Wednesday, December 30, 2009

HG GN-001 Gundam Exia W.I.S.P Part 2 =D GN Dagger!!

Short update on my HG exia now.. i noe some of you have been waiting for smthing related to gunpla. lolx.. my apologies.. december has been a real busy time for me.. weddings, bdays and xmas.. so gunpla has to be placed aside.. okays.. i've been working on exia whenever im free these feel days.. and so far.. im contented with the progress im making..

After sanding the ugly nubs with 600, 1000 grit paper, i'll move on to using COMPOUND!! wooo.. pls take note that its COARSE. For beginners like me who have never used compound before, i suggest that you practice on those runners' labels like how you'll prepare the surface.. and polish the surface after with compound. as see if you liked that finish on your gundam instead of regretting lata. =) i found out that jus by using coarse compound, it's enough to get the sanded area back to the same smoothness as it originally was. if you continue on with the FINE compound, you'll get a slightly reflective surface alr.

i used cotton stick to appy the compound.. ^^

the surface after coarse compound, tho its smooth, these two nubs seems resilient. will hafta use markers to cover it...

gonna sharpen these V fins..

i've also sharpen these GN swords..

the edges of the GN is sharpen but not polished with compound becos.......

its gonna be spray painted! wooo.. lolx.

GN Dagger project..

i've made used of extra runners for GN dagger. i've alr started sanding.. you can see the shape is slowly showing.. ^^

after alot of filing, its time to create the plug that connects to the 'handles'

it fits!! yay... so now its jus some fine tuning left to do...

finally, added some details...

GN Dagger completed!!!

now, i've started painting.. to my surprise Exia has ALOT of places that needed some paint.. i hope i can finish before the new year.. okays! backs to painting now.. thanks for reading! ^^

(^^)"    レンです    じゃね!


  1. look at all those parts that need painting... new years is coming up fast, more distractions lol
    amazing job on the GN dagger! it looks better than official ^^ very nice way making extra weaps lol

  2. still to long to be called dagger XDDD
    haha reminds me I need buy a pink paint for eam part XD
    I am not temted with beam dagger since got one from seraphim ^0^

  3. Fwah, nice work dude!!! And that is one sweet use of excess spures to make daggers!! (Copy this idea!!)

    The HG Exia really requires tremendous amount of painting to make it look good! Can't wait for the next post haha!

  4. Oh man, those stubborn nubs, tell me about it! I sanded the grey ones forever and the particularly thick nubs always leave behind white marks. -__-;; And for the white parts they leave behind grey marks...wonderful wonderful.

    GN Dagger looking good!! I'm sure it'll look fantastic after painting. *__*

  5. Nice job for the GN Daggers. Maybe I should do mine for Gundam 00's sabers.

  6. Looking pretty good, the beam dagger, nicely shaped! What colour are you gonna spray onto the Gn blade?

  7. @rockleelotus: yes.. the amt is kinda depressing. lolx. thanks! im very happy myself too.. heh. ^^ ya.. i see more GN blades coming.. XD

    @moemoekyun: sorry. i liked to call it dagger. =) yeah.. i think i'll be using some pink for it too.. oh. i have some beam dagger from other kits too. =)

    @chubbybots: thanks dude! nth compared to most of you guys doing Keyblades.. heh.. ya.. i foresee more GN daggers coming. lolx. YESSS.. im still painting it.. OTL thanks! hope i can post soon too.. =)

    @Evangelisque: haha.. ya.. some nubs are real @#^@$. i think we shld scratch it with our nails first.. i heard that it works. serious! =)
    thanks! i hope so too! goodluck on your MG Exia too~~!! Ganbatte ne! ^^

    @bd77: thanks dude! heh.. its not that hard if you have the files.. =) looking forward if you're making too!

    @Marzz: =) thanks! i'm actually very glad at how it turned out too.. heh. self contained excitment. eh.. you mean GN Sword I rite? im a boring person, so most prolly tamiya Silver Leaf. =) me like bling. XD

    And to you pple here.....


    ren ^^

  8. Happy New Year! Waiting for your WIP update :D

  9. @ B-Mecha: Thanks for the well wishes. Happy NEW Year to you too! But Ren is kinda away, so will get him to update when he's back.

    Tako ('O')9