Saturday, December 19, 2009

Our lunch at Ma Maison with Yako-chan! マーマイソンで弥子ちゃんと食事した! ^^

hey pple... ren jus came back from ikea for furniture scouting.. taken photos of the items tt i liked for reference. heh. yups! im finally done with my room painting.. wooo. so exciting. but its alr filled with junks that doesn't belong to me.. >.> im gonna take a photo of an empty room for you readers! =) hope to go shopping before xmas.. but i doubt so.. dough-less. XD

anyway.. before the 'food' that we ate ytd expires... im gonna post abt it! haha.. for those pple staying in singapore.. do give it a try.. its not very ex.. set lunches ranging from ard $12-$20... with main course, soups, drinks and salad! me tako and of cos, yako did enjoyed ourselves there.. western with a touch of japanese.. ^^

Yako's new best frens... XD meet salt and pepper!

Tako din wanna have rice.. so we opted for bread instead.. thinking it would be a small bun.. who knew it was this big!!! ^^;

The soup of the day.. Clam Chowder with bacons!! yumm.

And the salad of the day.. i-forgot-the-name salad!! lolx.. i loved the dressing tho... has a hint of garlic and vinegar.. woot!

 Escargots!! loved them!!! ^^ ytd's escargots were bigger den norm according to tako.. heh. maybe due to raining season? XD heh.. have you tried them before? its a mus try!!

 Yako-chan wans one toooo!! =P

Tako's feeding yako... ahhhhhh~

 Tako's main dish is here!! Hamburg with Ma Maison's signature brown sauce! woooo..

My curry rice is here!! XDD look at how huge the plate is!!! yumm yummm!! i like the curry there.. gotta make them for lunch bento one day! =)

Special guest arriving......

あれ? あんたは…

hahaha.. its Nene-chan!! tako is really excited that we're having lunch with her.. pardon her hair colour.. LOLX!! Nene-chan decided to surprise tako one day.. and changed her hairstyle.. tako was indeed surprised.. now she trying to coax her back to having brown hair.. XD

Ne-ne chan jus asked me did anything interesting happened recently?? ^^ indeed.. it does feels like you're having a meal with your gf when you place here across you on the table.. =D did you know, someone in japan alr legally married his Ne-ne chan?? would you do the same?

Nice ambiance.. i like the vintage decors... with some japanese ard.. perfect. brings me back to Tokyo...

Jus checking whether my post had been posted successfully.. had some problem and wasn't working for the first tries.. but all's well now! =)

Yups.. that's our lunch at Ma Maison ytd! so sorry that i couldn't post anything abt gunpla these few weeks.. cos i wasn't doing any.. soon i hope. now that im going for furniture hunting.. hehh. hope this post wasn't too boring.. but it serves as a fond memory of us hunting down diff japanese restaurants in singapore.. ^^ honestly, i was so busy taking photos of our food that most of the time i'm having my meal cold but still tasted great nonetheless. on the other hand, the crew staffs were very efficient!! we practically had a new dish every 2 mins.. while i was still taking photos of the first dish.. and changing yako's face.. lolx! soon there wasn't any space left on the table.. i was very stressed by their efficiency.. one even pick up yako and asked wad she was... XD

alrites.. thanks for reading pple.. =) hope to post some of my room pic soon..! enjoy your weekends!!

(^^)"    レンです!    じゃね!


  1. LOL @ NDS love plus
    I thought you gonna review eat at wendy's singapore lol

  2. hahaha Yako-chan is so amazed at the serving of bread! .....but those escargots... made me loose my appetite ^^;;

    wahh ne-ne joined in and she has green hair! so funny XD i dont think i would be able to play that in public, too embarassing and im shy lol wow ren surrounded by lovely ladies; Tako, Yako and Ne-Ne :P

  3. Bread, nice. Salad, nice. Escar... urrr... I'll pass.
    Ugu... more nendo poison... X_x

  4. @rockleelotus ren harem story just like amuro harem story that I meke lol

  5. XDDD Yako is so stunned by the bread! But I can really see how large that serving is. The hamburg and the curry rice looks good too. xD I'm getting hungry...

    Nene!! She must be happy, being able to have lunch with Tako. XDD I'd be surprised too if I opened my game to see that my virtual GF has changed hair colour LOL.

  6. I found out I had Love Plus on my DS as well! But I think I'm not making any progress lol. A lot of menu items are still locked...

  7. Don't end up like that Jap dude, lol!
    @ playevolution: I would have downloaded it, if it is not in jap.......
    But i heard that some people are translating it and they are about 80% complete:)

  8. @moemoekyun: hahaha.. its not open yet moemoekyun.. maybe i would if it happens.. =)

    @rockleelotus: haha.. sorrie abt the escargots.. yes.. tako had the same expression hence yako's looks.. lolx.. according to tako.. she does get weird look while playing on her way to work.. but she's not that shy i guess.. ^^ yes.. tako on my left.. yako on my right.. and nene facing me.. how fortunate i am.. XD

    @bd77: hahaha.. looks like alot of pple here dun like escargots... i'll try not to post abt exotic food next time... ^^; heh.. yako is enough!! haha.. get a cute nendo!!

    @Evangelisque: yes.. the bread is HUGE. tho tako likes to eat bread.. (we have subway almost everyday for lunch. XD) but this amt is too much! heh.. do drop by Ma Maison if you have the chance! the food there is good.. =)

    haha.. tako tot of that.. i din noe i could have lunch with a VR gal.. yes.. green is alittle too extreme. =D

    @playevolution: haha.. play play play! yups.. according to marzz.. i think the translation is coming out soon.. maybe you can wait for it.. =)

    @Marzz: lolx! you shld tell tako.. im scared. XD

    ren ^^