Sunday, December 20, 2009

A walk down Haji Lane... =)

After finishing my room paint job.. i've finally gotten some time to run ard.. today, we went to Haji Lane.. a small little stretch of road, that hides a totally different world in Singapore. in fact, Haji Lane is Singapore's narrowest road! On sundays, this road transforms (que transformer's music) to a designers' haven; Music blasting in the open.. with people setting up flea markets to other selling their own line of fashion.. there's also unique shophouses on both side ranging from turkish bar, carpet shops, ice-cream parlors to fashion boutiques and tattoo parlors.. you can find very unique designs of clothes here or even looking for foreign imports.. from japan etc... ^^

This road has really grown bustling over the years.. with more and more people appreciating local designs more.. it would be something i'll miss if i'm leaving singapore. =) anybody visiting singapore shld at least take a peek at this hidden oasis.. ideal for a relaxing walk and cafes to take a break in when you wanna rest those tired legs. =D

Haji Lane.

Bustling with people and flea market stalls..

This road used to be abandon.. until people started decorating these abandon shophouses to make their own relaxing corners.. on some days you can even see a live band! =)

Shophouses on both sides.. the road's closed on sunday i believe.. see how narrow this road is! ^^ but its no fight with the narrow roads in Italy.. XD

Some stalls that's selling clothes.. you can take a look for some cheap bargains!

i believe this is a shop that sells clothes online.. they also took the chance to set up a stall here. ^^

a Turkish bar! see those silver stands at the bottom left corner? you can drop by for a Nargile (turkish water pipe) too! but personally i dun smoke. =)

What you'll see down the street are boutiques with very personalised touch to them.. its gives me alot of inspirations for my room deco. too bad i din take photos of them.. maybe next time!

a quick shot before leaving Haji Lane.

well.. i din have much chance to take proper photos of Haji lane cos the focus wasn't really on a relaxing walk.. lolx. Tako and her sister were going ard shopping for things and presents of cos.. for xmas! but i did enter some of the cool shophouses to see wad's within those walls.. tako did bought a top there.. along with a ribbon bracelet that looked real nice. maybe i'll be back in a different setting. =)

thats all for today's post! now i'll be adding some trunking for my room's supply of electricity.. and measuring dimensions of the room for proper planning of furniture placement. take care pple.. see you ard! have a pleasant sunday. ^^

(^^)"    レンです!   じゃね!


  1. this was your chance to pick up a wedding dress for you and chubbs, per request of a drunk moemoekyun XD

    haha like your post title, that is a very narrow lane for business.

  2. @rocklee you drunk too ^^;;
    no loot from this shooping ??

  3. oh my! LOL!! wedding dress for both Ren and Chubbs.. cross-dressing?! woothoot!

    But too exciting alr, dun think Chubbs' lovely bride can accept it. LOL. of course, i wont be able to "view" Ren in wedding dress. wedding dress.. pls leave it to me. HAHHA.

    BUT i did pick up a "wedding dress"! pls read the following carefully. The "wedding dress" is a lovely blue dress that i have bought to wear it to our FRIEND'S WEDDING. (emphasis on the word "F-R-I-E-N-D"). LOLx.

    Ren didn't pick up any fashion-loot, he's too busy taking photos.

    **psst: they dun sell gunpla over there, unless Ren and i start some gunpla-themed stall / cafe. HAHa.

  4. then show us your blue dress ^_^
    I thought rocklee already know I just teasing ren
    ok time to next target chubbybots XD