Sunday, December 6, 2009

Dengeki Hobby Jan issue... GET!!! Unicorn head stand and more loots from last week.. =DDD うれしがった!!

hey pple!! ren's finally backk~ jus finished my JLPT4 this morning!! initially, i wanted to liveblog abt it.. XD but really no chance to take out my phone to take photos.. wouldn't wanna risk being banned rite?? lolx... finally done and gotten over with. no more stressing over it. well.. the test was harder than i've expected.. but overall, its OKAY! =D thank you pple so much who have encouraged me on..!! you guys are wonderful! ^^ so.. after reaching home, i've taken out this free time to blog abt my loots.. keke. will be returning to paint my room after this..... 大変だね…

these are the loots i've stolen accumulated since last week... XD

Dengeki Hobby Jan Issue!~

As you can.. RX-78-2 has a cameo here because this month's issue is...
ALL THAT RX-78!! ^^

heh, since its all about RX-78, i decided to take him out for a shoot.. bang.

This is my first fully painted model kit.. RX-78 fits the title of first Gundam.. =) ohh.. for newer readers.. you can read my past working progress for this kit here! ^^

now back to jan issue of Dengeki... loved the cover page. actually its not a MG Unicorn as i've tot.. its actually a 1/48 Conversion kit.. woah.

Jus a bit of this month's coverage.. The history of how Gundam started.. from the first RX-78..

Did you know Gundam started out as a 合体 gattai (machines that combines to form a ultimate form) too?? check out the toy above!! its called ガンダムDX合体セットGundam DX Gattai Set.. that's G-armor origin!! cool! ^^

Soon more improvements follows.. till we finally get our RX-78!

yups.. this month's first coverage is abt the whole history of RX-78.. how its came abt.. and its development... good read! the 2nd coverage is abt the review of HGUC Unicorn Gundam and Destroy form... and lastly the 3rd coverage is abt PG Raiser! me haven read till there yet.. =P

and btw... how can i forget abt this gift?? XD

RX-0 Unicorn Gundam Head Display Base

Box cover.. with the Gundam's specifications behind..

I have not open this kit yet... =) since some of you have alr open it.. you can see it from rockleelotus's post for the completed model and runners inside.. the magazine gave alot of great ideas for this display base other den using it for gundam.. some ideas included were coverting it into a computer card reader or insert a LED inside!! the results are damn cool.. A USB memory stick anyone? XD this gave me a confidence boost.. becos i am thinking of coverting it for my MG Unicorn.. (aww.. smthing boring rite.. lolx. maybe all of the above! MG base + memory card reader + LED lights = GG.) yups.. i've plenty of time to think it thru..

and last but not least....
the loots i've gotten last sunday.. muahahahahhaa... ^^

Four HG Gundam 00 kits!! =DD Exia, Dynames, Kyrios and Virtue.
Celestial Beings.

hehh.. yups.. the SHHHH loots i've mentioned in my previous post.. me bought 4 HG kits last sunday at a departmental store... Robinsons! they were having a 4-days Xmas sale (i've been waiting forever for this..) and all items were at 20% off! i happened to have some cash vouchers in my hands from participating in a survey.. heh. so after scouring all robinsons' outlets, to my surprise, i managed to find these kits hiding behind all the newer 00 kits.. and dug them out. ^^ after the discount, they're slightly cheaper than most local hobby shops.. so i used my cash voucher and only paid an extra of $20+SGD for this lovelies.. =D

wondering why i din get the newer Gundam 00 kits? hmmm, even tho i haven watched Gundam 00 S2.. but after looking at the newer 4 Celestial Being Gundams, i really liked the older Gundams.. it gave me a more down-to-earth rather than a 'i-am-imbal-you-cant-beat-me' feel. and especially after old Lockon passed on.. the feeling.. T.T well, another thing that got me buying these kits is becos im inspired by my iphone wallpaper.. heh. i've gotten it for a long time.. and finally i can realise it.. in 3D!!

  My iphone wallpaper.. Now you understand where im heading towards.. a Diorama! XD
except that the Ptolemaios and the pilots are not in it..

Dun get me wrong.. i still LOVE PG 00 Raiser.. lolx.. its jus that its on a different level.. =) alrites.. im done with today's post! thanks for reading.. heh. i definitely try to start on them when i do have the time.. but right now room reno takes priority.. i need a place to slp.. build gunpla and display my collection!! =D so its delay is for a better cause.. im sure you great pple will understand.. haha. going back to paint now.. see you pple ard! take care! ^^

(^^)"   レンです!   じゃね!


