Monday, November 30, 2009

Revoltech Yamaguchi EVA Test Type-01 New Movie Edition  初号機 =DD

It has been a few days after EVA-01 has been unleashed.. its batteries are down, i've checked. XD i've took some photos of it.. and ready to show it to you guys.. it's our first revoltech that we've purchased, and i think i'm loving it at the moment.. you'll see why lata on.. ^^ this set comes with plenty of extra parts for swapping.. different hands and weapons.. even a box to keep those parts!!! Good Smile could learn smthing from this.. =D so far.. ren's adopting it for the moment for photo taking.. i'll return it to tako tml to increase the security at her office. =P


EVA Test Type-01 初号機

the details are accurately painted.. and i jus love the eerie neon glow.

back view

Extra parts included: hands, weapons, power plug, addition parts for Eva Type-02, a stand ANDDDDD a small case to keep the hands and daggers! we had to buy a medicine box for yako's stuffs.. >.<

EVA-01 in action...

those who have watched Evangelion 2.0 would know this pose.. preparing to intercept an angel from space... very flexible joints.. ^^

let's go!

EVA-01 actually reached MACH 1 and more when trying to intercept an angel!! the graphics were amazing..

jus trying to use the stand and show you pple how far the right knee could bend behind the EVA.. =D

i wouldn't want EVA-01 going beserk. ^^

EVA-01 with its rifle and power cord.. too bad it doesn't come with the original 'shelve' of EVA used to deploy them.. ^^

close up..

Progressive knife deployed..

honestly, i've nv seen these swords in Evangelion anime or movies before.. wonder where they got the idea from.. its okay cos they look fine with it.. but we all know that EVA's true strength is not from its wielding of weapons.....

Because EVA is a weapon itself,
A short skit: Berserker Mode

 Beserker Mode

the painful howl of an EVA always haunts me...

this reminds me of the dummy plug in the movie..

EVA-01 Beserker Mode. looks like he found a target...

hunting its prey down... who's the unlucky fellow?


i think tako will be sad to see this... but, i really LOVED this picture.. it fully depicts how a beserker mode EVA acts towards an enemy. tearing its enemies into bits and feeding on it... *yuck* but its true.. especially when they play the tune "Let's be friends forever" in the background. its very very dark..

Leaving no chance for it target to live.


Claiming its trophy.

i wish i could drip some red paint for added effects.. it will be so real.

 An unforgetable scene in Evangelion 2.0.

 Already looking for its next target.


Internal energy going low..

Maybe not.


Don't worry pple, no Gundams or Evangelions were harmed during the production of this short skit. ^^ EVA-01 can attest to that. =)

haha.. as you can see i really loved and enjoy taking photos of the berserker mode.. rather den the plain evangelion mode. couldn't wait to go 'berserk!' XD the berserker mode gives this model so much more life!! don't you agree with me?? its the very essence of an EVA, reverting back to its primal form. that's right, Primal. i sure some of you pple can't take such graphic scenes.. i apologise to that.. so i leave you with a cute memory of EVA.. ^^ i really like those photos above.. this is only so when EVA-01 is so nicely done up..

as for a review of this Yamaguchi Revoltech.. the only problem i have with this model is its strength oso, which is its joints.. becos its shoulder joints are weirdly positioned, adjusting the arms can be a problem.. its hard for me to explain without a graph.. normal shoulder to arm joints are 90degrees rite? but the EVA spots a 45 degree joint. like a upside down V. so the natural rotation of the arms will alr be off.. hmm hard to explain, but after awhile you'll get use to it.. and learn how to adjust it properly, by taking out the whole arm and reposition it entirely.

alrites!! that's all the photos i've taken for EVA-01.. for those who're okay with the original series... hope you like the photos.. ^^ i apologise to those who are ever slightly so affected.. Gomennasai.. generally.. i love this kit.. and i see a lot of action poses coming up if EVA-01 ever gets a siblings.. =D i still looking for EVA-02.. thanks for reading again pple! see ya ard!!

(^^)"    レンです!    じゃね!


