Monday, December 14, 2009

Ren's PG Room Renovation!! レンのPG部屋リフォーム!! W.I.U.S.P.. T.T

hey pple.. ahhhhh.. its been so long since i've posted.. i see dust on my webpage. lolx. man.. so sorrie tt i din have the time to post anything.. so i tot.. might as well i post something abt my room reno. its a boring post i promise. XD anyway.. thanks for all those pple concerned abt my room reno! =) i wish i got another pair of hands.. haha.

last weekend was robbed away from me by 3 bday parties actually, and a hen's nite.. becos our fren's getting married next week! and tako's invited to the hens' gathering.. long story short... i was ultra busy and cant do anything to my room. now.. i've finally gotten a break and gonna continue painting.. =) YES!! but looks like i better get it done before this weekend... other den my friends wedding, its oso due to my sister coming back from London and i need to move my stuffs back out from her room. >.<

alrites... cutting the post short... i'll post some of the photos of my room's current condition... still have rewiring to dooooo.......

some of the tools im using.. you see putties, scrapers, brushes and masking tapes..

the rollers and paints! the roller itself is left out to dry.. always remb to wash them thoroughly and submerge them in a bucket of water after every usage to prevent the rollers from hardening after the paint drys rendering them useless. i've learnt my lesson. im using creamy white and smoked pearl for my room.. ^^

the wall on the left is not painted yet.. the right side is.. you can see some putty touch ups on the left side walls..

the left side only has a layer of paint.. and some wires dangling.. >.< i think it needs at least another 2 layers or so to get my 'creamy' texture..

the right side wall is the old paint that my room has.. this wall and the opposite wall you see jus now is gonna be in smoked pearl.. like a matte dark gray color.. =DD i like.

masked up aircon!
 the masked up window!
a window means you can hardly put anything near there.. no cupboard or anything that rears over the edge... headache!

All rights!! that's all for the update of my room reno.. the ceilings and 2 side walls are nearly done... i'm left with the other 2 walls to paint.. going to do some rewiring.. and changing the light switch.. hope i can finish soon. so... thank you pple for still staying with renntako.. heh.. i'll leave you guys with a view out of my window.. haha.. pple staying in singapore would know where im staying alr.. cos its such a small country. pls dun stalk me. XD

thanks for reading! take care! =)

(^^)"    レンです!    じゃね!


  1. dude ren, that is a lot of work for one person! you should have a painting party, have some fun while getting the job done :P keep it up!

    just like with gunpla, ive never done any real painting before. looks like a lot of work, are you going to panel line those edges? lol and very nice view you have there ^_^

    i wouldnt survive having to go to all those social gatherings. people make me nervous as hell... so sad, thats why im in hikiomori mode XD

  2. looking forward for your room I am sure there will be tons of gundam displayed there ^_^

  3. Ren, you need to add some pla plates ^^ plus some scribing on the walls to add some details. Plus your windows could use an articulation mod which I'll personally over see!

    And please preshade it before you do the white coat ^^

    Haha welcome back dude even if its just a short post.

  4. Talk about having a room view a bird's eye view but this really takes the cake. @_@

    Wow. Your newly finished room will be more cozy place to be in afterwards. =D

  5. Oh man you have such a nice view from your window. *_* All I can see from my window is the carpark and other HDB flats. XDDD

    I hope your room reno goes smoothly! The walls of my entire house is the same colour as yours. xD White looks nice but sure turns colour fast.

  6. ps make a nice room for newlyweds and make sure you guys send me your wedding photos ^__^

  7. First of all, sorry Ren for not being able to help you with room reno, i have got my tentacles filled. But you know i like painting, so i will pop over to help you with the other 2 sides.

    Press On Ren!!

    yah, Ren's room has got good view, my room, i live at 3rd storey, so it's like Evangelisque's view, flats and my primary school! haha.

    Lastly, sorry for "disappearing" a while, while Ren is busy with reno, long story short, sort of dealing with "life & death" issues.

    Tako ('O')9

  8. @Tako, heck yeah, living in lower storeys. XD *lives on 2nd storey*

    I'm not sure what's going on, but I hope you're all right! ):

  9. What a view... I'm also envious of your location. So close to town. Living on the second storey means that besides not seeing much I hear a lot of noise from outside too.

    Anyway all the best in your paint job! :3c

  10. @rockleelotus: lolx.. yups.. lotsa work.. unfortunately everyone is busy with their stuffs.. hols shopping.. bdays.. and weddings.. so couldnt really hold any party.. haha. thanks! =) yes.. its ard the same as gunpla painting.. XD white IS very very HARD to apply.. you need alot more layers den dark colors.. and no, im not gonna panel line it.. haha.

    =D yups.. thats the view i get.. din noe its that nice till now.. haha. well.. maybe you can bring some figma or nendoroids along. it creates a 'cute' subject for pple to talk abt! yako oso does that! ^^

    @moemoekyun: lolx.. i hope i can find a nice display cupboard or rack to display them.. XD and tako and i are not getting married yet moemoekyun... >.> hahaha..

    @chubbybots: lolx. yes master.. actually i wanted to draw the eyes of RX-78-2 on the wall facing the window.. so it gives a hidden gundam feel inside when a ?bird? looks through it.. ahahhaha.. but its too much a crazy idea.. maybe next time..

    bd77: heh.. thanks! my mom suddenly jus came to my room one day and said.. woah.. your room view very nice.. haha. usually its curtained up you see.. ^^ i hope its gonna be as cosy as i expect.. =P

    @Evangelisque: haha.. thank you.. im guilty that you and tako only get to see carparks and primary schools.. oh! cool.. we have the same wall color.. its been like twenty over years alr.. yes.. its getting real old.. =) maybe you can do a room reno too! hahah. so to display more of your works.. =)

    @playevolution: hey welcome backs! heh.. ya.. alot of pple says that.. but the ERP kills.. KILLS if you drive.. its like i have a home that i cant return to.. unless i pay. XD well.. i do hear alot of noises too.. you'll be surprised wad you can hear this high up.. clubbing musics.. bottles smashing.. quarrels clearly! lolx..

    anyways thanks alot! =) and i've added you to my blogroll! ^^

    thanks pple,

  11. nice view :D. Outside my window only has another HDB block lol.

    Please post your room's photo later, want to see your figurines! :D

  12. dude what creamy matte grey? i only see white!! yes and your room better be done!! i am back in less than 48 hours!!! (if the stupid snow here doesn't disrupt transport :( )

  13. @B-Mecha: heh.. thanks! lolx.. i guess thats the norm for alot of pple staying in HDB.. im very fortunate! yes sure! i will.. haha.. but i dun wanna disappoint you.. jus a disclaimer.. i dun own alot of figurines.. =)

    @EL: DUDETTE!!! READ PROPERLY.. "im using creamy white AND smoked pearl for my room.............All rights!! that's all for the update of my room reno.. the ceilings and 2 side walls are nearly done... i'm left with the other 2 walls to paint.."

    2 walls to paint ----> smoked pearl = matte grey. i noe... everybody's awaiting eagerly for your grand arrival, your highness. lolx.. i hope the snow doesnt stop. XD

    ren ^^