Tuesday, December 29, 2009

It's ALIVE!!! the making of Kumo-kun! ^^ 雲君が生まれた! :3

well well... its this time of the year again.. Tako's birthday! her prezzie? losing some hair, i'm really running out of ideas alr.. OTL so i've decided to D.I.Y smthing for tako.. putting aside gunpla.. (tt's why i've disappeared for a few days, sorry abt tt.) i was busy with this little fella. To give her a surprise, i couldn't post anything abt it till i've given it to Tako. now, since its introduced to you by tako alr, instead of a W.I.P.. i've put everything together in this post.. =) this is my first time sewing smthing.. kinda excited but i've no idea wad i'm getting myself into.. (smthing like love isn't it?) so i hope it doesn't turn out too bad.. uGly bEar, for chubbybots? XD

this is the 'tube' that Kumo-kun is fitted into.. with its internal organs.. XD
DIY bear!! ^^

 these are the contents in the tube.. i've alr cut out the paper moulds of the parts before i tot of posting a WIP.. so this is the cloth that Kumo-kun will come out of lata.. i have little helpers with me too! ^^

so they've help me to trace out the pattern on the cloth and ready for me to cut out.. =D as you can see.. the head, body and limps parts with the amt needed is printed on it.. but you do need to use your brains smtimes.. like the body piece. you need to flip it and trace to get a opposite side piece. if not, you'll end up with 2 left sides of a body. some impt things that's lacking in the manual.

brain matter, liver, cottons, hard fabic, threads and A needle are included. Light is reading the instruction manual religiously.

The prints are traces with permanent marker and ready to be cut out.. XD yes.. permanent marker is the only thing i had at tt time that leaves a mark on the fabric.. i tried chalk, but it wouldn't stay.. Miyuki-chan is putting on her glasses to thread the needle for me! ^^

i've marked them with left and right as not to confuse myself after cutting them out.. Some excess cloth left.. a lesson learnt here is that i shld space out the parts more so i have more room for error.. and the black lines can act as my sewing guide line.. =)

muaahhaha.. a jump into the future.. i've alr cut the pieces out.. and even sew kumo's hands and head!

adorable little hands... if i say so myself.. =D

its head and ears are slowly taking shape.. the ears are literally behind. XD

two halves of kumo-kun.. looks like a crime scene eh.

Yosh! i've finally finished sewing them up.. took me 2 whole nites.. cos i couldn't risk tako finding out in the day.. XD

'wad are you doing now?' 'err....'

okays.. kumo-kun jus ate a whole chicken. he's full now.

Kumo-kun now has eyes, nose!! :3 i even gave him claws... roarrs... ^^

Kumo is learning to walk now.. lolx! head attached! Super Chogokin bear? i've stuffed in more cotton to reassemble me.. cos i've got a big head. the table is super messed up right now and coffee is my best fren. look how happy the nendoroids are.. ^^

The final reveal...

'Captain! the umbilical cords have severed! Five minutes till batteries down!'
隊長: its moving!! (@。@)∥

its KUMO!!!! ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh......

yako-chan's too shocku... priceless expression. XD

So you have it.. this is Kumo-kun! i'm so glad that he's (yes, we've checked) able to stand on his own!! =D よろしくお願いします!

Kumo-kun's limbs are movable.. heh. so i've post a shot with Miyuki-chan too.. 可愛い~

that's yako's soup bowl.. lighting's too bright.. heh. anyway, Kumo's taking its first sip... ^^

Kumo says byebye!! time to put him into a coffin gift box and wrap it up as a prezzie... XD yes, kumo roams ard at nite.. m(;..;)m

alrites, this wraps up my post on Kumo-kun! took me 5 nights to summon, conjure, clone, create him.. well it was well worth the effort and time after seeing tako's expression.. haha.. tho the only thing that's jap abt kumo is his name, XD i still wanted to share my joy with you.. =) now i'll be back to finishing Exia.. he's way back overdue.. thanks for reading.. see you pple ard! ^^ Merry Belated Christmas and a Happy New Year!!

明けましておめでとう! ^^

(^^)"   レンです!   じゃね!


  1. ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh! Kumo-kun. The making of kumo-kun. so adorable!! i have to admit tat i had the exact same cylinder of bear internals too, but i wasnt able to conjure it into a bear and i gave everything to one of girl-friend, who battled with it for 2 weeks to get it done!

    I am not capable of something this delicate! awwwwwwwww~ thank you so much Ren. Really! Kumo-kun is in good hands. i will give it TLC too!

    Tako \('O')/ & ('.')/ --> kumo-kun

  2. nice do they sell the other model to like rabbit or cat
    ps I have tons of dolls from winnie the pooh series

  3. Kumo-kun is so fuzzy. XDDD I think if it were me, I'd fail BIG TIME at making it! *just, cannot sew for the life of me* Kudos to you! *__*

    Glad that Tako loved it too!! A lot of love went into this project. =)

  4. awesome gift idea ren!! your efforts paid off, great job ^^ it even has articulation!

    merry BEARlated xmas and happy near year to you two! ^_^

  5. Lol Ugly bear nei :D Haha!!!

    Kudos to you my friend, I cannot sew even if my life depends on it...

    Tako will be very very touched! (poison level 100%%%)And somehow komo kun reminds me of godzilla in someway...haha maybe a godzilla vs komo kun!!

  6. @moemoekyun: eh.. i dun think so.. only bears in diff colours.. white, beige or brown color.. haha. you collect winne the pooh too?? how sweet.. ^^

    @Evangelisque: heh.. he's considered short hair for a teddy bear alr.. tako has sensitive nose.. so need to take extra care.. thanks! =DD indeed.. =P

    @rockleelotus: haha.. thanks.. really not easy to make.. i had to tighten the limbs a few times.. glad that it turned out great.. ^^ beary christmas and a happy new year to you too! =)

    @chubbybots: hhaha.. NEI! well.. its my first time also.. i'm sure it'll come naturally when there's a need, i.e. a baby?? XD haha... yesss.. i see a beary big fight coming. lolx.

    ren ^^