Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Anime Festival Asia 2009 Day Two Part 3: Stores in AFA =D

YOSHI!!! finally.. ren has reached the final post of AFA 2009.. it's not going to be a long post.. heh.. sorry abt MIA these past few days.. was buried by the amt of revision i had to do for JLPT.. was too tired to blog at the end of the day. gomenne.. ^^; and JLPT is coming this Sunday!! honestly, im not nervous at all.. yet. haha.. we'll see..

alrites! i'll jump straight to today's post.. after reviewing my photos, i realised, rather than the stores in AFA.. i'll focus more on the products sold by the booths.. ^^ and some interesting stuffs while roaming ard.. ja~ hajimemasu!

Stuffs at the booth... 

the amt of pple swarming... its quite scary when i dun really like huge crowds. esp in singapore. = ="

Nendoroids and figures!! this shelf is dropped from heaven.. ^^

More nendoroids and figures... the prices here are actually slightly higher den retail prices.. >.> even so, i was tempted by some...

this booth even sell weapons!! lolx.. pure wooden carvings actually. no way in singapore i'll see 'real action' weapons replicas.

Queen's blade!! XD tako was shocked in horrid when she saw those figures..

Rockleelotus & BD77!! if you're reading this.. its YOKO riding something other than a rifle!! XD

and of cos.. my favourite figure of the lot, Saber Lily.. whopping $220SGD+ i think. you saw her in my tokyo figure show post.. =)

another booth selling more on mechs.. revoltechs and figmas..

plenty of drossel figma and revoltechs!! ^^ i see another saber...

this two revoltechs are perfect for each other.. love to own them.. hope they dun sell out too fast.. after looking at tako's EVA.. im sure to love posing them fight!!!

mama domo with its mini spawns.. XD cute.. but alittle scary.

there's this booth solely jus selling UCC coffee ver.Evangelion.. lolx. it costs $15sgd for all 6 diff cans..

This is one of the longest queued booth.. KKnM.. they sell ANYTHING related to animes.. shirts.. posters.. keychains.. pillow covers.. figures.. cups.. stickies.. yups. but not gunplas. T.T

we came across this booth.. selling wooden replica swords of diff anime.. naruto, bleach etc.. heard that it was cheap.. but its still ard $40sgd each.. soon AFA was filled with pple with swords ard their back. i saw it so often that it wasn't even funny. XD

before heading to the stage.. we heard some pple singing.. that's right! they built TWO booths for pple to sing karaoke, songs from their favorite animes! quite a sight..... to see a group of guys singing and screaming their lungs out.. XD

time for danny's talk on stage! i missed the dance but his talk was encouraging for bloggers like us.. =)

after the talk.. we wanted to have tea time at singapore's first authentic maid's cafe.. Moe Moe Kyun! lolx..

however looking at the queue and the price.. it quickly puts us off.. tako loves to mimic their voices.. esp after playing Loveplus.. XD

although we din enter.. this is a sneak peak from the outside.. looks simple.. hmmm..

many production companies oso came to AFA.. did you watch Casshern? =)

Unexpected encounter..

Ah! we met Kaname-san on our way ard.. while he's visiting the bandai's booth.. of cos.. many cosplayers started gathering and he had to stop to sign autographs and take photos.. i mus admit he's very nice and patient.. 

Our last stop! the AFAshop.. which sells most of the official merchandises.. Tako got the 'i love anisong' t-shirt with the artists name behind cos its limited ed!

yups.. this short post will end with the mascot of AFA!! he's signed on by all the stars that came for AFA.. although it was tiring running ard, i've had a blast at AFA..!! hope it will be better next year! ^^

that's it for this year's AFA coverage!! i think i took close to a total of 400+ photos.. *phew* hope you enjoyed as much as i did.. =) thankfully i had tako ard to accompany me... heh.. thanks tako! and of cos to you readers too.. if it wasn't for you.. i wouldn't have posted so much!!! nearly 1 post a day.. compared to 1 every three days. quite an experience! like publishing news! XD okays.. im starting to blank out.. getting too late and my sentences are not making anymore sense.. better hit my bed soon and prepare for tml's room reno.. any suggestions or feedback? feel free to comment and let me noe! love to hear from you pple.. =) see you guys ard!

(^^)"    レンです!   じゃね!


  1. if I were there my wallet will cried ^^;
    DO want both saber lily (nendo and PVC)
    holy moly revoltech getter. rare item someone sell it for 100 US dollar at ebay >_<

  2. Look at those figures >_<
    did you buy something Ren ???

  3. events should sell figures for lower prices, it doesnt make any sense unless they are hard to get!
    i enjoy seeing Yoko ride anything lol now i want that figure too XD

    oh you have been bitten by the revoltech bug! they are really good for action poses. awesome running into Kaname, did you get his autograph? great job as a news reporter, i look forward to reading your next assignment lol ^^

  4. Delicious Yoko is delicious :b
    But not posable... v_v (not good for my 4koma)

    YES~! Yet another vict... er... person that is going to get a Revoltech.

    Oddles and oddles of toys... wow... *after seeing the prices*

  5. Fwah nice job my other half!!! lol you covered the stuff that I didn't!!

    Thank goodness I did not have that Nendoriod fever during AFA09....if not I'll not only have 3 nendos

  6. @moemoekyun: lol.. i felt that too.. my wallet was crying becos it DIN have money to buy anything!!! XD yeah!! Lily FTW! haha.. is it?? wow.. i din noe it was tt popular.. heh. i alr posted wad i got for AFA remb?? you even commented lolx! =)

    @rockleelotus: yeah.. i agree!! that shld be the case!! well.. i guess the vendors wanna earn some quick buck from the unknowing crowd.. cos AFA do attract parents that brought their children to visit.. so.. those pple who doesn't know the retail price would fall for it. =(

    heh.. yoko riding anything. XD haha.. well i fell for it the first time i saw it on Ngee Khiong.. the two figures looks really good doing their fighting pose! and i've no doubts after playing ard with EVA. ^^

    Kaname-san.. heh.. unfortunately i didn't.. cos i wasn't really into cosplay.. >.< heh.. thanks for your encouragements!! =D sure.. to the next assignment! =)

    @bd77: haha.. yeah.. she's jus there to accompany you during those lonely nights.. XD haha. yesh. im a victim of revoltech poisoning. x.x haha. the prices are really a turn-off. i had the exact face you got there. XD

    @chubbybots: hahaa.. thank you thank you!! so did you! haha.. you've done a great job urself. =) hahaha.. Thank Goodness! if not i'll feel even more depressed.. lolx!