Friday, December 25, 2009

HG GN-001 Gundam Exia W.I.S.P Part 1 ^^ itchy fingers!!!

Ren finally got to do some gunpla after like wad..?? close to 2 months..!! yoshhh!!!.. =DDD while im waiting for my furniture and dough to drop from the sky.. i've decided to do some gunpla since my JLPT is over and there's nth else to do for my room other den getting furniture in.. =) my hands are itchy.. not rashes i hope. XD

actually, i've started this kit way back.. jus managed to finished the torso.. before my JLPT preparations.. but placed it in hibernation mode due to JLPT and room reno.. finally, a few days back.. i've finally finished the first part of the W.I.S.P and post this up!.. ^^ its a quick and short post..

The box cover.. it looks like the view seen from Enact's cockpit. ^^ *hinthint*

Rather simple.. with 5 runners including the ABS.. as usual.. i'll try not to use the stickies.. and i thank bandai for the clear parts. =)

Color pages of the manual.. i jus realised always has these stuffs.. so i dun think i'll post anymore manual photos.. XD and also, i found out smthing diff abt the kit.. the yellow vents on Exia.. its diff from the box cover. the kit in the manual has too much yellow. i've decided to follow the box cover color scheme. =)

the main purpose of this post.. XD to show you guys the progress.. i've finished removing all the parts except the clear GN condenser from the runners and clean every nub with my modelling knife.. next is to experiment with polishing compound Chubbybots has recommended to further remove unslightly knife marks. =)

oh and also.. the GN beam saber included.. bandai IS stingy and gave only one saber. the long one. so im gonna make a short beam saber that Exia also has, with the parallel runner.. you can see its jus a basic sanding the cutting job.. hope it works.. ^^ some similarity while everyone is making their own Keyblade.. haha.

Okays! that's all for today's short post! need to get some slp now.. very very tired. but before that... HAVE A MERRY MERRY CHRISTMAS EVERYONE!!!!! WISH YOU GET TONS OF GUNPURA FROM SANTA!!! =D sometimes we jus wonder why Santa isn't Japanese. XDDD take care pple.. see you soon.. =)

(^^)"   レンです!   じゃね!


  1. wow ren finnaly you make a step LOL
    I tho you will wait till have 42 gundams in baclogs like chubby ^^;;
    ps why not buy exia r2 you can choose to build exia or exia r2 and you got spare parts too ^0^ with same price ??

  2. Short beam saber? I thought both of Exia's beam sabers were of equal length.

    Looking forward to the WIPs! Hooray, fellow Exia builder. xD And merry Christmas and happy holidays to you and Tako! ^^/

  3. Stingy Bandai is stingy... Single piece beam saber...
    Well, at least better than the plain vanilla Gundam 00, got the saber's hilt, BUT NO SABERS PARTS~!

    ps. Merikurismasu~! ^^

  4. yay itchy gunpla hands! nice wip but that is the same problem with the Enact all over again! scratch build weapon time ^^

    merry xmas!! Lol japanese santa XD

    @Evanqelisque: Exia has two beam sabers and two beam daggers, ren wants daggers ^^

  5. @rocklee how could I have forgotten about the daggers? 9_9 Thanks for the clarification!

  6. Sorry for the double post D: My connection conked out.

  7. @moemoekyun: yes.. finally. lolx.. i WISH i have that many backlog.. ^^ i'll die happy. XD well, R2 and normal exia isn't really the same. tho it has a beam saber included.. it doesnt have the first GN sword and some other stuffs.. i think the normal exia would fit more in my collection of the old celestial beings. and i still have MG Exia to make repair mode if i wan! =DD

    @Evangelisque: heh... thanks rocklee for explaining for me.. no worries, i'll help you delete the extra post. haha. yes we're fellow exia builders! will try to post any WIP when im free.. =) Merry Xmas to you too!! thanks alot! ^^
    bd77:h haha.. yes.. jus saw it off bandai is really eccentric at times.. i think i'll get the HG 00 Raiser that has everything included! loved it.. =D haihai! kochira koso!!

    @rockleelotus: yups.. scratch building.. gonna get messy without any proper tools.. =X good to have itchy hand doesn't it? XD MERRY XMAS TO YOU TOO LEE!! =) enjoy it with your toxicating nendos!!

    ren. ^^ Marikurisumasu minnasan!

  8. see dalong review exia and r2 have exactly the same runners and +1 extra runners for the R2

  9. Ren, the R2 does have the old GN sword and blades. I can assure you that, because i have both the exia and R2...

  10. Haha great to see you finally start on a new WIP!!! Man the renovation must have taken a lot of time!! Hee thanks for the link back :D

    I had problem painting the shield last time when I first started out building this kit!!! Man...maybe I should start on my R2 after Kshatriya!!

  11. @moemoekyun: OH NOOOOOOOOOOO i feel so stupid buying the first Exia den... my goodness.. i feel cheated (again). damn...

    @marzz: hey thanks for assuring me. hahaha. i alr bought Exia.. so its too late to regret now... >.> i even clean up the nubs.. cant even resell it now.. lolx.

    @chubbybots: thanks! ya... its alot of work for a person.. when you dun have alot of time.. hee.. no probs dude. =)

    ya.. i noe wad you mean.. im gonna tackle it with spray paint cans! white only bahaves when its sprayed.. =D haha.. well you can consider... since you have 42 other kits.. XD

    ren. ^^

  12. You can always paint it nicely and sell with a better price :D. i wish to have good painting skill though =__=

  13. @B-Mecha: heh.. i wish too.. but i dun know of anyone that would like to buy built gundams.. OTL haha. i dun have good painting skills too.. we can both add oil and improve! =D