  1. wow nice loot
    looking forward for you finished the display base
    woow all about rx-78 ^^; seems a lot of vintage gundam there
    how about your JLPT test?

  2. Wonder if you're planning to "gattai" your 00 kits. XD

  3. wow 4 nice loots :D I loved both season 1 and 2 designs actually. My favorite will still be Exia, much more sense of realism ^^. Plus that ending scene with Exia stabbing everything at that giant gold colored boss mech was an epic fight to behold.

    So hows the room mod coming lol...add some panel lines on the cupboards and walls with pla plates in the ceiling..just kidding ^^ Maybe some trans am colors!!!

  4. No more tests! Now you can concentrate on your room renovation. XD I hope you pass with flying colours! :D :D

    That RX-78-2 article is pretty insightful. Funny how people think gattai is "not Gundam enough"/for kids etc, and hey, the grandfather of all Gundam started out as a gattai too before evolving over time. xD Thanks for sharing!

    Also, very nice loot. <3 I hope that the diorama idea takes off! Your wallpaper is pretty; somehow, I never noticed Ptolemy until you pointed it out haha. xD

  5. congrats on making it through the JLPT! ohh you got some nice loots, it was a reward for studying hard right? lol awesome seeing youy PMG RX78 again! *PMG= perfect master grade* :P

    thx for the link back! the Dengeki Hobby magazine is so cool (my first gunpla magazine) i like all the pics and little tips they have inside. i wanna do a LED mod in my Unicorn base too ^^ are you almost done with the room reno?

  6. Haha! I got the magazine plus unicorn head as well! Yesterday zhi jian helped me find the eva-01 but there was no sign of it anywhere... So i asked him to get one for me :)

  7. @moemoekyun: thanks! ^^ haha.. still got a long way finishing it man.. still have many things to attend to.. =) abt my JLPT, its actually mentioned in my post.. you skimped thru rite!! XD

    @bd77: hahahahah.. i would love to provide they fit!! hahaha.. its so cool when i saw it at moe's blog!! is it even possible?? love to try it!! =D

    @chubbybots: thank you! ^^ i seee.. cool. i like the fight scene too.. like you've said.. realism. =) hahaha.

    my room? i need to paint more layers for my ceiling.. found that the old layer is still too obvious.. =( going to paint lata. and i cant start on the wall till the ceiling is complete to prevent paint splatters.. =) the layout is more or less decided! =D hahaha.. trans am.. maybe turn it into a cockpit. LOLX!

    @Evangelisque: YAY.. no more test!! wooo.. haha. thanks alot! i hope so too!! =D

    yups.. i like this issue.. its more history kinda stuff.. ^^ no problems! i heard that you're getting Hobby japan! haha.. you can share with us too if you find anything interesting! =D

    ARIGATOU! haha.. i love them too! ^^ cant wait to start on them! actually i've started on one.. but its on hold till i've finished my PG room reno. haha. so its quietly lying in different 'cups' heh.

    haha.. is it? took me awhile to realise too! XD i still cannot figure out that BLACK part that exia is caught in between.. doesn't look like its part of any Gundams.. hmmm mystery!!

    @rockleelotus: thank you lee!! ^^ hahahah.. i guess so.. i've psychoed myself to think that way.. XP haha.. i'm humbled.. its not that great okay!! still alot more to learn.. esp this is only my first painted kit! XD

    sure! no probs.. its good to always share when there's an interesting read! =) yups.. i like dengeki too.. they have sections like.. tips for 3 days' work etc.. very insightful! haha.. cool.. looking forward to your LED Unicorn head! =) my room.. as mention in my reply to chubby.. i still need to paint more layers for the ceiling.. well, i've no experience in these.. and its my first time painting.. so i'll learn as i go.. =) hope it'll turn out well! going off to ikea soon i hope.. ^^

    @marzz: ahh! cool.. congrats dude! =) oh i see.. well. at least you got the mag.. dun be too dishearten k! maybe you can find it online.. =)


  8. I'm very to receive this issue. Actually, I' m doing Unicorn head. It's awesome.

  9. @mikiwank: wow.. glad you got it too! =) yeah its very nicely design.. even a transformation gimmick is included! haha.. cant wait to see it on your blog too! ^^


  10. Looking forward to see the completed diorama of all 4 Season 1 00 Gundams in a similar manner in the poster