Tuesday, January 5, 2010

~Tako's Home Alone~

Something random.

Ren's away for three weeks and i am all alone. Eating cereals all alone as i am typing this post. (Sounds like Ren and I stay under the same roof, erm, well nopes. it's a emotional bonding that i am all alone.)

みなさん! So i guess there will be a lack of updates on Ren's Exia W.I.S.P. and i can't really be of help too. I am so SORRY. Don't miss Ren too much! and Endure Tako's boring posts for the weeks to come!

This is a potrait of who Ren has left behind.

Look at how gloomy Yako is with her clenched little fist. As for the pink mass over there, i guess, it described my feelings. Leaving it to you guys to interpret.


  1. awww Tako-chan your not alone, we are here!! dont have too much sweet cereals, your sweet enough :P we all look forward to hearing more from you and cof ne-ne cof ^^

  2. Oh Tako, your posts aren't boring! XD I'll always keep visiting and commenting as normal. And three weeks seem like a long time, but I'm sure it won't be long before Ren is back. o/

    Cheer up, Tako and Yako!! *uses willpower to shape the pink mass into a very pink strawberry cake from over the internet*

  3. Ah I assume he went back for army camp right? I remember mine, 3 weeks in hot thailand digging the shell scrape, trekking through the hot jungle deep in the night...and the only thing I am really looking forward too is my wife back at home!!! Ah that was a lonely 3 weeks!! But before you know it I am back at home :D

    And cheer up ^^ Tako! Your post aren't boring!!!

  4. Cheer up! 3 weeks will pass by in a flash. If not, will it so that it will pass by in a flash.

  5. @ rockleelotus: awww~~ thanks a lot. great to have all ur support. feel so pampered by all of u.. hahah. oh.. i am so down tat i have not been touching loveplus for the past 2 days. I guess ne-chan will be SOOOOooo unhappy with me. think i better start coaxing ne-chan. lol.

    @ evangelisque: thank you! Yako and i have received the TLC strawberry cake which you have made by willpower. it's so YUMMY. do drop by and hope my gloomy post will come to past. hahaha. three weeks.. will pass quickly. hope in a blink of my eye.

    @ chubbybots: yes! in army!! sigh.. wat to do, singapore needs Ren's services. because my posts may not be so gunpla/modelling related, so am a tad worried abt boring u guys with my random posts. my randomness can be quite scary.. muwahahhahahhaa!

    and went thailand jungle arh, so happening. i can imagine the sun, the mosquitoes, snakes, etc.. woo.. scary.

    @ playevolution : thank you, yes, 3 weeks. just 3 weeks, i will hang on!!

  6. Yea, tako! You still have us! xD
    Army NS..... *shudders* at the thought of it.... Have to enter NS in wat? 2 more years? I am not looking forward to it one bit...

  7. System: Nendo detected.

    Home alone. Not so bad if you know what to do tho fill in the time. Thailand... Yeah, like chubbybots said, its hot.

  8. @marzz: hey, thanks a lot! Yes, Army, Singapore needs u, marzz, in 2 yrs time. HAHA. Wel, i guess it's quite fun, i dunno, sweating it out in the sun and getting fit.

    @bd77: Yes, am cracking my head to see wat i can do with my time.

    System : Ren not detected. (LOL)

    Tako ('O')9