Friday, December 18, 2009

Wendy's coming to Singapore?? ^^

Woo.. Jus spotted this advert on my way back from lunch.. Looks like
Wendy's is coming! Well, not that I'm a fastfood junkie but I missed
my chance to eat it when i saw it in Tokyo and Danny jus posted a few
days back on Wendy's pulling out from Japan by the end of this year.
the news was kinda disappointing but i'm glad to be able to have it at
home now, even tho we noe how diff singapore and japan's standards
will differ.. Hmmm.. Shall wait and see! =)
Ren. ^^


  1. XD I found it interesting that on the day Wendy's decided to pull out of Japan, this news was out too.

    Never tried Wendy's, then again, I can't take beef. xDDD

  2. haha ren, let me when it opens in Singapore ^^ Maybe we can meet up or something and bring our nendos haha :D

    I also don't take beef though lol :D

  3. @Evangelisque: ooooo.. i din noe tt.. so its quite possible they found singapore den they decided to pull out of japan.. but den again.. 71 stores to squeeze into singapore.. unlikely.. haha. i hope there's chicken or fish burgers for you! =)

    @chubbybots: haha.. sure! i think you meant let you know when it opens in singapore rite? ^^ haha.. sure. we could meet up.. nendos unite! lolx. man you're getting nendo drossel.. im super jealous.. its your poisoning!! haha..

    ren ^^

  4. Another fast food D: I wonder will it taste better than carls jr.

    @Chubbybots I dont mind taking your beef lol

  5. cool your gunna get to try Wendy's lol ive only ate there maybe 2 times and their hamburgers were good!

    why is Wendy's leaving Japan? japanese people too weird? lol

  6. I didn'tknow there is no wendy's in singapore ^^;;;

  7. Wendy's huh? Heard that the burgers are very huge! Wonder if they are on par with Carl' Jr?

  8. @marzz: really? i know Wendy's for having small but good burgers... also the trade mark square patties!

  9. Carl's Jr also has huge burgers, and also free flowing drink, haha! Does wendy's have free flow?

  10. @B-Mecha: haha.. im not sure too.. i do hope so. but hope its not as ex too.. ^^

    @rockleelotus: ohh you tried wendy's before! cool.. cant wait for it to come.. wanna try their square patties!! heh. ^^ abt why its leaving japan.. i think its becos the company and franchisee couldnt reach an agreement.. tt's why..

    @moemoekyun: there's alot of things singapore doesnt have.. haha.. =X

    @Marzz: it was small burgers like Macs that i saw in Tokyo.. heh.. abt their servings.. i have no idea man.. wait till they come! =)

    ren =)