Thursday, December 3, 2009

RX-0 Unicorn Gundam Figure GET!!! ^^ 遅くなった!

this post is WAYYY WAYYY late.. i wanted to post it 2 weeks ago.. but AFA strucked me. XD so i din really had the time to post this at all.. anyway. finally decided not to postpone this any further.. and present you pple with my loot from Dengeki Hobby Nov. issue..

as for the magazine's content.. as i've mentioned.. its all very old news.. haha. so i wun really touch on them.. =)

lolx. if you knew.. the Nov issue was actually sold at the beginning of October!! technically this is a two-months old 'news'. and i wasn't really interested when i first saw it in Tokyo. but finally succumbed and bought the last one at a local toy shop. = =" i feel so stupid not buying it in Akiba..

the free gift was RX-0 Unicorn Figure! haha.. EVA and yoko YAKO making a cameo. the box is actually very nice looking.. (argh lee spotted it! XD)

this is the figure straight out of the box.. =) some minor assembly is required. looks nice..

it even comes with its own base! nicely crafted. do you suspect a [Destroy Mode] coming?? ^^ 2010!

Front view... there's some minor coloring on Unicorn.. some gray and green..

Sexy back view.. even the beam sabers and thrusters are molded separately!

Side view.. nice stance.. and thankfully my Unicorn's horn was not bended in packaging. =DD

a nice close up.. =)

But then after awhile... looking at the figure.. i got a bit bored of the whiteness... too much white! and i wasn't satisfied with it jus being a normal free figure.. heh. some gunpla instincts naturally kicked in and i decided to take it a notch slightly higher.. ^^

i panel line washed it!! XD and painted some neon pink on the psycho frame! =D

At first, i wanted to panel line the whole figure.. but i decided to 'half' panel line it.. and see wad i get.. the result is not bad!! ^^ i got a balance of dirty and clean Unicorn!

The Dark side.

The Light side.

A two faced Unicorn.
 i concluded that i managed to justify the details put on this figure.. and not lose the pure whiteness of Unicorn.. =) don't you think so too??

Back view..

RX-0 Unicorn Gundam

I liked the reflection that was cast on the table.. a darker Unicorn.. goes well with my theme.. ^^ too bad the photo quality wasn't as good as i had expected. T.T

oh! and before i end this post... shld i finish panel lining the whole Unicorn?? im torn between.. any suggestions or comments are greatly appreciated! =) thanks again!

Yeah.. this is it for this post... jus to show you pple wad i've done to my loot.. some gunpla add-on is ALWAYS good! XD heh.. hope you enjoyed the photos.. =) im going collect my Jan issue of Dengeki tml!! yay.. can't wait for the Unicorn head! =D more loots coming up.. heh.. SHHHHH. i'll save it for another day's post.. =P catch ya pple ard!

(^^)"    レンです!    じゃね!


  1. wow nice I prefer the unicorn mode than the destroy ^_^
    I skip this magz. because want the display stand for january edition
    i need order online no kinokuniya near here and my home ^^;
    **ren finish the panel line

  2. one question why not buy the HGUC if you just want the unicorn gundam ^^;??? you can download the scan if you need the book with almost the same price

  3. ohh he is so deailed for such a small figure. hmmm i think you should finish the panel line and bring out all the detail ^^ if all goes well, im going to work on my Unicorn head base today!!

    btw you wrote eva and "yoko" making a cameo. i suspect you secretly want yoko :P ...moar loots? cant wait shhh lol

  4. @moemoekyun: thanks! i see.. ya.. the head is definitely better.. hope you managed to get urs!! =) haha.. regarding your question. cos i alr have MG Unicorn in my baacklog.. and i haven build it yet!! >.< so i wasn't really interested in the HGUC.. if you understand the feeling.. haha. and i do read the mag.. so the contents matters as much as the photos.. ^^

    moemoekyun:**ren finish the panel line
    Ren: YES SIR! XD

    @rockleelotus: ya.. surprisingly detailed! alrites! that's two votes alr.. haha.. tho im feeling lazy to finish it. XD if majority says i shld, i will finish it i promise.. ^^ cool! looking forward to your 'head' LOLX. you'll be the first one amongst us!

    oh no! you spotted it! lolx.. argh.. i always mixed them up! >.< i'll go tweak it abit.. ^^ heh.. yups.. more loots... =P

    ren =)

  5. Yoko?!? Yoko?!? Nendoroid buahahha!! There will be a very nice loot for my erh I mean for your collection :D

    Finish up the panel lining dude ^^ Makes a whole world of difference. Surprisingly detailed for such a small kit!!

  6. Uwaah~! O_O
    You got a special ed. Unicorn from Hobby Magazine!

    I think you need to use a finer tip and a less "wet" (i.e. quick-dry) ink. The lines looks a bit... how to say this, a bit "furry"... >_<

  7. Is it posable? How much did you get it for?

  8. @chubbybots: noooooo.. lolx. its sold out alr!!! (mus convince myself XD) yes pls go collect.. mmuahahaha. Alrites.. i'll go finish up the panellining.. yups.. caught me by surprise too! =D

    @bd77: haha.. YESH! ohh.. abt the panel lining.. i used did washing for it with enamel paint! its even thinner than using a marker! i guess i'll hafta trim the lines thinner... >.< haha.. thanks for your advice! =)

    @Marzz: haha.. unfortunately not Marzz.. its a figure given by Dengeki Hobby Magazine.. so the price would be $20sgd for the mag.. =)

    ren ^^

  9. is there any destroy mode for this

  10. @nicholas: welcomes! =) oh.. at this moment not as yet.. they only gave Unicorn figure.. maybe next year perhaps? when the anime starts.. ^^