, it is actually Vincent from code geass ^^

  6. is he the one that cosplay as strike freedom during stgcc 09?

  7. @rockleelotus: haha.. according to Evangelisque, (thanks!) he's Clive!! he's a damn good gundam cosplayer. ^^

    @Evangelisque: yups! thanks for the info!! haha. its with his girlfriend i think. a pair of tix to Tokyo, Japan!! i was elated too!! its the only team that made me cheered for.. its really very impressive, he did it all by himself.. when they interview the gf on stage..!! can't wait for his next cosplay.. i believe it will be Unicorn Gundam next year. XD becos of the new series. he'll cosplay accordingly to the newest series every day. first saw him in Exia.. uber cool. =)

    @bd77: yeah~!!! wait till you see him in full suit. ^^

    @chubbybots: =D i think so too.. but the competition was really tough too.. ashley and alodia were very popular too... but im glad tt he won. ^^ haha. actually trans-am DID happened.. on stage, when they shone red light on him. TRANS-AM MODE!!! =)

    @Marzz: ohhh.. i see.. cool.. would like to see that too.. yups.. tt's Clive for you.. do keep a lookout for him!! he's REALLY REALLY good. =)

    @moemoekyun: ya guess so.. and very humid inside too. always see him wet after taking out the suit.. man. like bd77 said, Dedication.

    @Blacksun88: YUPS! he's the one.. i took photos of him then too! he comes out with different suit every year!! you can see from my STCC post at the right bottom corner, under labels.. he's really the forerunner in Gundam cosplay... =)