  1. never think eva can beat a gundam in 5 minutes
    -you forgot to show the revoborg ^_^ freebies
    have you try attach the eva-02 shoulder to unit 01

  2. omg so awesome! i want this now XD the slim design is so much better than the older ones. your poses were spot on! with the power of Gojira and Eva 01, i think Tako-chan will be very well protected at the office :P

    berserk mode skit was perfect! he found and dispatched the "Angel" that is wing zero, the horror! LOL good stuff ren, good stuff ^_^

  3. Awesome pics dude!!! Glad you are back :D Damn it I sense another poisoning....anyway as a welcome back gift here it is haha

    Beserk Eva Chubbs Edit!!!

  4. And man....why did my favorite angel get thrashed...sobz...Hero should be able to put up a decent up to the air and spam beam cannon!!!

  5. @chubbybots wow nice edit ^_^
    make me want eva-01 awakening ver

  6. @ moemoekyun the power of the berserker!!! (Plus photoscape!!)

  7. today. i was quite down in the morning. but when i saw how Eva had gave me a pose "PEACE", wel, perked me up lots.

    @ everybody!!: thanks for dropping by and indulge in the beauty of eva-01. Compared to me who's limited in creative juices, Ren is really good with all these. And all of you guys are also equally awesome with all the story plots tat you can come up with, never fail to tickle me.

    Bersek mode, amazes me. but i can get really freaked out. when i am watching the movie, am quite affected by the scenes, it chills my heart. but somehow i still like the contrast in the movie. (dun wan to be a spoiler and spill out the

  8. Holy *bleeeP~!*

    Wing Zero got eaten? O_O;
    PG Wing Zero: *Achooo~!*

    The new Eva-01 is very flexible, very-very.

  9. the last picture is pure win XDXDXD

  10. ahhhh.. sorry pple for not replying so soon.. i was very busy with JLPT and my room.. so had to take time off from my blog... gonna reply now.. =D

    @moemoekyun: haha.. im sorry.. like wad rockleelotus said.. this was my only 'angel-like' figure.. =P so i had to use it for the pun.. XD dun worry k!! an Evangelion will NEVER defeat a Gundam!! lolx..

    oh.. abt the revoborg, it couldn't stand at all.. despite twisting and turning all the FIXED angled joints.. its quite sad actually.. =( so i din put in up.. and the extra EVA-02 parts? nope.. haven tried yet or wouldn't try cos its for EVA-02 to use anyway.. =)

    @rockleelotus: thanks dude!! i loved the photos too.. =) lolx. tako is in good hands.. heh you understood the pun!!! im so glad.. ^^; really liked the berserker mode. glad you liked it too! =D

    @chubbybots: hey thanks!! haha.. *poison poison..* and THANK YOU SO MUCH for the chubby-edit!! now you've finally done justice to EVA-01.. LOVED IT!! damn cool *la* !! lolx. but im sorry that the gundam you liked got thrashed.. =( gomenne! he's not hurt dun worry.. XD he's definitely able to spam beam cannon! *bam bam* maybe eva-01 mistook it as an angel.. HAHHAA.. *oops*

    @Marzz: happy birthday again dude.. heh.. yesh! pls go run rush tear down the shop to get it.. =X haha.. i really enjoyed the movie. the DVDs are a must get!! ^^

    @bd77: hahaha.. bless you PG Wing Zero! he's fine beside me now. no worries! XDD yups.. the new eva is very flexible.. but i sensed not to move those non-revoltech joints too much as not to loosen them further.. =) jus an advice if you ever get them! im still enjoying it tho! ^^

    @Blacksun88: hey there!! welcomes!! haha.. thanks alot!! yups... it is there to balance all the uneasy feeling of Wing Zero being eaten up.. lolx! as you can see from the comments.. haha.. thanks for dropping by. =)


  11. That Eva looks so cool... So there are enough joints for you to place it in almost any position?! Nice looking weapons too...


  12. :D nice review, do you mind if I add your site into my blogroll?

    I would like to include a link of your review for my post (maybe borrow 2-3 photos).

  13. @Ke: hey there! welcomes.. =) thanks!! they did a good jog i mus say.. yups.. the joints are enough for you to place it almost any position.. maybe not a leg over the head.. XD

    @B-Mecha: いらっしゃい! welcome! =) thanks! heh.. well its not really a review. jus playing ard with EVA and showing you pple.. =D SURE!! feel free to add me and take as many photos as you like... XD i'll add you to my blogroll too! =)

    see you guys ard!
    ren ^^