Thursday, January 7, 2010

Lunchtime post

As literal as the title... munching on my lunch with my right hand, and typing with one finger on my left hand. this is how this post is going to be done. muwahhaa. multi-tasking.

You know, Ren and I always had Subway for lunch, the people at the outlet knows us and can take our order in seconds. we need not tell them our choice of bread and veggies, they know our taste.
SIGH.. just now, i was there packing my lunch when i got asked. Why are you alone? Where's he? then i said, "from now on, i'm alone.." with a sad look. they gave the "did i ask wrong question" look. i was so tickled, then i smiled and "no eh, he's away for army stuff", with that they gave me the sweetest smile. (i bet they must be thinking that we had broken up.. hahahaa.)

but well, this is how everything is without Ren..

(lunchtime in office, lonely tako, lonely sandwich, lonely can of coke, lonely godzilla with a burst of energy in its mouth, only Light and Misa are in a pair standing high up on my work!)

and some chap thinking that since Tako is so upset, decides to sketch Godzilla to give it to me as a present.

A little dialogue:-
Light : " Godzilla-san, stop moving, i need to do a proper sketch."

Godzilla : "roar roar roooar??" (interpreted into human language: isn't tat deathnote?")

Light : "Don't worry, i am not writing your name on it, just sketching you, so technically you won't die." 

Godzilla : ra roar, raa raaa rooar. raaa aaa, raaaaa raaa rooooar ra raaa raaaaa raoar raoooooooar. (intepreted : "OK then, all for Tako. anything funny, see this at my mouth, you are dead.")

Light : "Ok, i am done with the sketch and you are still alive right so wipe that foam away from your mouth, Godzilla-san."

Godzilla : "ROAR" (intepreted: "FINE")
Godzilla-san gave a quick look to Tako and stomps away. While Light passes Tako the sketch.

- the end -

Folks, this is what you get when you have a bored Tako during lunchtime and 2 ill-tempered beings in a conversation. hahahhahaaa

Interested in Light's sketch?

Tako ('O')9


  1. Subway for lunch eh? Not bad, their food, but quite expensive... Godzilla is afraid that light will kill him! Lol, btw tako, do you always bring those figures to the office?

  2. Hi there! yups, bread is quite my staple, i love bread. But over here at workplace, 5+bucks is quite the minimum, so subway is not tat expensive when it's in CBD area. Unless i take a long walk to get a 4+bucks lunch.

    Yes, Godzilla has heard of the power of DeathNote. lol.

    I do carry my nendos to office from time to time, but these little fellas & big-zilla are sitting happily on my CPU watching over me as i work. Or entertain me when i am BORED. LOL.

    Love it, when i reach every morning, seeing Gojira-san standing tall and proud. never fails to put a smile on my face.

    I cant really imagine bringing Gojira-san around in my bag, guess his tail will be poking out.. it will be weird. LOL.

  3. omg Tako-chan you were very evil with the Subway employee LOL XD but that story made me smile too :D

    im interested in Light's sketch. Gojira always on alert i see, ready to shoot atomic breath on trespassers lol nice little story and all from one pic, bored Tako is very fun :P

    also that is a huge stack of work! O_O;;

  4. you must miss ren so much ^^;;
    Light ?:40...39....38...37...
    gojira:arg arg you lie you not draw me you write my nam

  5. Ah subway is nice :D I always have tuna ^^ Hehe nice little story u tell the subway employee!!

    Hehe I wanna see light's sketch of gojira san!!

  6. The subway employees must have gotten quite the shock! XDDD I've always wanted to try Subway but don't have the guts to order. 9_9; You're asking me what type of bread or veggies I want?? I don't know too!! T_T

    I also wanna see Light's sketch! Gojira-san seems pretty disgruntled. XD

  7. @rockleelotus: yes, i am evil. i have fallen to the dark side. muwahahahaha.

    yes, Gojira-san likes Tako so much that he's willing to hold on to his atomic breath and ready to shoot at ALL trespassers. hahahhaaa.

    as for work, yes, tat's a huge stack right. have gotta read it through. wel am 70% done.

    @ moemoekyun: hahaha. thanks for continuing with my little story.. Light's evil eh, secretly write Gojira-san's name. But i wonder if Light spelled Gojira or Godzilla. heeehee.

    @ chubbybots: Tuna.. u like fish?? me like meat! haha. sounds like a serious predator. like wat rocklee said, i'm evil. hahaha, later i will drop by at lunch-time again. hahahaha.

    Mina-san, since u have expressed interest in Light's sketch.. stay tuned k..

    (evil) Tako ('O')9

  8. @Evangelisque: Hi there! i didnt see ur comment when i was replying, i think you must be typing ur coment while i was typing my reply. hhahahaa.. "kore wa destiny.." hehee.

    subway is yummy. okie, i can totally give a guide on <>. initially i was just like u, didnt have the guts to do it. so many choices to make. BUT now, hahhahaa.

    oh i have made a post on Light's sketch. LOL.