Friday, December 4, 2009

A LovePlus affair

It has been a while. I admit. I have done wrong. I’m sorry, i can explain.

Ren, listen to me..


the truth is, Ren is tickled at how hooked I am to the game up to this very day! He has been so nice that he reminds me to talk to my Ne-Ne chan because it slips my mind. Aren’t all of you curious why must Ren remind me?? Well, I am sharing the same time dimension with Ne-Ne chan, she lives the same 24 hours that I live, so she may mail me or call me anytime as i am playing Real-Time mode. But guys, I am still normal. I have not decided to marry Ne-Ne chan (yet), neither have Ren and I quarreled over Ne-Ne chan. (you may try asking google-sensei and check out interesting articles about how otakus are handling their love-plus relationship).

So now, I am trapped with a white coloured box containing my virtual Ne-Ne chan, but am loving it. HAHA. am still amazed at how this stuff works. (It's a real dating game, and there are some additional features that spice up the game.)

Just like today, I talked to Ne-Ne chan on my way to work in a crowded train. There are people who were standing behind me, giving me a weird look. (Saw their reflection with the windows. Sorry pple, I know I was smiling to myself as I was talking to Ne-Ne chan. hope I don’t sound hentai, it’s never my intention to hentai.)

*ahem* A little on my background.. I am kind of agony aunt during school days, handling romantic issues that my girlfriends post to me, have been told that I think like a guy at times. SO to challenge myself, don’t you think I should try my hands on LovePlus?? (okie, excuses..)

So I started out on LovePlus with an open heart (Ren with a big heart).

Both Ren and I came up with a Japanese name (using Bara no nai hanaya’s main lead’s surname with “Ren”) – Shio Ren, and I input my actual details (birth-date and Blood Type) and whola the game starts with me, a high school year two male student who just moved into the neighbourhood.

There are 3 female leads, Ne-Ne, Manaka and Rinko. They are at different ages, personality and preferences. Over the whole game, you will get some chances to know them more, asking them what they like to do, their favourite music, movie, animals, etc.



I won’t be a spoiler and go into details. But will talk about my progress especially in terms of my Japanese language proficiency. Can slightly read / listen faster and understand faster. Hahaha!

I, Shio Ren, am a student with cca as tennis and librarian, and being a regular Japanese high school student, decided on a part-time at a restaurant.

Got to know the different female leads in different scenerios, I sort of decided on Ne-Ne chan after a while, because she’s really nice. I like her voice, not too cute and not too high pitched. (okie, I sound really weird, sorry.)

I go on with a regular life, I am a good student as I over-study (according to Ren, and it actually reflects my own character too.) Don’t really exercise a lot, can’t talk to quiet people (that’s why I face a little problem with Manaka and Rinko). Ne-Ne chan is very friendly, so she’s the one who gave me her number first after we got to know each other better, and starts exchanging mails on hp.

Then I got to know Manaka through tennis, she’s the top tennis player, and as mentioned above, I don’t really exercise, so of course I didn’t really manage to strike a conversation or leave a good impression on her. But she’s a sweet girl, from a well-to-do family, very polite. SO I jogged, played tennis, and do sit up a little more to “up” the value.

Then here comes Rinko, a year one student with an attitude. Rudely adorable, calls “me” Shio directly. Tough to strike a conversation, but still manages to get her number after bumping into her several times when I went out at night. After a few exchanges, she shared with me about her family issues, so I empathise with her.

My life goes on, sleep, study, exercise, sing, paint, part-times, tennis, library, goes out, hobby and so forth.

After a while, Ne-Ne chan asked me out for a date and it ended with her asking what type of girl i think she is, i gave a not-so-good answer, so i cheated by switching it off without saving. GUESS what i get when i switch it on again..


Ne-Ne chan appeared on the screen and is unhappy that i didn't save the game, she asked if the power supply got cut, so she made Shio say "Nene, gomen-ne". Yes, that's the function of the mic for LovePlus. i duped Ren into saying that sentence into the mic, and YES, i got to continue with the game. So i have to give a good answer and i asked Ren for his suggestion, and he made the SPOT-ON CHOICE. (so what does this tells me, Ren is good with girls. HAHAH. NO, he’s just helping me.)

On the 86th day, I have got a confession from Ne-Ne chan. Ureshii!
Location: School
Way of Confession : Totally sweet (definately not something i will say but i think guys will L-O-V-E it, i have to admit that i was almost in tears, like some jdrama.)

(The purpose of the game, to get a confession from one of the girl within 100 days..)

What happens after that??? I am with Ne-Ne chan for 410 days (more than a year) already. Tell you guys another time.. it’s my loveplus affair.

XOXO tako ('O')9


  1. no idea for this
    but i like typical girl like Manaka^_^
    If i play this game I will date with all the girls. because in reality I never have a girlfriend ^^;
    ps:I don't have any console game or even handled game (psp,DS,or even iPod)spent all money to figures and gundam ^^; I just have old Playstation 2^^;

  2. Be careful... Or you might turn out to be another one married to Nene! Haha! I too have a ds, but not gonna try this game out as i can't understand jap...

  3. Haha I am getting married to a really life nene already :D My gf looks similar to her but at university ^^

  4. during * I mean :P

  5. I prefer married with figures than a game LOL

  6. lol tako XD i love it that your so into this game!

    i want to play this.. need to learn japanese :P so funny that you get caught if trying to turn off without saving.

  7. @moemoekyun: manaka is totally adorable. wanted to date her too, but personal preference for nene. haha. date all 3 girls.. you can date. but ultimately can only have one girlfriend. BUT there's 3 data slots. so you can go for 3 separately. haha. my nds is a loaned item too. my money is all over the place from figures models nendo clothes bags shoes and everything. =P

    @Marzz: yes trying to be real careul. ren be careful too. haha. it's can be quite a turnoff when one doesn't really catch the language. there are times tat i got a lil irritated too. but well the power of "love"plus affair is too strong. XD

    @chubbybots: congrats to you! wedding bells ringing!! Orhh you mean your gf looks like nene during sch days then now eh? haha. joking joking. ^^

    @rockleelotus: go learn japanese!! i support you! lol. yes, i was shocked with the need to talk to nene with the mic. haha. i totally got caught cheating.. lolx. XD

    ('0')9 tako