Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Strawberry shortcake!! :3

Hey people!! I've jus gobbled down this cake that Ren bought.
Something like a post-birthday cake.. heh. Ok.. What's so great
abt this cake, it's from a Japanese patisserie called Glacé. I've
fallen head over (high) heels over strawberry shortcakes ever
since I had it in Tokyo.. And this is one of those few shortcakes
that came close to the feeling I've had in Japan. :3

Wait! Let me introduce you to Kumo-kun! He's 100% handcrafted with TLC
(table ladder chair tender loving care) by Ren for my birthday!
Kumo-kun is going to be my little companion from now on!!

\('O')/ tako


  1. Sugoi presento!! Haha you are one lucky girl, don't see guys doing that for their girlfriends ^^ ( ren I am promoting you again lol!!!)

    Hehe just curious so will you two move to Japan one day :D

  2. @chubbs: as i was typing this post, i had "calculated" tat u will mention this! yups! i totally agree with u.. HAHAHHHAHAHAHAA. muwahahhahahahaha.

    will we move to japan?? I think we may. hahahhaa. and i hope we really will!!

  3. mmm strawberry shortcake, they should make a strawberry TALLcake... more to eat? :P

    Kumo-kun! looks so cute and well made, its a lovely gift ^^ lol table ladder chair? you are so silly Tako-chan :P

  4. happy birthday kumo-kun ^0^ LOL
    happy birthday tako ^_^
    hmmmm cake yummy

  5. @rockleelotus: haha. i wish there is TALLcake too.. more for both of us.. XD

    @moemoekyun: thanks on behalf of tako!! haha.. that's true eh.. kumo-kun's bday too! ^^